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Eager for a Change in Seasons

Is it spring already?! When the winter seems to be dragging on and on, there is an insatiable thirst for a change in seasons. Something new to break the repetitive cycle that seems endless, with clouds hanging overhead and a gloominess that seems to invade not only our lives but the lives of those around us. Maybe you’ve noticed that your coworker is just not his or her cheery self. Maybe your loved ones are extra irritable and obviously weary of being cooped up for long hours with an itch to get out and resume activities that they so enjoy. The desire to see signs of spring and a reprieve from dreary weather is much like the ache that many of us feel in our professional realm. We long for something new, something different. In short, we need change! For some, that change might look like altering your work hours, switching to the day shift [...]

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Leave the Writing to the Professional

Despite the innate sense of failure that covers us when we can’t seem to do it all on our own, there is success to be found in leaving certain tasks to a qualified professional. When your toilet is misbehaving, you probably want to let a plumber handle that one. When your trampoline stunt didn’t go so well and your leg appears to be broken, then you probably want to let the doctor take over. And, when it comes to setting yourself up for career advancement and evolving opportunities within your field, you want to wisely keep that competitive edge, right? There are elements of your job search and application portfolio that you can afford to put together yourself and there are pieces that can maximized by bringing a career expert on board. At Platinum Resumes, we serve our clients by drawing from the basic skeleton of prior work experience and educational development and build it [...]

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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Are those song lyrics true of your life? Is the only thing that gets you through Monday morning at 8:30am the fact that Friday afternoon at 5pm is just a few calendar marks away? How miserable it must be to spend your work week daydreaming of the moment when you clock out! When is the last time that you considered a job change? When did you last think it was possible to take on something new? Something challenging? There is, within each one of us, an innate desire for excitement. How fulfilling would it be to commute to a job each day that stirred anticipation and zeal? How nice it would be to spend a few days off of work relaxing after you’ve spent a long week doing what you love to do. We are not all going to find jobs and long-lasting careers that bring nothing but cheerful days and fun projects, but we [...]

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Navigating the Gray Area of Every Interview

Understanding what is expected of you in a professional interview leaves a lot of gray area to be explored. Many job candidates want to know the black and white of what to expect when they enter into a new company or sit before a group of hiring managers for the first time. However, there are not always absolutes when anticipating an upcoming interview. There are common questions that you can think through, and there is definitely a professional air about yourself that you must exhibit. However, there are many ways in which you must read the situation in order to know how to best carry yourself. And that can only be done by practice and more practice. Reading body language and determining social cues are critical components of a successful interview. Not every office environment is the same, and each interview setup will look a little, or a lot, different. For example, you might ask [...]

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Your Cubicle Neighbor Could Be Your Key to Success

Have you taken the time to get to know your neighbor at the cubicle next-door? Perhaps you are just settling in to a new company and still haven’t gotten to know any of your coworkers. Or, on the other hand, maybe you are years into your current job but have not yet connected with anyone on your team. However, knowing who you are working with can very much play to your advantage. If there comes an opportunity for advancement within the company or a promotion elsewhere, it helps to know what sort of connections are available at your very fingertips. Fellow employees might be able to steer you in a helpful direction and speak on your behalf when the time is right. Also, when focusing on your current work environment, it helps to know what assets are sitting right there beside you day in and day out. Maybe those projects that have been depleting you [...]

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Reach Your Full Recruiting Potential on LinkedIn

Have you been using LinkedIn to its full advantage when it comes to your current job search? Many job seekers fear that all of their hard work in building the right brand will go to waste if the right recruiter doesn't come along at the right time to recognize and appreciate their career footprint. However, before your profile is ready for recruiters, there are probably several updates and tweaks that need to be made if you are going to stand out among other competitors. The team at CV Nation has put together a helpful tool for determining just what considerations must be put into play in order to attract recruiters and gain leverage toward the job of your dreams.   More info can be found at https://cv-nation.com/.

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Achieving Strength by Revealing Weakness

Admitting that you are weak in some areas means that you must depend on someone else. Such a hard lesson to learn, isn’t it? There comes a point where you must rely on the strength of others to pull you through, to aid you in getting to where you need to go. This is a step which requires strength in and of itself, a humility that creates vulnerability yet propels us forward. And, if you are committed to moving forward and not backsliding, yet again, then you must press through the discomfort and pain of asking for help and revealing the areas in which you are lacking the tools that you need to succeed. For many of you out there who are processing through an impending job loss or a huge career transition, there is an ever-present pressure on you to just “get a grip” and show up in big ways. You need to prove [...]

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How a Simple Cup of Coffee Could Lead to a Job

Have you ever stopped to really process the various stages of networking? We all go around just assuming that most top-tier jobs are claimed by those with advanced education and experiences or those with the right guy in their list of contacts. If you didn’t go to the right school or grow up in certain circles of influence, then you are just out of luck, right? Well, wrong. The current job search culture finds us far beyond the previous networking entrapments that were seemingly impossible to breach in the past. At one time, if your family wasn’t a part of the founding board of directors, then you had no chance as a prominent job candidate. Today, however, there are almost limitless ways in which you can strengthen your brand and market yourself. With the internet at your fingertips, you can access the many different angles of your company of choice and try and find common [...]

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A Resume Package that Will Gain Leverage

Have you been looking for the best way in which to get your foot in the door of your company of choice? Maybe your goals seem lofty, but you have your eyes set on advancing in your career and wish to settle on nothing but the best when it comes to your preferred job change. Many hardworking individuals have written their best resumes and maintained their professional social media accounts and scheduled meeting after meeting to improve their networking, yet the jobs of choice still seem to slip through the cracks. At Platinum Resumes, we can understand the depth of frustration that comes from effort without reward. We have seen many clients come to us who have been spinning their wheels and dishing out their best efforts for weeks and months at a time in pursuit of a new and better job, yet they have seen zero results. We empathize with such seemingly hopeless struggles [...]

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Facing the Road Ahead with a Plan for Success

For many, the brink of a new year is an exciting opportunity to push and reach toward greater accomplishments and loftier goals. You have an open road that will hopefully lead to new opportunities that you have been patiently waiting to see pieced together. Whether you strive to land a promotion within your same department, transition to a different role, or jump to a new profession altogether, the first of the year is a great time to reassess your plan and organize a job development strategy that is sure to deliver success. At Platinum Resumes, we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients to determine how to best direct their professional steps forward. From gaining networking exposure through coffeeshop conversations to updating your dusty LinkedIn profile, there are many ways in which you can position yourself to excel in your job search efforts in 2019. Our career services have guided top-achieving individuals across [...]

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