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Do You Keep a Work Journal?

Work Journals are a great tool to help you self-reflect, record progress, document achievement milestones, and help you grow. It could also be a place to write down your favorite  quotes, record feedback you’ve received, or jot down ideas you have. Journals are also a great resource to use when you have quarterly reviews with your leader. As with any journal, the way you choose to document, organize, and articulate it personal to you. Here are some ideas to get you started: Write down and track your goals. Studies show that simply writing down what you want to achieve makes you 10 times more likely to accomplish the goal. Track positive quotes, motivational experiences, or reminders for yourself. Jot down personal notes that you don’t want to forget. Keep track of deadlines, tasks, and sub-tasks to stay on track. Monitor the number of unplanned tasks that you end up doing during the day to account [...]

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EQ is the New IQ in the Workplace

Emotional quotient (EQ), also known as emotional intelligence is becoming one of the most important factors to workplace success. Someone with emotional intelligence has an ability to identify and control their emotions. This involves a high level of self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills. Studies are beginning to show that understanding EQ in the workplace is proven to have several benefits, such as better collaboration and a happier workplace overall. Studies are beginning to show that being emotionally intelligent may actually help you be more successful than being the smartest person in the room. Think about some of the best managers and coworkers you’ve ever had. Do you consider them “the best” because they were the smartest? Or because they were kind, considerate, easy to work with, empathetic, and understanding? Here are 3 ways to show emotional intelligence in the workplace: Show humility. Be able to admit when you’ve made a mistake, when you know you [...]

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What Should Your Resume Reflect About You?

Your resume is more than just a piece of paper you must submit to apply for a new job. Your resume is a marketing tool that should reflect who you are as an employee. Many times a resume is your one shot at landing the job of your dreams, so what should your resume reflect about you? Your resume should tell a story about where you've been and what unique experience you can bring to the table. Everyone has different career paths. Use yours to show off how your experiences have shaped you to be the amazing employee that you are today. Your resume should showcase all of your amazing accomplishments. Don't be the guy or gal who randomly brags about this stuff at dinner with friends or on a date. This is your one opportunity to talk about those awards you won in college and any special certifications you may have without coming off [...]

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How to Ask for a Raise the Right Way

Asking for a raise can be scary! You don’t want to upset or offend your manager. You don’t want to come off as entitled or demanding. But, it’s a fine line to walk because you do want to be compensated fairly. And, your salary has a snowball effect. Once you get a raise, you will be putting more money into your retirement, you will be worth more in future positions, etc. Don’t leave that money on the table! Don’t be afraid to ask for a salary increase if you deserve one! But, how do you ask for a raise in the right way? First, make a list of all the job responsibilities you started your position managing. Then, make a list of how you have improved those processes and provide measureable accomplishments for each item. Then, make a list of new responsibilities you have taken on since you started in your role. List all your [...]

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How You Say Things at Work Make All the Difference

It’s never just what you say, it’s how you make people feel. It’s the difference between telling someone what to do, and asking someone to do something for you. It’s the difference between coming off condescending and coming off helpful. It’s the difference between making someone feel like you think their idea is dumb, and helping someone see the pitfalls in their plan that they didn’t think of before.  The way we say things makes all the difference in how we are perceived at work. So, how can you adjust the way you say things to come across better in the workplace? Here’s a few phrases to start with: Instead of saying “I don’t know how” say, “Is there someone who can train me how to do this? I’d love to learn.” Replace“That won’t work,” with “Can you help me understand the process? I am having a difficult time visualizing how this will work.” Don’t [...]

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Learn to Expect the Unexpected at Work

There’s only one thing that’s certain; the fact that nothing is ever certain. Do you know how to respond in critical situations at work? From a robbery at the office, an employee getting sick, to a PowerPoint not working… unexpected issues are bound to occur from time to time in the workplace. It’s important to learn to control what you can control, and remain poised and professional when things you cannot control occur. Obviously, the term “expect the unexpected” is contradictory. What this term really means is to improve your situational awareness. Always have a plan in place for issues to occur. Try to anticipate possible problems and have a backup plan or a safety plan. For example, if you are leaving for work during rush hour, you can anticipate that there may be a wreck or traffic delays and leave early. Similarly, if you are presenting on a call, you can expect a member [...]

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5 Ways to be More Likeable at Work

Everyone wants to be liked… yet, not many of us have a lot of coworker that we actually LIKE to be around. Working closely with people can be difficult. We sometimes see our coworkers more often than we see our own family. It’s tough to be around anyone for 40 hours a week—especially someone you dislike. So, how can you avoid being the person that people try to avoid at work? Here are 5 ways to become more likable in the office. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Be humble!” No one likes someone who toots their own horn, or brags about their work. Being a know-it-all is a great way to turn off your coworkers and create coworker disdain. If you receive recognition for your work, accept it with humility and thank anyone who helped you achieve your goal. Acknowledge your own weaknesses, and ask your coworkers for help when you need it. Generally, [...]

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Everyone Has That One Coworker…

At one point or another in everyone’s career, we all have to face the inevitable: a difficult coworker. They come in all different types: the brown-nose, the back-stabber, the sloth, the office gossip… They appear in all different habitats, no matter where you work. So how do you address these stressful situations and find a way to coexist with a difficult coworker? Try to find common ground. At the end of the day, you will need to find some kind of common ground with your coworker in order to accomplish something. Be willing to compromise, have open discussions, and keep emotions out of it when working towards a solution. Find something that you can both agree upon as a starting point and build on that. Keep interactions short and professional. Sometimes when facing a difficult coworker, less is more. Stick to the facts, state clear and concise expectations, and don’t over tell. Simply provide the [...]

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Act Like an Owner of Your Business

While not everyone is fortunate enough to be a company owner, leaders in your company want to see you act like one! Imagine if you owned your own business… You would come in to work and give it your all day in and day out. You would make decisions that were always in the best interest of the company. You would keep costs low and not waste money on frivolous office supplies. So how can you adopt the ownership mentality and get noticed by senior leadership? Business owners have one thing in common—accountability. If you overspend on the corporate card, or you make a bad business decision, you end up accountable for that mistake and your bottom line suffers. Keep that in mind the next time you take your client out to lunch, maybe skip ordering appetizers and drinks, and just stick to the necessary purchases. Don’t be afraid to throw out ideas! Do you [...]

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Career Advice I wish I had Learned at a Younger Age

If I could go back in time and give my younger professional-self some career advice, this is what I would say: Love what you do – You will be more successful if you actually like what you do. Your passion will show through your work, and you will inevitably be more engaged in your work. Choose business associates wisely – The people you associate with in the workplace do change other’s perception of you. Think about your reputation when selecting business associates. Manage time wisely – Never waste time at work. Use every minute of your time to maximize opportunities. Plan for the future – Always keep your eye on your next goal. Plan ahead, and keep the future in mind at all times. Take risks and learn from mistakes – You will not achieve greatness without taking some risks. Don't be afraid of taking a risk and making a mistake. If you take a [...]

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