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Preparing to Graduate? Let Us Help Kickstart Your Career

It’s that moment you have been anticipating for weeks, months, and maybe even decades! Earning your degree has been hard work, and you are ready to face what’s next, but are you properly equipped to take on an exciting and successful career?


Many graduate with the basic skills regarding a solid resume. You know that you need an informative and exhaustive job history, but where does begin exactly? Surely there’s no need to mention those lawns you mowed or the children you babysat back in eighth grade. But, how do you make yourself look good on paper if your career and job history is really just getting started? The key is to make your skill set and aptitude shine!


There are some that have the talent and know-how to represent themselves well in this regard, while others need to reach out for a little help. At Platinum Resumes, graduates are some of our favorite clients! Your slate is fairly clean, and, though it can a bit intimidating to be building your brand from ground zero, it is quite freeing, as well.


Using the right words and the right techniques to articulate all that you bring to the table, we can get you in the doors of those companies that you never dreamed possible. Our team of experts know what it takes to capture the eye and attention of picky hiring managers, and we guarantee that you will gain interviews at a noticeably faster rate than you would going it alone.


So… if you are about to graduate and take the plunge into the real world, call on us to help you take the proper first steps. You can reach us at 816.986.0909 to get started building your career!

April 28th, 2017|Blog|

Choose Accountability to Strengthen Your Job Search


Do you ever get trapped inside of your own head? You didn’t intend to get stuck in this place once again, yet here you are. You’re staring into the dark void which appears to be your future and spiraling out of control with all of the “what if’s” and the “how much longer’s”.


Your job search can oftentimes seem like it is taking far too long, and your efforts feel undervalued. Maybe the applications have been submitted, but it has been days or weeks since the interview has been addressed. By this point, you are tapped out on patience in the waiting game.


First off, don’t be so discouraged! You are one of countless people who are all experiencing the same frustrations right now. A successful job search is one that takes time. It is not something to be rushed. You want to avoid the fear of pouncing upon the wrong opportunity. The first step is to move forward carefully and strategically rather than quickly.


In addition, we feel that it benefits the job seeker to find accountability throughout this process. We are social creatures and are encouraged by the influence of others. When we face our struggles alone, we are tempted to get stuck in one pattern of thinking, and that pattern is often void of confidence. Staying trapped inside of your own pessimistic and worried self is no place for a bright and boundless job candidate to prosper.


Seeking accountability from friends and colleagues allows you to pursue your job search with a necessary support system. You can bounce ideas off of others when you need a second opinion, and you’re guaranteed a coffee date when you need to brainstorm and gain a fresh perspective. Someone who is walking closely with you through the job search journey will allow you to have a different angle to various situations that need to be well thought through, and it will help you to keep a level head about yourself when your emotions begin to squeeze the life out of you.


If you are going it alone today, then you need someone to provide insight along the way. Find a friend who has a strong sense of professionalism and can keep you grounded when your patience and hope are wearing thin, a friend who will drag you out for dinner and a movie when you need to clear your head. Get started today with a healthy sense of accountability, and your job search will be strengthened!





April 21st, 2017|Blog|

Developing a Successful Job Search Strategy

Whether your recent job search kick off was unexpected or seen coming a mile away, it is most likely leaving you somewhat frazzled. There are a lot of different pieces in play when conducting a professional job search effort, and it can be overwhelming to get keep everything together when your emotions are all over the place.


A successful job search is not necessarily one that produces top notch interviews after the first week, but one in which the job candidate is patient and wise. Many folks fall into their job search without a plan or knowledge of where to even begin. They know the basics of writing a cover letter and resume, but the networking and marketing angles of a job hunt might be foreign concepts.


At Platinum Resumes, we see clients on both ends of the spectrum. There are millennials who have the social media and LinkedIn pieces nailed down with complete confidence, yet they lack the experience of surviving and learning from a great deal of interviews throughout the years. The older generation of job seekers may have the long list of career accolades and age-old relationships with potential job references, yet they are lost when it comes to marketing their personal brand online.


It is exciting to come across so many different personalities and perspectives, and we have a superior level of knowledge in handling a little bit of everything. Our resume work has drawn the attention of countless professionals in the Kansas City area and beyond, and our incoming clients know that they are partnering with a quality team of legitimate experts. We have helpful advice when it comes to developing a job search strategy that will bring true results, and proper organization is a large part of that potential success.


Start by taking stock of all of the pieces of your representation that you have ready to go and that which still needs some work. Study up on the current trends in your particular career field, which elements employers are looking at and expecting from a flawless portfolio. Once you have yourself organized and can pinpoint your weakest areas, then you know where the most work needs to be done.


Once you’ve got a workable strategy together, then step back and assess whether or not this is something that you can tackle alone. If you need a professional touch, then consider giving us a call. We will do our best to quickly make your story a raving success!





April 14th, 2017|Blog|
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    Underqualified vs. Unqualified? When to Fight and When to Pass

Underqualified vs. Unqualified? When to Fight and When to Pass

Since childhood, we’ve all battled with learning to tell the truth. It always seems easy at first, but how far can we stretch a lie before we get found out? We are taught how to finesse the truth in certain situations, and we learn the consequences of our lies.


