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    Will a Professional Resume Company Really Make a Difference in My Job Search? 

Will a Professional Resume Company Really Make a Difference in My Job Search? 

We all have those things in life that we have trouble believing until we can see it with our own eyes. Maybe it was your first visit to the Grand Canyon, where you couldn’t really understand the magnitude of it until you were standing at its edge. Or, for others, it was the first time that you ever held your newborn child. People told you what it would be like and all that it would do for you and to you, but you had to see it and experience it for yourself to truly believe and understand. 


Webster defines faith as a strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without evidence or proof. At Platinum Resumes, we strongly believe in the power that our company has to advance your career and produce premier interviews and opportunities! However, we understand that you need evidence or proof of such a guarantee in order to believe in our product. That is why we are so thankful to have the testimonies of our satisfied clients who have tasted and seen how truly helpful and profitable our work has been in their career journey. 


Maybe you’ve been on the job hunt for months already and have realized that you, in fact, do need some help in order to land a job that is worthy of your aptitude and experience. You are not alone in this journey of frustration and disappointment. One of our previous clients wrote, “My resume quality wasn’t something I’ d thought much of, but after a few disappointing months in the job search a friend referenced Platinum Resumes for me. I gave it a shot, and it was an incredibly eye opening experience.”  


Until you have been on the other side, you do not fully comprehend just how helpful it can be to have a professional advocating for you and your job potential. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in determining just what hiring managers want to see in a resume and hear in an interview. We take our knowledge and pair it with your specific experience and skill set to create a resume and cover letter that speaks volumes.  


Our creative layout and methodology will push you past the other candidates and change your previous course of experience. Instead of receiving yet another phone call or email sharing disappointing news, we guarantee each of our clients that you will increase your odds of landing an interview by more than 40%! Who wouldn’t want that kind of professional assistance in their corner?! 


Another client writes, “They are AMAZING to work with speedy, professional, and very affordable. Thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail and high caliber of work.” Let the next response from one of our satisfied customers be from you! Call us today at 816.986.0909 to get started. 

October 20th, 2017|Blog|
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    Maintaining a Harmonious Atmosphere Despite Bickering Coworkers 

Maintaining a Harmonious Atmosphere Despite Bickering Coworkers 

Ever experienced that brutal commute to work? The one where you dread going into the office because you know what kind of drama awaits you upon arrival. The storm that has been brewing amongst your coworkers has become fierce, and there are tense moments and spiteful conversations around every corner. Not really the environment you long to return to again tomorrow, right? 


Bickering among coworkers can create a draining and miserable experience for the whole office. Productivity is forced to a halt when we spend half of our time at work settling disputes, choosing sides and beating down the door to HR with various accusations. For many, your workplace bears a striking resemblance to that of Dunder Mifflin. Those circumstances that we might laugh about on our favorite episodes of The Office are all too realistic. 


So, how can we maintain a harmonious atmosphere at work despite the constant drama and arguing? The first step is to take yourself out of the circle of influence. We’ve all heard the common definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result. Those who continue to take part in the same confrontation about the same subject matter every week need to step back and reassess the situation. Every individual has their own opinion, and those opinions are not likely to be easily swayed, at least not overnight. 


If positive and lasting change is going to creep back into your workplace, then action must be taken to stop the negative cycle of bitter interaction. If you wish to avoid that long drive into the office each morning and, instead, be filled with an eager expectation for a successful day ahead, then it is up to you to set the stage for harmony and focus. If you cling tightly to your desire to get your work done in an efficient manner and avoid any conversations that will lead to distraction, then you are leading by example and painting an accurate picture of what your company was meant to look like. 


No one sets off into a career with the desire to be miserable. No one starts a new job with the hope of having zero friends at work. Rather, we all wish to work in an environment that brings out the best in ourselves and the best in others. Choose, today, to be the one who is less interested in the daily drama and more interested in enjoying your job. 





