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You can Set Yourself Apart by Doing These Things which Require No Talent

Some of us are more gifted with talents and acquired skills than others. But, that doesn't automatically give a person a better shot at their professional success than others. In fact, in my life I have met many exceptionally talented people who failed to be successful because they didn't apply themselves in the ways that they should. These are things that you can do to set yourself apart that require no talent. These qualities are highly valued and will contribute to your success in whatever you choose to do in life. Show a sincere passion for your work. If you show a genuine passion for what you do, you will ultimately be more successful. When you are truly passionate about something, you will be inspired and driven to succeed.  When you really care about what you do, you will be much more likely to apply yourself and produce your best work. Always be prepared. It [...]

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5 Things Successful People Don’t Say

5 Things Successful People Don’t Say Our thoughts and the things we say have a direct correlation with our success. Negative thoughts and self-talk have no place in a successful person’s mind. In order to be successful, you must have an unrelenting can-do attitude. Your attitude and thoughts are reflected in your actions and the things you say. These are 5 things that successful people do not say. 1. “I can’t.” Successful people never say “I can’t.” If anyone else has ever done it before, then you can do it too. You may need to learn new skills, push yourself, and work hard, but to say you cannot do something is only a lie you tell yourself. In place of saying you can’t, say ‘I’ve never done this before, but I would love to learn.’ Learning new skills keeps life interesting and helps you to grow. Only when someone is afraid or too lazy to [...]

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Habits of Successful People

Success can be defined differently to different people. It’s a personal definition, but there are habits that all successful people follow.  Success is not a destination; it’s a journey. These habits that can help you along your journey to success: Be purposeful Do not waste time on things that do not help you achieve your goals or be successful. Start every day with a purpose or intention. If an activity or thought isn’t in line with your purpose, learn to let it go. Go after your purpose. It’s not enough to set an intention—you have to actively try to achieve your goals every day. Learn from mistakes All successful people have made mistakes and experienced failure. The best way to learn is by objectively looking back on your failures and gain wisdom from them. Think about what you would do different next time, and how you can avoid future pitfalls. Establish a routine We all [...]

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Networking During Covid-19

Networking is an important piece of our professional development, and we all need to adapt to the “new normal” way to network during social distancing. For many of us, virtual connections and relationship building is new. We used to be able to meet coworkers at the water cooler, or in face to face meetings. So, meeting other professionals digitally may require you to go outside of your comfort zone. Here are some tips to help you effectively network during this time of social distancing. Set Goals First, think about your reason for networking. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to learn from someone who has an impressive skillset, would you like a mentor, or do you just want a friend to support you professionally? How often would you like to network, and with whom? Once you set your goals, you can come up with a plan. Plan Plan for creative ways to [...]

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How to Become More Agile

How to Become More Agile According to Aaron De Smet, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, agility requires stability. The two go hand in hand. This may sound counter intuitive, but in fact, the one constant thing in business is change. De Smet states, “Agility is the ability of an organization to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.” It’s more important now than ever to be agile in this changing business world as we adapt to a new normal. In order to be agile, you must be able to adapt and move fast within the margins of your company’s stable foundation. Right now, there are many changes coming from all directions inside and outside of organizations. To be agile, you must learn to thrive on change and become stronger through the changes; like a rock becomes smoother under pressure.  If you can master the skill of [...]

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Are Your References Current?

Are Your References Current? When candidates are looking for a new job, many people forget to plan for one very important piece of the job application--their employment references. Make yourself stand out and plan for this major piece of the application process.  Your references can be the make or break point for a hiring manager’s decision between you and another candidate. That’s why it’s so important to keep your references current. Plan Ahead for your References Don’t wait until you’re desperate for a job to search out people who will advocate for you. Before you even start looking for a job, you should develop relationships at work and build a reputation for yourself that will inspire others to speak positively on your behalf. Work like every day is an interview, and treat every coworker like they could be your next boss. After you finish working on a successful project with someone, reach out to them [...]

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Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for the Home…

Spring Cleaning Isn't Just for the Home... Spring symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, planting seeds, new growth, and it's the time of year where we traditionally focus on cleaning things out. Take this time to "spring clean" your professional profile and refresh your career! Give your professional side a fresh polish, assess your career, kickstart a new opportunity, breathe new life into your LinkedIn profile, and take steps toward your career growth. Here are 3 Steps to "Spring Clean" Your Career: Assess Your Current State - Give yourself an honest review about where you are, where you want to be, and think about what areas need improvement. Does your professional profile need a (metaphorical) fresh coat of paint? Do you need to clean up your online professional presence?  Do your professional skills need a refresh? Are you making enough money? Do you really feel fulfilled in your professional career? Take this time to do an [...]

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Staying Connected While Working Remote

Many employees are continuing to work remote during the first phase of reintegration during COVID-19. It can be feel difficult to stay connected to your coworkers and maintain your workforce network when you are remote. For those who are used to being in an office and getting to know people in the break room, in the hallway, or in person meetings, it can feel hard to connect from home. However, with a little creativity, it may not be as hard to connect with your colleagues from a remote workplace as you might think. There are many web-based communications platforms you can use to chat with your coworkers! First and foremost, LinkedIn is my favorite place to connect with coworkers and others in my industry. It’s a really fun social media app where you can post, leave peer recommendations, showcase your professional history, as well as motive and encourage others. It’s a great way to gain [...]

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Tips for Returning to Work as COVID-19 Restrictions Lift

Returning to work once COVID-19 Pandemic state restrictions are lifted will be a unique experience. Some employees will be allowed to continue to work from home while service, production and maintenance jobs will likely be physically returning to work. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are returning to your place of work. Take care of mental health. Many people are experiencing depression and anxiety right now, and in order to do well at work, you must take care of yourself first by putting on your metaphorical oxygen mask. Take care to be kind to your coworkers and offer grace and support when applicable. Notify your manager if you notice another coworker is experiencing emotional issues. These are challenging times, and it’s important for staff to take care mentally and seek treatment when necessary. Make sure to take care of your emotional and mental health. Make cleanliness a top priority. It's [...]

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The Importance of Your Online Presence When Looking for a Job

When you are looking for information on something, where do you turn? You go straight to the internet, right? Well, hiring managers and recruiters are no different. Employers often look you up on the internet before calling you in for an interview. They might scope out your LinkedIn profile, look your name up on a public search engine, and scope out your Twitter or Facebook posts that are public. If you are on the job market, take the time to optimize your internet presence to make sure it reflects your work ethic, reliability, and trustworthiness. First, make sure everything you want hidden is truly hidden. Go to your settings on social media and make sure that your private pictures and posts are not publicly posted. You probably don’t want a bunch of public selfies at the bar, partying with your friends. You also may want to restrict your settings on private posts, such as political [...]

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