A Resume Package that Will Gain Leverage

Have you been looking for the best way in which to get your foot in the door of your company of choice? Maybe your goals seem lofty, but you have your eyes set on advancing in your career and wish to settle on nothing but the best when it comes to your preferred job change. Many hardworking individuals have written their best resumes and maintained their professional social media accounts and scheduled meeting after meeting to improve their networking, yet the jobs of choice still seem to slip through the cracks. At Platinum Resumes, we can understand the depth of frustration that comes from effort without reward. We have seen many clients come to us who have been spinning their wheels and dishing out their best efforts for weeks and months at a time in pursuit of a new and better job, yet they have seen zero results. We empathize with such seemingly hopeless struggles [...]

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Facing the Road Ahead with a Plan for Success

For many, the brink of a new year is an exciting opportunity to push and reach toward greater accomplishments and loftier goals. You have an open road that will hopefully lead to new opportunities that you have been patiently waiting to see pieced together. Whether you strive to land a promotion within your same department, transition to a different role, or jump to a new profession altogether, the first of the year is a great time to reassess your plan and organize a job development strategy that is sure to deliver success. At Platinum Resumes, we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients to determine how to best direct their professional steps forward. From gaining networking exposure through coffeeshop conversations to updating your dusty LinkedIn profile, there are many ways in which you can position yourself to excel in your job search efforts in 2019. Our career services have guided top-achieving individuals across [...]

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A Brand New Year Discovering Brand New Career Opportunities

As you prepare to wind down and close up shop in order to enjoy the holidays, you are likely to find yourself looking ahead to what awaits you and your career when the new year rolls in.  There are many goals that you had for yourself this year that were met with great success and others that may have fallen short of achievement. A fresh start to discovering new opportunities with high hopes for progressive change is just what you need to bolster your confidence! Whether you are looking to climb the ladder and advance within your present company or have your eye on switching careers altogether, there are certain elements of your job search and development process that can have a heavy hand in determining success or failure as you move forward. Without a clear and confident perspective on your aptitude and achievements, you will underestimate the ability that you have to secure serious [...]

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All You Need to Know About Background Checks

Are you firing on all cylinders when it comes to carrying out a successful job search? Maybe you've recently polished up your resume and collected the perfect set of references, those few individuals who can speak to your wealth of knowledge and potential. You might be feeling strong in your preparations for the dream job that you've got your eye on, but you want to make sure that you have every possible area covered when it comes to knowing what to expect of the hiring process at hand. Background checks are an essential part of nearly every onboarding process in every industry. Not only are employers curious to know about prior criminal records but a variety of other fraudulent behaviors, and each safety measure is utilized to protect the company from hiring an individual that might potentially harm someone or damage property. More information pertaining to your impending background check can be found below or [...]

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Top 5 Things to Note about Your Office Christmas Party

‘Tis the season to grab the ugliest Christmas sweater that you can possibly find off the nearest clearance rack, the gaudier and fuzzier the better. Or, in contrast, maybe it’s time to dust off your tux or favorite formalwear. We all know that making a grand appearance at your company Christmas party is an important factor to be considered this holiday season. Decorations will be hung, gifts will be unwrapped, and bonus checks will potentially be unveiled, so you won’t want to miss this festive event. For those of you that are young professionals or new to your specific job or office environment, there are a few things to be noted about the infamous office Christmas party. #1 – Don’t skip out. Although you may have plenty of other ways to spend your free time or rare evening off, this is an event that you need to really try and make. Employers and coworkers will be [...]

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Why a Well-Written Rèsumè is Your Strongest Weapon

Have you ever considered applying the legendary Boy Scout’s motto to your professional development? Maybe, as a child, you were urged to join this group of adventurers and “Be Prepared”. The same sense of readiness can be applied when advancing your career or seeking to break into a new job market. Although you probably don’t own a crystal ball that will determine exactly what to expect around every corner, you can develop a plan of action that prepares you for what lies ahead. And that plan of action should find its strongest weapon at the center of it all. A well-written resume is typically the focal point of every successful job application. Hiring managers waste no time on documentation that doesn’t carry originality and intrigue, a presentation of facts and details that is interesting to read rather than dull and monotonous. Representing your career history and professional aptitude in a thorough yet concise manner is [...]

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Your Morning View from the Top

When you wake up each morning, do you often think about where you are going or where you have been? Many of us have barely opened our eyes before we are plagued with today’s dose of doubts and fears, bombarded with worry regarding what will or will not be accomplished. We often set ourselves toward lofty goals and beat ourselves up for falling short, that promotion that stays just out of reach or that potential transfer that never seems to align itself with the right circumstances at the right time. When you have worked hard to achieve your title and career status, it is easy to focus only on the future, pressing forward to the next opportunity and the bigger office or paycheck to be obtained. However, when you look around at the friends and colleagues that you most admire and seek to be around, you often see people that seem to enjoy the adventure [...]

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When Multi-Tasking Steals Your Efficiency

Have you ever been labeled as a multi-tasker? Many people take on the label with great pride and a sense of accomplishment. It is hard work to do multiple things at the same time. There is much brain power that goes into the focus required to spread yourself thin enough to dabble in several different things or in several different conversations at one time. However, if you were to take a step back and review your patterns of success and behavior in the midst of a multi-tasking frenzy, does your efficiency and productivity always shine through on the busy days? I’m guessing the answer is a resounding “no”. There are many times in which multi-tasking leads to more distraction than it does accomplishment. Yes, there may be victories along the way and check marks secured on a to-do list, but could you have actually done more with your time if you would have slowed down [...]

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Who is Fighting in Your Corner? Developing a Solid References Dossier

Do you ever wonder who really has your back? Which individuals would really stand up to fight for you if the situation presented itself? Many professionals have plenty of friends and colleagues who claim to support them and venture to offer encouragement in life’s many adventures, but there are typically only a few of those with wholehearted intent. We build many different types of relationships with many different types of people throughout the years, but there are usually only a handful that stand out when thinking of someone who has genuinely invested in our career development. When it comes to preparing for a successful job search and developing a solid list of references, you want to go with the cream of the crop. A sharp and polished references dossier is made complete when comprised of the key individuals who can speak to work ethic and specific accomplishments throughout your tenure, those who have witnessed remarkable [...]

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Creating a Home Away from Home at Work

When you wake up and ready yourself for the day ahead, are you anxious to get started or full of dread? Do you enjoy the company that you keep when at the office or do you join your coworkers in shooting daggers at one another with icy gazes? The workplace in which we inhabit for the greater part of the week can become a warm and inviting space to invoke creativity and growth, or it can become a pit of frustration. If you choose to take action and pursue a working environment that is like a home away from home for you, then there are a few key factors that must be considered. We oftentimes have to take the initial steps toward progress and change if we want to see that same growth in others. Therefore, if you desire a team that respects one another and seeks to get to know each other outside of [...]

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