Tips to Becoming a Likeable Leader

Do you fear what your coworkers think about you? Maybe you strive to be the cool guy who earns the approval of others but end up shirking responsibility in the process? Or perhaps you are very cut and dry about the plan of action that needs to take place and forget to consider your teammates along the way? Becoming a likeable yet professional leader is not something that happens overnight. We all have to take a few steps back and evaluate our own personality and the different personalities of our team in order to paint a clear picture of the greater dynamic in which we are working. A leader must take initiative and get the ball rolling on whatever project is at hand, but there has to be a certain finesse about the way that he or she leads. The team needs to know that the leader is in charge, but no one wants to [...]

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Finding Fulfillment in Your Career Starts Right Here

Have you spent way too many years of your life waiting on a better job? You struggle to be content with where you are and what you have now because you think there must be something else out there. You seek to be fulfilled in your career but aren’t quite sure which steps will take you in that right direction. We’re here to assure you that the path to a more fulfilling career starts right here with our team at Platinum Resumes. We are passionate about helping people find success and a job that they love. Sometimes this means finding a different position with a similar company. Other times such fulfillment might come from switching careers altogether. What’s effective about working with our team is that we can help you solve that internal dilemma and better equip you for a career that will pair your passions with your talents and your prior achievements with room [...]

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When Word of Mouth Job Referrals Just Aren’t Enough

Are you accustomed to doing things old school? When it comes to looking for a new job, has it been easier for you to just spread the word to local buddies and hope for the best than to put together an official job search plan of attack? For many of us, both in our personal lives and professionally, we rely on friends, neighbors and even general acquaintances to do the right thing and put in a good word on our behalf. Whether we are being considered for a job or a seat on a committee or a potential blind date, we often put a lot of stock in the way that others will promote us and build us up. But, when it comes to looking for a good job in today’s competitive market, word of mouth referrals are no longer enough to cover your back. Sure, it is still gravely important that former coworkers and [...]

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Where to Draw the Line Between Coworkers and Pals

Do you work in a tight knit office? Perhaps your coworkers are more like family than distant cubicle neighbors? For those that go to work each day and step into a cold environment where coworkers are but strangers, such a warm scenario is hard to imagine. You must be grateful to work for a company that values relationships and encourages employees to get to know one another on a more personal level. However, it is also important to proceed with caution when it comes to such a family-like office environment. It is sometimes hard to distinguish clear boundaries when you have a conference room full of good friends, and there are times when business must come first and relationships may be strained in the process. If a new project is brought to the table and one employee is chosen over another to steer things up, then there can suddenly become a newfound tension in the [...]

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Why Squeezing in a Summer Vacation Will Bolster Your Career

Have you ever heard that you should step away from your desk at regular intervals to give yourself a break? Stretch your legs, grab a snack, catch up with a coworker, or whatever it is that most appeals to your short break time. Taking those moments away from whatever project you are working on helps your body to reset on many different levels and jump back in with greater focus and stamina. That said, let’s imagine what the lack of taking that frequent break looks like. If you sit in your office for hours at a time, then you are likely growing less excited about what you’re working on and starting to have mental drifts onto other, more enticing topics. You think you are being a responsible, hardworking employee by pushing through those temptations to stop and take a minute, but, instead, you are actually lessening your potential and creating a weariness in yourself. So, [...]

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Being Forced to Lay Off Your Employees? Let Us Help Ease Your Pain

There are many facets to management that have their perks. Generally you find yourself with a nicer paycheck and maybe a company car or a bonus vacation to offer your family. There are days when your job and your authority are a welcome friend. However, there are also those terrible days when your position as manager means delivering bad news to hardworking people. Those days when you have to sit down across from someone that you know and trust and tell them that they are being laid off. This is a circumstance in which being in management is quite painful, and you dread walking into the office. It is on those hard days that you need someone in your corner to ease the pain and provide a silver lining of hope for both you and your employees. Platinum Resumes is proud to be a part of that silver lining. We have developed a strong and [...]

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How to Represent Your Volunteer Work on Your Resume

How can you take captive the few seconds that you have to sway a potential hiring manager? We all know that he or she will only briefly comb over your resume before moving along to the next one, so you have to make sure that you have done everything you can to make yours stand out. From career highlights and accolades to the most relevant skill set, where are you supposed to find the real estate on your resume to list any pertinent volunteer work? And, should you even take the time to mess with it at all? As a company that has a wealth of experience in preparing professionals for successful careers, we know what a stand out resume should look like. We can testify to the fact that volunteer work should definitely be considered as you are creating the perfect brand for yourself. These hours that you have spent giving selflessly and tirelessly [...]

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Approaching Social Media with a Professional Caution

How much is too much? Isn’t that a question we often ask ourselves? Both personally and professionally, we are constantly placed in situations where we are left to make a decision on where to draw the line. Sometimes the decision made brings only minimal impact to our lives, whereas other times the impact can be significant. Maybe it’s time for dessert and you’re debating on that second scoop of ice cream. Maybe you’ve got a new guy in the office and you’re determining just how far to take it when you badger him with questions and initiate him into the group. These are fairly low-key examples of crossing the line. Perhaps, however, you have recently been tempted by that old college friend to indulge in a little social media rant or post a few subtle yet telling photos from last weekend’s reunion. Your friends and family members know your personality, so anything like this that [...]

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How to Deal With a Difficult Boss

Do you have a boss who is hard to deal with? Perhaps there are days when you ignore that elephant in the room and pretend that your job is great despite the tension, and then other days when you are two seconds away from packing your things and leaving for good. Poor management choices can lead to disgruntled employees, and it’s easy to join the masses and get all worked up about the current drama. However, in the long run, you will more than likely benefit from holding your tongue and closely considering that relationship that you have with your boss. He or she can be very influential in the remainder of your career, for better or for worse. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the challenge of a difficult boss is not something unique to your job and workplace. Maybe you have had a lot of great experiences through the years [...]

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Jumping From Student to Professional? Let’s Get You Ready

Believe it or not, your education may be finally drawing to a close. It seems as though you’ve spent forever sitting through lectures and writing papers, but the day has finally come to leave your student role behind and step into the career world as a professional. The problem, however, may lie in the fact that you don’t feel like much of a professional yet. Or, perhaps, you feel like you are worthy of the label of professional, but you don’t think others give you the proper credit and recognition that you deserve. Finalizing one’s education and stepping into the career world full-time can be a heavy and multi-faceted process. You have to find a job and bring home a paycheck. That, of course, is the bottom line. However, in order to land a job, you have to present yourself and your skills and knowledge to be superior to that of the other candidates. You [...]

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