How to Stay Focused at Work

A deadline is looming and your coworker interrupts you when you are in the middle of an e-mail, your phone alerts you of a Facebook event, a coworker messages you on Skype, Microsoft Teams alerts you of new activity, your cubical neighbor is speaking loudly on a conference call… With all the communication, technology, and open concept floor plans becoming increasing popular, it can be very difficult to keep on task. Here are 5 Tips to Stay Focused at Work: Create a to-do list with deadlines. Set goals for yourself throughout the day and commit to accomplishing them. Today I will complete X task by Y time. This will help you feel a sense of urgency and prioritize your work accordingly. Keep your workspace organized. We have enough distractions coming at us from coworkers, personal lives, and office environments. Try to keep the distractions off your desk. A clean, well-organized workspace will help improve your [...]

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Improve the Way Your Coworkers Perceive You

At work, perception is everything. You may feel like you are above the office politics, and you have no time to schmooze your coworkers. But, the way others perceive you and your work is key to your success. Do you feel like you’ve done everything right at work, but yet you’re not getting promoted? Are you having trouble connecting with your coworkers on a personal as well as professional level? You may need to take a step back and examine how others are perceiving you and your work. If you think you may not be perceived the way that you want to be perceived, then it’s time to make a change. Follow these steps to improve your perception at work: Become self-aware. It can be a difficult pill to swallow, but you must be honest with yourself. Observe how people react to you at work. Do your coworkers greet you with a smile, or look [...]

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Can You Handle Constructive Feedback?

Constructive feedback is by nature hard for us to receive. It can be a real punch to our ego when we pour ourselves into something only to find out that we missed the mark and require improvement. It’s human nature to put up a defense mechanism when we hear feedback about ourselves that hurts to hear. According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, “Threats to our standing in the eyes of others are remarkably potent biologically, almost as those to our very survival,” (Click for Source) Our brains literally feel criticism as a primal threat, so we have a tendency to not only disregard the message but even develop animosity for the messenger rather than learn from it. But, how will we ever reach our full potential if we can’t handle constructive feedback? No great athlete, performer, employee, or manager has ever become great without receiving constructive feedback. It’s a natural part of the process of learning [...]

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How to Nail a Phone Interview

It’s become common practice for most hiring positions to host a first interview by phone. The initial phone interview is often held by a recruiter or hiring manager and is used to sift through a pool of applicants. Managers use this process to screen you to ensure you are a good fit before spending time and resources needed for an in person interview. You are often one of many applicants who will receive a phone interview. This is your one chance to make a good enough impression to get a foot in the door, so it’s imperative to nail the phone interview. Sometimes managers or recruiters will call to offer an interview, and when you accept, they may ask for an on the spot phone interview. If this happens, it’s perfectly acceptable to say, “I am sorry, but this is not a good time. I would love to schedule a time to meet later,” if [...]

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To Commute or Not to Commute?

To commute or not to commute is a question that all job seekers must face at one point or another. It’s important during a job search to consider the distance you are willing to travel for work. On one hand, job hunters don’t want to limit their opportunities by narrowing their search radius, but on the other hand, the real cost of commuting may not be worth the trouble. I hear things like this all the time: I can’t afford to live in the city, so I drive an hour to work every day. This job offered me a salary I can’t refuse, and the additional income will compensate for the gas I will spend driving to work. I can get a larger, better home outside of the city, so the drive is worth it. There are many reasons why people decide to commute. However, not everyone truly considers the real cost of commuting. It’s [...]

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Okay, I Graduated. Now What?

If you recently graduated, you may be feeling a little lost. Up until now, you’ve always had a plan. Go to school. Get your degree. But now, you are entering the world of limitless possibilities! You may be having all kinds of fears and self-doubt, thinking things like: I have little to no experience in the workforce. I still don’t even know what I want to do yet! What if I pick a job and hate it? I’ve never had a real interview before. My parents think I should do X, but I want to do Y.   It’s so easy to get lost in your own thoughts and allow worry and fear to take over. But don’t worry. We’re here to help! Here are 5 pieces of advice for new graduates: Don’t let anyone else decide your path. Your future is yours. Own it. Work takes up about a fourth of our lives between [...]

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When Was the Last Time You Logged-in to LinkedIn?

When was the last time you logged into LinkedIn? If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn as a career tool, you are missing out on opportunities and professional fun! LinkedIn is a great way to not only network with other professionals in your field; it's also a way for you to share your own personal brand with the world. Keeping an up to date LinkedIn profile will help show you are tech savvy, committed to growing, and interested in networking opportunities with others. It’s a great way to keep in touch with former colleagues, managers, and even corporate executives. As a bonus, it’s also a fun social media tool without any of the drama that finds its way on other social media platforms.    In the business world, we often hear, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” and LinkedIn can help you build stronger connections with people you already know as well as meet [...]

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Do You Feel Challenged in Your Current Role?

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut in your career? Do you feel bored or uninterested in your work? Have you hit a learning plateau? How much responsibility can you take for that, and how much of that is outside of your control? It’s easy to get complacent in any job, just doing the bare minimum to keep the boss off your back. But, you will never feel truly fulfilled and happy in your career if you become stagnant.  It’s important to always strive to grow and learn new things in your career. If you feel like you’ve reached a point where you can no longer grow, it may be time to look for opportunities (even within your current role). Take the initiative to find new ways to challenge yourself when your current job isn’t challenging you. Ask your manager if (s)he has any special projects or assignments (s)he could use some [...]

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Do You Have a Mentor?

A mentor might be the missing piece to your career success. Many successful people agree that mentors have proved invaluable in navigating through their careers. A mentor can be any person who is capable of advising, training, and guiding you. When you were in school, you had teachers and parents to mentor you. As an adult, who do you know who can offer wisdom, guidance, and expertise to you in your industry? Who can you ask important questions about how to solve difficult problems? Who can help you maneuver through this ever-changing business world? Finding a mentor can sometimes be the scary part. Mentors don’t usually fall into your lap; typically, you have to take the initiative to find one and ask them to meet with you. Think about who you’ve met in your industry or at your current job who has an impressive career history or who is currently in a role that you [...]

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Do You Send “Thank you,” Emails After an Interview?

Do you send “Thank you,” emails after you interview? A thank you email is not only good manners—it’s your last chance to leave a positive impression. If you are one of many applicants fighting for a position, you’ve got to do whatever you can to stand out! The added touches like submitting a cover letter and sending a thank you email will help you become memorable and separate yourself from the other applicants.   Not only does a thank you email help you stand out, but it’s also your opportunity to get your name in front of the hiring manager again and leave a positive impression. It’s a chance to reaffirm that you are a good fit for the position. You can include something like this, “After our discussion, I am more confident than ever that this position is a great fit.” It’s also a great idea to reference specific topics that came up in the [...]

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