Stand Out During End of Year Review Time

As end of the year reviews are fast approaching, it’s important to find ways to stand out in order to get a great review. There are many employees who come in to work, do their job, and leave. However, in order to be a stand out employee, you have to look for ways to go above and beyond your typical job responsibilities. This is what makes the difference between an average employee and a stand-out employee. Here’s a few ways to stand-out in your current position: Find ways to contribute in a meaningful way. Think of ways to improve processes and procedures. With ever-changing technology, there’s almost always a more efficient way to do things by implementing a new program or process. Find ways to get things done more efficiently, and then speak up! Suggest ideas in meetings and offer up ideas to your manager. Go above and beyond. Do more than your standard job [...]

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Don’t Stop your Job Search During the Holiday Season

It’s a common misconception that businesses aren’t hiring during holiday season. Don’t stop searching for jobs just because the end of the year is approaching. A simple job search on LinkedIn, Monster, or Dice, will show you that business are actually still hiring this time of year. It’s true that hiring used to be more seasonal, but in current times, most companies are hiring as needed. Use this common misconception to your advantage. Plus, most people are so busy during the holidays that you will have less competition. The candidate pool will be less competitive because many people wait until the Spring to make a job transition. Use this time of the year for networking. This is the time of the year for social and business holiday functions during November and December when you can connect with people who can help. Coerce your colleagues, friends, and family to bring you along to their work holiday [...]

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How to Survive the Holiday Season at Work

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s busy season for most businesses. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year with competing interests of family and work, and it can be hard to find a balance. So, it’s important to keep these 5 things in mind to prepare for the busiest season of the year. Prioritize Deadlines – Give yourself time at the beginning of the week to prioritize your key tasks, deadlines, and goals. Focus on one activity or project at a time, working on top priority tasks with the closest deadline first. Multitasking on projects can be stressful, overwhelming, and is ultimately not productive. If you need help meeting a deadline, delegate tasks and ask your team for help. Keep your Outlook Positive – If you have a bad attitude and feel overwhelmed with all the looming deadlines, you are only setting yourself up to fail. Focus on [...]

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Are You a Team Player? How to Answer this Common Interview Question

In almost every interview you will be asked “Are you a team player?” It’s obviously the right answer to say “yes,” to this question in naarly all cases. Interviewers want to make sure that you will be able to help support a team atmosphere and that you work well with others. However, try to think about yourself objectively before the interview, so that you can answer this question thoroughly and honestly. When you answer this question, try to think of a recent example about a time you contributed in a team environment. Explain how you added value and demonstrated a capacity to get along well with others. Use these questions to self-reflect in order to describe the ways in which you distribute a team player mentality. Are you friendly? Do you enjoy collaborating with others and bouncing ideas off your co-workers? Are you able to effectively communicate with people who have different personalities or even [...]

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Never Burn Workplace Bridges

It's your last day at a dead end job. You are so happy to leave, and you despise your boss. Yes, it might be tempting to send a strongly worded email on your last day, letting everyone know how happy you are to be quitting. But, think twice before you burn any bridges in the workforce. The business world is smaller than you think and word travels fast. Don’t ruin your reputation by stomping off on your last day. You never know who you will work with or work for someday. I now work with many people who I worked with at a different company 15 years ago! I never thought I would see those people again, but I am so glad I never burned any bridges with them. If you plan to stay in the same industry or the same city, you never know who you will ruin into again. One of my former [...]

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Are you Stressed out at Work?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to experience stress in the workplace. Only in a perfect, utopian world would employees be happy at work every minute of their eight hour shift. But, if you find yourself wanting to pull our your hair at work, there are things that you can do to reduce stress and increase your happiness in the workplace. Your mental and emotional health at work is one of the most important factors to your success, so don't neglect it. So, what aspects of this stressful American work-life can you control? Ask your manager and/or team for support when you need it. Many people tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and have a hard time asking for help. However, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of emotional intelligence and humility. Let others on your team with less work on their plate help pick up some [...]

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How to Answer Left-Field Questions in an Interview

If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why? How many square feet of pizza are eaten in the U.S. every year? If you were a crayon color, which color would you be and why? If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors? If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? These are just some of the “left-field” questions that interviewers may ask to throw candidates off guard. This helps the interviewers to see how quickly you are able to think on your toes, your ability to improvise, and to witness how you handle pressure. These questions are designed to learn more about your personality and your personal thought processes. So, how do you prepare for the unexpected questions in an interview? If you’re asked an unexpected question, it’s perfectly okay to ask for a moment to think about your answer. [...]

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Master this Important Skill in the Workplace

No matter what your position entails, communication is one of the most important skills you can bring to any job. Lack of effective workplace communication leads to disgruntled employees, confused employees, and can cause all sorts of unsettling conflict for leaders. Every day people quit jobs due to lack of communication from their leaders, or employees are fired for their inability to communicate well with their peers. So, how can you improve this vital workplace skill? First, start by fostering a communication-friendly workspace. You can set the tone for this by asking questions, challenging ideas, and communicating your thoughts with your team. To keep communication friendly, pay attention to your non-verbal communication such as smiling, leaning in, and maintaining eye contact. Ask people about their weekend, their kids, their hobbies, etc. Communicate more face-to-face. It’s so easy in the modern workplace to send a chat message on Skype for Business, shoot over an email, or [...]

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Be a Better Employee in 3 Steps

Everyone employed is an employee, even those who are leaders. In order to be a good leader, you must first be a good employee. In order to be a great employee, you must be a team player. Regardless of your title, these 3 simple tips will improve your performance at work. Learn to prioritize. It can feel overwhelming to think about all the tasks you must complete in a week. But, you don’t climb a mountain without taking it one step at a time. The trick to completing a mountain of work is by prioritizing. Use a notebook or a spreadsheet to categorize projects by deadline, and then sort them by importance and executive visibility. You can even rate the projects on difficulty, time needed, or anything else that will help you organize your workload. Focus on what’s most important and pressing first, and then tackle the list one item at a time. Continue to [...]

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Are You Ready for Peak Hiring Season?

Fall is peak hiring season! Is your professional profile ready? Whether you are interested in applying for an entry level position, or an executive level position, you will need an impressive resume. Peak hiring season provides more opportunities, but it’s also the same time of year that employees are out looking for jobs. If you let one of our Certified Professional Resume Writers help you with your resume, your odds of contact from recruiters will increase by 30-40%! Click here for more information about the resume services we offer.  Don’t forget to get your LinkedIn ready too. Most hiring managers will look for you on LinkedIn before giving you a call for an interview. They will examine how you present yourself online, what kind of connections you have, and what kind of posts you share. We can help with that too! We are qualified to help you showcase your expertise and let your professionalism shine [...]

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