Do you send “Thank you,” emails?

Do you send “Thank you,” emails after you interview? A thank you email is not only good manners—it’s your last chance to leave a positive impression. If you are one of many applicants fighting for a position, you’ve got to do whatever you can to stand out! The added touches like submitting a cover letter and sending a thank you email will help you become memorable and separate yourself from the other applicants.   Not only does a thank you email help you stand out, but it’s also your opportunity to get your name in front of the hiring manager again and leave a positive impression. It’s a chance to reaffirm that you are a good fit for the position. You can include something like this, “After our discussion, I am more confident than ever that this position is a great fit.” It’s also a great idea to reference specific topics that came up in the [...]

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How to Answer, “Why should we hire you?”

“Why should we hire you?” is one of the most common interview questions people dread answering. But, it doesn’t have to be! Let’s think about it. What sets you apart from other candidates? Does your current professional profile reflect all of your key accomplishments, experiences, and skills to make you stand out in a crowd of applicants? In order to get the job you want, you’ve got to set yourself apart from the competition. You’ve really got to sell yourself. As with any good sales pitch, you need to show value added. Think back on the skills you have acquired in your previous roles that other candidates may not have had. Did you get a high GPA in college? Do you have a proven track record of success in your past roles? Have you taken any special certifications or courses that are valuable in the position you’re going after? This is your chance to get [...]

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Are You Ready for Your Next Opportunity?

Are you mindful of all the opportunities that surround you every single day? Have ever you thought about how your demeanor, competence, and likeability during an everyday encounter can impact your next career move?   The founder of Brightstar, a $10M/yr company got his start selling airline frequent flyer miles. While on a flight himself, he met the vice-president of the Bolivian soccer federation and was offered a job as a business manager. The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs built his first small computer in a garage with a friend he made during an internship. Walt Disney, once fired for his lack of creativity, got his big break when he moved to Los Angeles with no money, and only the dream to expand his network.   Have you ever thought about the fact that every day encounters are actually interviews in disguise? Daily interactions with the manager you report to, the peer sitting next to you, or [...]

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Your Communication Style Defines Your Marketability

Could it be that your communication style is the key job qualification that keeps getting overlooked as you submit applications and prepare for potential interviews? The job experts at Recruiter suggest that the way in which an employee communicates is the often the "most essential part" of the position at hand. You can make yourself look great on paper and develop a brand that highlights all of the right skills and aspects of your career history, but a hiring manager needs to know what you are actually like to be around. How do you relate to coworkers? How do you receive instruction and direction from your boss? The marketability that you have to offer hinges greatly on these patterns of communication. Your references and former employers can speak to the style that typically defines you. Although many people operate in a way that crosses over into different communication styles depending on the task at hand [...]

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Separate Yourself From the Crowd with Confidence

In a consistently competitive job market, it takes hard work to set yourself apart from the crowd. Perhaps you've struggled before in the overwhelm that comes with applying for job after job, only to find that you are one of hundreds of candidates being considered. The specific experience and education that you have under your belt does not always seal the deal in achieving the highly sought after position that you desire. Your resume must be polished to perfection and uniquely formatted in order to draw attention to your tremendous aptitude. Your cover letter, references dossier, and all other corresponding documents should be specifically targeted toward your job of choice with keywords that reflect your sense of purpose and your dedication to your field of service. Your social media presence and branding efforts must remain professional and intentional at all times, with dynamic imagery that defines an individual who is ready to work hard with [...]

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Not Really a Team Player? Rethink Your Rationale

Do you ever just get completely annoyed with everyone at your office? Regardless of how extroverted you may be and how greatly you desire social interaction, it might be that you just need some space from crowded ignorance. The individuals that surround us every day at our workplace can be our biggest buddies or our greatest source of frustration. For better or for worse, we often have no control over the team members with which we are paired. Perhaps you have been with the same company for several months or even years, and patterns of communication and interaction have started to take root. There may be times in which projects require full team participation, yet there are personalities that always seem to take over or cause tempers to flare. It’s always easiest to just avoid such opportunities of conflict and get the work done on your own. However, in the midst of your teamwork avoidance, [...]

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Simply Reconnecting with an Old Friend Can Change Your Career

Do you ever step back to consider the range of your potential network? Do you feel stuck in a certain career field or a particular city without an outlet for growth or change? Many of us feel tied down to our jobs or potential jobs because we lack the resources necessary to move on. We feel as though we don’t know enough people to get our foot in the door of any other company. Perhaps we just sit back and watch how effortlessly our colleagues approach new opportunities and wish that we could have a similar experience. Oftentimes we get hyperfocused on our current or future circumstances and forget to consider the links and connections that we have solidified in the past. There could be old friends or coworkers that have not crossed our mind in years yet hold a strong tie to new opportunities. Social media has proven to be a helpful tool in [...]

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How to Represent a Diversified Skill Set

Do you struggle with being overqualified for the job at hand? Perhaps you have a track record of multiple jobs with a diversity of experience, and you’re not sure quite where to draw the line in representing your exhaustive skill set. There are those that fight the issue of having too little to share and those with too much, and it takes a finesse to craft a resume that best defines your aptitude while remaining direct and concise. When you are applying for a job, you want to target the desired qualifications as much as possible. In short, you should extract the parts of your story that speak most directly to the job description that has been provided for this potential role. For example, you may have a unique gift and years of experience in blowing glass or sculpting. However, in your application for a job as Computer Engineer, those artistic qualities must be kept [...]

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Eager for a Change in Seasons

Is it spring already?! When the winter seems to be dragging on and on, there is an insatiable thirst for a change in seasons. Something new to break the repetitive cycle that seems endless, with clouds hanging overhead and a gloominess that seems to invade not only our lives but the lives of those around us. Maybe you’ve noticed that your coworker is just not his or her cheery self. Maybe your loved ones are extra irritable and obviously weary of being cooped up for long hours with an itch to get out and resume activities that they so enjoy. The desire to see signs of spring and a reprieve from dreary weather is much like the ache that many of us feel in our professional realm. We long for something new, something different. In short, we need change! For some, that change might look like altering your work hours, switching to the day shift [...]

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Leave the Writing to the Professional

Despite the innate sense of failure that covers us when we can’t seem to do it all on our own, there is success to be found in leaving certain tasks to a qualified professional. When your toilet is misbehaving, you probably want to let a plumber handle that one. When your trampoline stunt didn’t go so well and your leg appears to be broken, then you probably want to let the doctor take over. And, when it comes to setting yourself up for career advancement and evolving opportunities within your field, you want to wisely keep that competitive edge, right? There are elements of your job search and application portfolio that you can afford to put together yourself and there are pieces that can maximized by bringing a career expert on board. At Platinum Resumes, we serve our clients by drawing from the basic skeleton of prior work experience and educational development and build it [...]

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