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Platinum Resumes specializes in meeting people who are in a bind and looking for a way out. Those who are aimlessly searching for a change in their career yet unsure of where to turn or how to go about taking the first steps. We know that looking for a new job can be an overwhelming experience, and that you can suddenly find yourself in a pinch where you need to submit an application to a key company… and fast!


Our goal is to bring comfort and results to our overwhelmed clients who desire to land incredible jobs yet feel that they are inept at getting to that finish line alone. Many job seekers do well to jump online and do their research, finding potential jobs in their particular field of interest and city of choice. They quickly realize that finding the job was the easy part, though, because now they are faced with the dire need of a seamless and speedy resume submission in order to stay ahead of the competition. Such a job in such a field will not stay vacant for long, so time is of the essence.


Our team of career experts is ready and waiting to take on such a challenge! Our seasoned resume writers are truly talented at what they do and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the resume writing department. We have a knack for knowing precisely what the hiring manager is looking for, and we meet with each of our clients and get to know their story and skills so that we can offer that hiring manager their best. We know that first impressions are crucial and that a resume must be noticed and appreciated for an interview to be considered.


Our resume services produce solid results in a short amount of time. Our entire process takes only about 7 business days, days which are spent reviewing what you have to offer in your career and preparing you for the resume process and interview questions that lie ahead. We enjoy what we do and look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Give us a call today at 816.986.0909.

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    Moving to Kansas City? We’re Here to Jumpstart Your Job Search 

Moving to Kansas City? We’re Here to Jumpstart Your Job Search 

Of all the cities to choose from, we’re pretty fond of this one. A move to Kansas City will be one of the most exciting decisions that you’ll ever make! From the limitless options of entertainment to the amazing and delicious foods, KC offers an inviting and contagious atmosphere for all ages and walks of life. If you are moving to the city in search of a job and an opportunity to establish roots in this community, you are headed in the right direction. 


Platinum Resumes should be your first stop on the road to employment, your first phone call and your first face-to-face. Our company is proud to have served the greater Kansas City area for many years, and we are one of the top ranked resume services of our kind! Together, our team has written thousands of high caliber resumes and has assisted in getting those resumes and cover letters into the right hands. Because of our long established connections in Kansas City, we have developed a tremendous network and can provide amazing opportunities to our clients by utilizing that network. 


Whether you are only a few years into your career or edging closer toward retirement, our team of experts has the ability to meet you where you are and create a custom resume to fit your personal brand. We work with those seeking entry level positions as well as seasoned CEOs. From administrative assistants and attorneys to surgeons and sales professionals.  


When you work with our team to resurrect your sleepy resume, we guarantee results. Our clients see a huge increase in their callbacks and interviews because our networking is solid and our knack for words is effective. We are the creative touch that you need to get the ball rolling on your KC job search, and we know that we have the tools you need to jumpstart your career! 

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    Do Your Interview Skills Feel a Bit Rusty? Here’s a Quick Review! 

Do Your Interview Skills Feel a Bit Rusty? Here’s a Quick Review! 

At Platinum Resumes, our clients come to us from all walks of life, approaching the job search game from a variety of different angles. We see a little bit of everything along the spectrum of life, working with individuals who just graduated from college and with men and women who just recently became grandparents. There are those who have spent the better part of their career in high level executive roles, as well as those who have barely gotten their feet wet in a career. 


If you are fresh out of school, then you might be feeling inexperienced yet well prepared for your first big interview. Although you don’t have many interviews under your belt, your recent education has provided you with the basic how-to’s of going about it all, and you feel like you are at a comfortable starting point. However, a professional reality check would remind you that you need practice to advance our game and sharpen your interview etiquette. Book knowledge doesn’t really compare to personal experience. 


For those who are switching jobs after a very long tenure, you may find yourself frozen in the face of a key interview. Although you feel good about your resume and the aptitude and potential that it reveals, your ability to discuss your career highlights in front of a hiring manager or corporate team sounds terrifying. It has been a long time since you have had to dress and speak the part for an important interview, and you could use a little assistance in preparing for the big day. 


Regardless of what interview skills you do or do not bring to the table, there are a few major elements that you must keep in mind.  