All of these life lessons come into play in adulthood, specifically when searching for a new job. We don’t want to overdo it in portraying ourselves, but we also don’t want to undercut our potential. We must give ourselves credit for all of the work that we’ve done but not blow our accomplishments out of proportion. We must appear very eager for this new job opportunity but not ridiculously over the top. How can we find the middle ground and fight for what we want?


The answer lies in the simplest of places: the truth. The best and most reliable angle is honesty. No back peddling is necessary. No stumbling over your words required. No heart pounding moments with bated breath while wondering if your lie will be unearthed.


When it comes to applying for jobs, you must move forward with purpose and integrity. This means that you have to learn to pick and choose which potential jobs are right for you. You may be underqualified for some and completely unqualified for others. There is a difference between the two, and it would behoove you to recognize that difference as you weed through prospective opportunities.


We all want to portray ourselves to be the best and most polished version possible. We want to word our accomplishments so that we will stand out among our peers. We want our projects, our sales, and our campaigns to be glorified, but we must keep a level head when the credits roll. Giving yourself props for work that is not rightly yours to claim pushes you onto dangerous territory. Not only would one inquisitive phone call or email rat you out, but you would also be in way over your head with a new job that is outside of your ability. Lying about your skill set and accolades sets you up to become someone that you are not, and we all know how miserable of a place that can be.


Being honest about your prior work and future potential is the most solid foundation to walk upon in your future endeavors. So, if you come across a job that looks incredible but which you are not qualified for, then take a step back and lay out all of the facts. Do you feel strongly that you can perform well in this new job despite your lack of qualifications? Or, would you have to really fudge on a lot of details to even get a shot at it?


You have to know when to buckle down and fight for a job opportunity that you know suits you well and when to pass. Being honest with yourself and with your potential new boss, about who you are and what you bring, will get you so much farther, with much more peace, than a string of lies.





April 7th, 2017|Blog|

Powering Your Potential Through LinkedIn

Now, more than ever, our online presence matters. Using technology to communicate with one another, both professionally and personally, has become the natural way in which we operate. Greeting cards and postage stamps are gathering dust on the retail shelves, and no one actually remembers a phone number anymore. Everything is programmed into our devices, and we use those devices to connect with one another at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds.


With this current atmosphere in mind, your job search should be changing accordingly. Gone are the days when attending job fairs and rubbing elbows with CEOs were the most influential forms of networking. Although such opportunities still exist, they are greatly overshadowed by the power and ease of online outreach strategies. You can now get your foot in the door of your companies of choice with just one email. Better still, LinkedIn provides you with the chance to connect with dozens of legitimate potential job opportunities in just a few clicks.


LinkedIn is stronger than it has ever been, and it has totally revolutionized the job market and the many processes involved. Instead of the job seeker bearing all of the responsibility of assembling their portfolio and sending it out to various parties, the hiring manager actually does some of the work, too. The job candidate might pour as much time into their LinkedIn profile as they previously would have into their resume and cover letter combined. Keeping a thorough and current record of your work potential and pertinent accolades can pique the interest of a curious recruiter and bring job potential that was virtually invisible before.


The power of your potential through LinkedIn, however, can only be as successful as you allow it to be. If you do not put the time and effort into developing yourself appropriately, then you will not reap the benefits of being noticed and pursued by the key hiring managers in your field. At Platinum Resumes, we work with many clients, such as yourself, who are ready to get serious about amping up their job game. In addition to writing resumes and conducting interview coaching, we enjoy working with clients to perfect their presence on LinkedIn.


We know that having a solid and refined profile will help attract more job potential, and we want to use our expertise to portray the best and most marketable version of yourself. Give us a call today!

March 31st, 2017|Blog|

Need a Flawless Resume in a Flash? Give Us a Call!

There are times in life when we have ample notice to prepare for upcoming situations, and there are other times when we are thrown into the mix without any chance to properly ready ourselves. For this reason, it is important for any professional to always have a current and quality resume on hand. It’s one thing to have a running list of recent accolades and outstanding skills in your mind or on your phone, but gathering all of those scattered ideas and formulating them into a solid resume takes more time than most realize.


If your job takes an unexpected turn for the worst or that dream job you’ve been eyeing for years suddenly becomes available, you have no time to hesitate. You need to be ready to pounce on an opportunity right away, and you need to have a flawless resume ready to send out to the appropriate persons of interest.


Platinum Resumes is the company to have on speed dial in such an event. Not only does our talented team of writers have reputable experience in producing quality work, but we do so in record time. Most companies will take a few weeks to look over your info and work up a rough draft for you to evaluate, or they will decline to give you a time frame altogether. We, however, will gather all necessary information from you and produce a stellar resume in just 7 days!


We have a long list of satisfied clients, and we take pride in our work and in our relationships. We want to see our clients succeed and draw much more attention from potential employers than they would have received on their own. Call us today at 816.986.0909 to find out how to get this process started!

