Why Doing Your Homework Always Pays Off

Were you the kid that always had to be reminded and forced to do your homework? Putting it off as long as possible or trying to get out of it altogether? Or, perhaps you were the type that actually enjoyed the work you brought home? Maybe you looked forward to learning more about the subject matter at hand and expanding your knowledge in new territory. That same behavior that once defined you as a child is likely to follow you into adulthood. If you were the type that always dreaded doing your homework, then you are probably still prone to procrastinate. If you welcomed extra work in your teens, then you are likely to have a keener attitude toward research as an adult. When changes occur within your career and you are suddenly thrown into the crux of looking for a new job, the time has arrived for homework to become serious business. Will you [...]

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The Perfect Length of a Standout Resume

How long should a resume technically be? Is one page enough? Are two pages overkill? These are questions that we hear on a consistent basis, and the answers are not as cut and dry as you might think. Regardless of what is said in the many articles that you might read in your sporadic Google searches, the art of writing a strong professional resume is a unique process rather than a rigid template. It takes knowing the job candidate and the potential job description in order to produce the perfect document. The key word is customization. The resume that you had two years ago, or even two months ago, is not the same piece that you might write up today. Your career experiences and relevant trainings and certifications have led you to your current position and have set the stage for what potential opportunities stand before you. There is a certain finesse to using structured [...]

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When It’s Okay to Let Others Speak Your Words

Do you often feel as though asking for help is a sign of weakness? That admitting you are in over your head is admitting that you are not good enough or are lacking on some level? Many of us fail to recognize that asking for help is actually a direct outpouring of a commitment to improvement. If we don’t care to do better, then there’s no need to seek advancement. If we have no intention of developing into a stronger version of ourselves, then why bother? When you reach the point where you admit that you need help in securing a better job, then you have already taken a bold first step. When it comes to resume writing, trusting someone else with your years of hard work is not an easy concept to consider. However, if you shift your thinking again - just as you did with overcoming your fear of weakness, then you will [...]

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How to Make Your Mark in a Tight Job Market

When jobs around town, and even beyond, seem few and far between, how can you make yourself stand out among other applicants? When the job market seems to be working against you and every email and interview matters, then you want to make sure that you are bringing your A game to every possible platform of influence. From resumes to LinkedIn profiles to interview attire, every aspect of your professional image must be considered if you are going to make your mark. At Platinum Resumes, we understand the power behind a strong job applicant and believe that every one of our clients, with help, has the ability to rein in that power. Every individual has a wealth of potential, both hidden and recognized, and it is our job to allow your prior experience and accolades to unfold in a way that sings your praises and sets the stage for high expectations regarding future performance. We [...]

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Why Every Square Inch of Your Resume Matters

Are you one of those people who gets stuck on just one thing? Do you sometimes struggle to see the cohesive bigger picture? Perhaps, for example, you are building a new home or office building and are drawn to certain aspects of a new room while the rest is forgotten. You are really hyper-focused on those countertops but couldn’t care less about the floors. You are looking solely at aesthetics of the floorplan and the way in which you want things to open up and flow without considering utility costs or the structural integrity of the building. We all struggle in getting hung up on certain details of whatever project we are working on and then mindlessly skimming over the rest. When it comes to your resume, however, this trend must be halted. Every square inch of your resume matters if you wish to be recognized and considered for highly competitive positions. You can’t focus [...]

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Professionalism Goes Far Beyond Your Interview Attire

Do you sometimes wonder what is missing when it comes to your unsuccessful job search? You feel like you’ve set yourself up to do well and to be a top contender for each position that you’ve had on the radar, yet there seems to be something lacking, an undercurrent of being unprepared on some level. You have a legit resume in place and backing documents such as a cover letter and list of references that applaud your achievements and list all of the reasons why you would make a great employee. You have given your interview wardrobe a complete overhaul and chosen only the sharpest and most professional options. However, despite your best efforts, there seems to be an angle that you are overlooking in how you present yourself as a potential candidate. Could it be, however, that your sense of professionalism goes no farther than your closet doors? Do you present yourself and speak [...]

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When It’s Back-to-School and Back-to-Work

Are you struggling to find that balance or strike that rhythm when it comes to juggling the demands of both work and school? Perhaps you are just getting started in going back to school in the midst of your career. Or, maybe you are finishing up those last few hours of your graduate degree that you have been chipping away at for years. As if managing projects and sticking to strict deadlines wasn’t hard enough on a normal basis, try doing it while also tending to constant academic demands, right?! When it comes time to go back to school when you are also working full-time, there have to be some boundaries set in order for you to succeed on any and all platforms. Some spend just a few days or weeks trying to figure out how to make it all work together and quickly throw in the towel. Some decide that there is just no [...]

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When Your Resume Isn’t Nearly as Dynamic as You Are

Do you feel as though you are under appreciated? Not fully recognized for just how powerful your contribution is or could be to your company of choice? Many job seekers out there are busy placing their resumes into the hands of key hiring managers, unaware of just how greatly they are undercutting themselves. The key to making a true name for yourself and gaining attention from top employers is found in creating a resume that is truly as dynamic as the brilliant applicant that it represents. Your resume has to outshine the other well-deserving candidates, proving that you are capable of exceeding company goals and flourishing within your area of expertise. The way in which your resume conveys both your soft skills and technical skills must be ordered so that immediate attention is brought to the primary and pertinent details of your successful career. Anyone can jump online at any time and quickly grab a [...]

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Tips to Becoming a Likeable Leader

Do you fear what your coworkers think about you? Maybe you strive to be the cool guy who earns the approval of others but end up shirking responsibility in the process? Or perhaps you are very cut and dry about the plan of action that needs to take place and forget to consider your teammates along the way? Becoming a likeable yet professional leader is not something that happens overnight. We all have to take a few steps back and evaluate our own personality and the different personalities of our team in order to paint a clear picture of the greater dynamic in which we are working. A leader must take initiative and get the ball rolling on whatever project is at hand, but there has to be a certain finesse about the way that he or she leads. The team needs to know that the leader is in charge, but no one wants to [...]

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Finding Fulfillment in Your Career Starts Right Here

Have you spent way too many years of your life waiting on a better job? You struggle to be content with where you are and what you have now because you think there must be something else out there. You seek to be fulfilled in your career but aren’t quite sure which steps will take you in that right direction. We’re here to assure you that the path to a more fulfilling career starts right here with our team at Platinum Resumes. We are passionate about helping people find success and a job that they love. Sometimes this means finding a different position with a similar company. Other times such fulfillment might come from switching careers altogether. What’s effective about working with our team is that we can help you solve that internal dilemma and better equip you for a career that will pair your passions with your talents and your prior achievements with room [...]

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