  • Professionally Authentic… You need to be authentic and honest in your approach but represent the most professional version of yourself. This company is not looking for a cookie cutter version of the guy in the next cubicle over. They want someone who is comfortable in their own skin yet not so comfortable that they cannot respect and adhere to company policies and procedures. Stay within the guidelines but don’t feel pressured to do and say things just like the next guy. 
  • Dressed to Impress… Although this seems obvious to anyone approaching an interview, it never hurts to be reminded just how much appearances count for in these brief moments you have to make an impression. This might require reaching to the very back of your closet, reaching into the closet of a friend or reaching for your wallet to purchase something new. Regardless of the atmosphere and dress code that this particular company believes in, you should always take it a step further and present the most polished version of what you have to offer. If jeans are appropriate, then wear your best pair. If a suit is expected, then don’t second guess the decision to run it by the dry cleaner’s first. A neat and orderly job candidate whets the appetite and curiosity of the hiring manager. 
  • Confident Humility… No one likes a show-off. It’s the lesson we learned as kids and connect with even more as adults. However, in professional situations such as job interviews, how can you plead your case and toot your own horn in a necessary way without appearing over the top? This is an area where practicing for your interview is very helpful. You must learn how to answer questions and describe your strengths and weakness with humble confidence. You might have the knack for managing a building full of employees while securing a million dollar profit, but you must exhibit your talent with a level head. Make sure the interviewer knows what you’re capable of getting done, but, also, make sure they know that you are going to get it done as a team player. 
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When A Custom Cover Letter Makes All the Difference 

There are times when it is okay to blend in and times when it is imperative that you stand out. When you are in the midst of vying for highly sought after roles in a competitive market, there is no room for doing anything half-heartedly. Every piece of your personal brand needs to be on point and intentionally unique, and copycat versions of templates found online will get you nowhere other than the bottom of the stack of interest. 


If you want your resume and cover letter to stand out and draw interviews rather than waste baskets, then you need to seek someone who can help you develop a customized document that will highlight your strengths and turn heads in the process. Our talented team of job experts at Platinum Resumes have the experience it takes to know exactly what a hiring manager is looking for when he or she goes to review a new applicant. There has to be something that pops, that which says “I’m different, keep reading and consider me” rather than “I’m boring, quit torturing yourself and stop now”. 


custom cover letter shares a taste of your experience and skill set without stealing the show from your resume. This letter must be laid out in a fresh format that attracts the attention of the reader. It must say enough without saying too much, some black and white facts and figures mixed with colorful words that give you props that you deserve. 


Call us today at 816.986.0909, and we would love to have the opportunity to meet you in your seemingly fruitless job search. We know that our resources paired with your aptitude will land you the interviews of your dreams! 

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    Will a Professional Resume Company Really Make a Difference in My Job Search? 

Will a Professional Resume Company Really Make a Difference in My Job Search? 

We all have those things in life that we have trouble believing until we can see it with our own eyes. Maybe it was your first visit to the Grand Canyon, where you couldn’t really understand the magnitude of it until you were standing at its edge. Or, for others, it was the first time that you ever held your newborn child. People told you what it would be like and all that it would do for you and to you, but you had to see it and experience it for yourself to truly believe and understand. 


Webster defines faith as a strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without evidence or proof. At Platinum Resumes, we strongly believe in the power that our company has to advance your career and produce premier interviews and opportunities! However, we understand that you need evidence or proof of such a guarantee in order to believe in our product. That is why we are so thankful to have the testimonies of our satisfied clients who have tasted and seen how truly helpful and profitable our work has been in their career journey. 


Maybe you’ve been on the job hunt for months already and have realized that you, in fact, do need some help in order to land a job that is worthy of your aptitude and experience. You are not alone in this journey of frustration and disappointment. One of our previous clients wrote, “My resume quality wasn’t something I’ d thought much of, but after a few disappointing months in the job search a friend referenced Platinum Resumes for me. I gave it a shot, and it was an incredibly eye opening experience.”  


Until you have been on the other side, you do not fully comprehend just how helpful it can be to have a professional advocating for you and your job potential. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in determining just what hiring managers want to see in a resume and hear in an interview. We take our knowledge and pair it with your specific experience and skill set to create a resume and cover letter that speaks volumes.  