March 24th, 2017|Blog|

Establishing Career Connections that Last

Do you have the right friends in the right places? Are you the person who always seems to have a former friend or colleague in your back pocket at a crucial time? Or, rather, are you the person who is always watching the “other guy” gain ground with the appropriate connections while you watch and wait?


Having the right connections within your career field is a huge player in determining which jobs are within your grasp. Having a knockout resume and a fiery passion for your work will get you far but sometimes not far enough. There are times when knowing the appropriate person who can open the right door will secure an opportunity that would have otherwise been beyond your means.


A recent article by The Muse states that the odds of being hired for a particular position are 15% higher if you were referred by someone, rather than coming in as a lone wolf. Having another professional vouch for your aptitude and skill set is a measure of security that will set you above the other candidates being considered.


So, rather than watching the “other guy” get his foot in the door of companies that should be looking at you instead, start making things happen! Get out your calendar and start filling in any 30-minute gaps with conversations over coffee. Comb through your contacts, going back 5 years further than you might think, and reach out to all of those lost and forgotten coworkers and employers. You never know what sort of gold mine you might be sitting on, and all it takes is reaching out and establishing or re-establishing professional connections.


For further reading on referrals… https://www.themuse.com/advice/3-times-being-super-passionate-isnt-enough-to-land-you-the-job




March 17th, 2017|Blog|

Interview Coaching That Will Elevate You to the Next Level

Is it time to amp up your job search game? Are you ready to see better results when it comes to interviews and call backs? Over the years, we have seen countless individuals walking in your same shoes, job seekers who have pushed themselves and made a lot of right decisions. Yet, despite those right decisions, doors still remain closed and opportunities seem beyond your reach.


It is at this point of your stressed-out, wiped-out job search that you need to seek help. You need a wing man who can hear you out and steer you in a more fruitful direction. If you were a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it would be the crucial moment in which you decide to “phone a friend.”


Platinum Resumes is that friend, and we provide a series of services that work together to assist our clients in reaching the next level of success in their respective job search. Once you have a flawless resume pieced together and a solid cover letter and presence on LinkedIn, then it’s time to proceed to the next step, the interview. Whether you are new to the world of interviewing or have conquered it long ago, we have tips and tactics that will help you assume a greater presence and confidence in your next interview.


We understand how important an interview is in helping you get your foot in the door of that dream company, and we can give you the appropriate tools to do so. Call us today at 816.986.0909, and we will coach you on how to answer the tough questions so that you can articulate your brand well and score the perfect job!

March 10th, 2017|Blog|

Your List of References… Do They Help or Hinder?

Most of us were schooled on job references long ago, and we know to pick those that will make the best professional impression on our behalf. Remember that first miserable job you had? The one where you realized you were obviously in the wrong line of work? That job probably didn’t bring about your best efforts or proudest moments. We choose former employers, coworkers and protégés that have, in contrast, witnessed our strongest work ethic and would do well to articulate our skill set.


What you may not have been told, however, is that choosing those references is only half the battle. Once the right individuals are in place, then you have to create a document that strongly links the two of you together. Most job applicants come to the table with the same, dry formatting for all of their representation, and it could be that their intentions regarding references are actually more of a hindrance to their cause than a help. Their resume, cover letter and references all run together because they look so similar.


At Platinum Resumes, we have been struck by this realization and urge our clients to take a different route. We believe that your list of references should stand apart from your resume, thus bringing forth a fresh and creative way to describe your professional connections. This tactic will capture the attention of a hiring manager. In order to do this, you’ll want to approach these connections with pertinent details, and some can speak to different seasons of your career better than others.


In order to make sure that your references are serving you well, make it a priority to creatively display the capacity in which they will vouch for you. By laying out these details in such a way, your references will amp up your game rather than merely keeping you aligned with everyone else. Our aim is to help you to rise above the competition and land the job of your dreams, so give us a call today and let’s discuss how your references dossier will make that happen!

March 3rd, 2017|Blog|

Building a Strong Resume Despite Unemployment Gaps

You may have been told that no job equals no chance, that having a time gap on your resume results in a hopeless future. While unemployment gaps can be tricky to work through, there is still huge potential for a strong resume to be born despite your circumstances.


Maybe your company downsized and rendered your job as nonessential to business. Perhaps you were let go for a careless mistake without room for explanation. Could it be that you found that your passion lies within an entirely different industry, and you quit your job to better equip yourself for the next steps?


Regardless of your reasoning, long periods of joblessness can be puzzling to hiring managers. You don’t want to over emphasize this time gap, yet you don’t want to lie about it. Honesty is always the best policy, and you want to step into your next job with integrity. So, what are you to do?


Remaining confident and hopeful in the face of this obstacle is of great importance. You don’t have to settle for less of a career because you’re fearful of judgment. Your resume can be crafted in such a way as to minimize your time off and maximize your potential and key accomplishments.


Platinum Resumes is the life raft you want to reach for in effort to sharpen your resume efforts. Our team of experts has years of experience when it comes to representing job candidates with resume gaps. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’ll get started in building your powerful resume!

February 24th, 2017|Blog|
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