Our creative layout and methodology will push you past the other candidates and change your previous course of experience. Instead of receiving yet another phone call or email sharing disappointing news, we guarantee each of our clients that you will increase your odds of landing an interview by more than 40%! Who wouldn’t want that kind of professional assistance in their corner?! 


Another client writes, “They are AMAZING to work with speedy, professional, and very affordable. Thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail and high caliber of work.” Let the next response from one of our satisfied customers be from you! Call us today at 816.986.0909 to get started. 

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    Maintaining a Harmonious Atmosphere Despite Bickering Coworkers 

Maintaining a Harmonious Atmosphere Despite Bickering Coworkers 

Ever experienced that brutal commute to work? The one where you dread going into the office because you know what kind of drama awaits you upon arrival. The storm that has been brewing amongst your coworkers has become fierce, and there are tense moments and spiteful conversations around every corner. Not really the environment you long to return to again tomorrow, right? 


Bickering among coworkers can create a draining and miserable experience for the whole office. Productivity is forced to a halt when we spend half of our time at work settling disputes, choosing sides and beating down the door to HR with various accusations. For many, your workplace bears a striking resemblance to that of Dunder Mifflin. Those circumstances that we might laugh about on our favorite episodes of The Office are all too realistic. 


So, how can we maintain a harmonious atmosphere at work despite the constant drama and arguing? The first step is to take yourself out of the circle of influence. We’ve all heard the common definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result. Those who continue to take part in the same confrontation about the same subject matter every week need to step back and reassess the situation. Every individual has their own opinion, and those opinions are not likely to be easily swayed, at least not overnight. 


If positive and lasting change is going to creep back into your workplace, then action must be taken to stop the negative cycle of bitter interaction. If you wish to avoid that long drive into the office each morning and, instead, be filled with an eager expectation for a successful day ahead, then it is up to you to set the stage for harmony and focus. If you cling tightly to your desire to get your work done in an efficient manner and avoid any conversations that will lead to distraction, then you are leading by example and painting an accurate picture of what your company was meant to look like. 


No one sets off into a career with the desire to be miserable. No one starts a new job with the hope of having zero friends at work. Rather, we all wish to work in an environment that brings out the best in ourselves and the best in others. Choose, today, to be the one who is less interested in the daily drama and more interested in enjoying your job. 




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How to Remain Steady When Weathering Job Change

Is your career seeing a change in seasons? Have you grown tired of the same mundane job and decided to switch gears? As change draws near, we typically withdraw ourselves into a cocoon of fear and timidity, forgetting about the confidence that lies within us. We deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace a new season with excitement and drive because we begin to worry about the many details of it all.


When you feel as though you are grasping at straws and jobless for much longer than you’d intended, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and assume that you need to settle for less than you are capable of achieving. When facing a new opportunity, it’s important to stay focused and determined to succeed. You have to approach your job search journey one day at a time, keeping a keen eye on your gains just as much as your losses.


We have found that many of our clients are surprised at just how much they can get accomplished in one day’s time if they get organized in their approach. Having your ducks in a proper row is a great way to start the application process. You need to have ready a strong cover letter, a unique and flawless resume, and a solid references dossier. By ensuring that these documents are ready to send out at a moment’s notice, you can then open up the remainder of your free time for networking and troubleshooting purposes.


Being poised and ready is a crucial element to weathering the job change that is currently threatening to rock your world. Remain professional as you speak with recruiters and build relationships with potential hiring managers, and refrain from letting the “newness” of your new career path psych you out. And, as always, remember that Platinum Resumes and our team of job experts are only a phone call away!



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    Gain the Necessary Edge in Your Career by Hiring a Resume Writer

Gain the Necessary Edge in Your Career by Hiring a Resume Writer

In a society where individuals are becoming more and more self-sufficient, we find ourselves removing the middle man from many of our methods of doing business. No need to chit chat with the bank teller anymore, just deposit your check using your phone. No reason to speak to the gas station attendant when you can pay at the pump and jump back on the road. And why hassle with finding a company to assist with your current job search when you can google your way through the necessary steps.


Although it’s often convenient to do it all on your own, it is not always the best choice for your future. When you are in hot pursuit of your dream job, you need to advance yourself in every way possible so that you gain a competitive edge. If you are just muddling through the motions of applying for jobs without a deeper knowledge of the process, then you are cutting yourself short of your potential.


By hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer, you are propelling yourself ahead of the pack by placing your resume in the hands of experts. Our team of writers at Platinum Resumes knows what it takes to create a document that is powerful and unique. The right choice of words paired with a creative and concise format will quickly draw the attention of a hiring manager and greatly enhance your chance of being considered for an interview.


If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, then you need to look into what a professional resume service can do for you! We will join you in your job search journey by taking your current resume, digging deeper into your experience and skills, and developing a new and polished product. Our work is thorough, affordable, and fast. Call us today at 816.986.0909 and find out just how much we can do for you!

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    Switching Careers? Time to Utilize Your Contacts Within Your New Industry

Switching Careers? Time to Utilize Your Contacts Within Your New Industry

Do you remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? You may look back on the childhood party game with fondness or annoyance. To be blindfolded, spun around and confused, and then asked to propel yourself in a partially unknown direction can be an exhilarating experience. For some, however, it can invoke fear and doubt to be headed toward a goal without a clear sight of exactly where you’re going.


Exhilaration mixed with fear and doubt are also some of the same emotions that we encounter when we are in the middle of switching careers. How nice it is to think of a fresh start and a new look to your day! Letting go of the mundane tasks that have controlled your work week for way too long and opening up a new door to shed light on a whole new set of tasks and projects. Sounds like an exciting adventure, right?


If you’re a glass half-empy kinda guy, however, a switch up in your daily grind can be scary and uncertain. The old job was grating on your last nerve, but at least you knew what to expect, both from yourself and your team. What if you’re not cut out for this new line of work in the way that you’d hoped you were? What if you get a new job only to find yourself unhappy again?


When moving to a new job, there’s a healthy balance in there somewhere between eager excitement and legitimate caution. Just like the game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, going in blind is a factor to be considered. You know that the target is out there, but you kind of have to feel your way toward it at first. And it helps to have people in your corner that are there to guide you if you feel overwhelmed.


By utilizing your contacts within your new industry, you are gaining an inside scoop into the new world in which you are about to fully immerse yourself. You’ve already put in countless hours researching this new career field and preparing yourself accordingly, but there are still mysterious pieces of the industry that you don’t fully connect with. By calling upon someone who has worked in this job arena for years, you are making yourself more marketable by developing a deeper understanding of what is expected of you in an interview and as a new employee.


If you are switching from the world of business to the classroom, then it will greatly benefit you to talk to other teachers, young and old, who can help point you toward refining the skills that are the most necessary to be a solid educator. If your industry is changing from sales to the arts, then speaking to your friends and colleagues who are successful actors or artists can help pave the way for the many transitions that you can expect to encounter along the way. By reaching out to others, you are not showing weakness but wisdom, and wisdom will take you far!




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Bypass the Cookie Cutter Format and Secure a Custom Resume

Do you ever find yourself wanting something more? Wanting to step outside of the comfortable box where so many others reside? Desiring to stand out in a unique way?


If you find yourself flailing in your efforts to reach for more when it comes to your current job search, then perhaps you haven’t reached out toward the right resources. At Platinum Resumes, we know what it’s like to feel like you’re at a dead end. You feel tapped out because you’ve been pouring yourself into applying for job after job yet seeing no promise of an interview. You are throwing your best cards out there, but you are not gaining the attention that you hoped to get by now.


We are the solution that you have been missing all this time. The customized resumes that we create for our clients far outshine the standard cookie cutter formatting that so many job candidates use. They think that changing the words here and there make a big difference when under review, but they fail to remember that a hiring manager spends only about 7 seconds glancing at each resume on his or her desk. Those 7 seconds have to count, and you need to create a document that stands out among the others.


Our team of talented resume writers have great talent and a wealth of experience at making that magic happen. We put together custom and fresh formatting for our clients, a short yet thorough synopsis of how valuable of an employee you will be to the company at hand. We know what sparks the interest of a hiring manager versus that which provokes drowsiness and boredom, and we are proud to stay in touch with a long list of satisfied clients who have seen our custom resume work bring the interviews they lacked before working with us.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will get a custom resume ready for you in a flash!

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