October 13th, 2017|Blog|

How to Remain Steady When Weathering Job Change

Is your career seeing a change in seasons? Have you grown tired of the same mundane job and decided to switch gears? As change draws near, we typically withdraw ourselves into a cocoon of fear and timidity, forgetting about the confidence that lies within us. We deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace a new season with excitement and drive because we begin to worry about the many details of it all.


When you feel as though you are grasping at straws and jobless for much longer than you’d intended, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and assume that you need to settle for less than you are capable of achieving. When facing a new opportunity, it’s important to stay focused and determined to succeed. You have to approach your job search journey one day at a time, keeping a keen eye on your gains just as much as your losses.


We have found that many of our clients are surprised at just how much they can get accomplished in one day’s time if they get organized in their approach. Having your ducks in a proper row is a great way to start the application process. You need to have ready a strong cover letter, a unique and flawless resume, and a solid references dossier. By ensuring that these documents are ready to send out at a moment’s notice, you can then open up the remainder of your free time for networking and troubleshooting purposes.


Being poised and ready is a crucial element to weathering the job change that is currently threatening to rock your world. Remain professional as you speak with recruiters and build relationships with potential hiring managers, and refrain from letting the “newness” of your new career path psych you out. And, as always, remember that Platinum Resumes and our team of job experts are only a phone call away!




October 6th, 2017|Blog|
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    Gain the Necessary Edge in Your Career by Hiring a Resume Writer

Gain the Necessary Edge in Your Career by Hiring a Resume Writer

In a society where individuals are becoming more and more self-sufficient, we find ourselves removing the middle man from many of our methods of doing business. No need to chit chat with the bank teller anymore, just deposit your check using your phone. No reason to speak to the gas station attendant when you can pay at the pump and jump back on the road. And why hassle with finding a company to assist with your current job search when you can google your way through the necessary steps.


Although it’s often convenient to do it all on your own, it is not always the best choice for your future. When you are in hot pursuit of your dream job, you need to advance yourself in every way possible so that you gain a competitive edge. If you are just muddling through the motions of applying for jobs without a deeper knowledge of the process, then you are cutting yourself short of your potential.


By hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer, you are propelling yourself ahead of the pack by placing your resume in the hands of experts. Our team of writers at Platinum Resumes knows what it takes to create a document that is powerful and unique. The right choice of words paired with a creative and concise format will quickly draw the attention of a hiring manager and greatly enhance your chance of being considered for an interview.


If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, then you need to look into what a professional resume service can do for you! We will join you in your job search journey by taking your current resume, digging deeper into your experience and skills, and developing a new and polished product. Our work is thorough, affordable, and fast. Call us today at 816.986.0909 and find out just how much we can do for you!

September 29th, 2017|Blog|
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    Switching Careers? Time to Utilize Your Contacts Within Your New Industry

Switching Careers? Time to Utilize Your Contacts Within Your New Industry

Do you remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? You may look back on the childhood party game with fondness or annoyance. To be blindfolded, spun around and confused, and then asked to propel yourself in a partially unknown direction can be an exhilarating experience. For some, however, it can invoke fear and doubt to be headed toward a goal without a clear sight of exactly where you’re going.


Exhilaration mixed with fear and doubt are also some of the same emotions that we encounter when we are in the middle of switching careers. How nice it is to think of a fresh start and a new look to your day! Letting go of the mundane tasks that have controlled your work week for way too long and opening up a new door to shed light on a whole new set of tasks and projects. Sounds like an exciting adventure, right?


If you’re a glass half-empy kinda guy, however, a switch up in your daily grind can be scary and uncertain. The old job was grating on your last nerve, but at least you knew what to expect, both from yourself and your team. What if you’re not cut out for this new line of work in the way that you’d hoped you were? What if you get a new job only to find yourself unhappy again?


When moving to a new job, there’s a healthy balance in there somewhere between eager excitement and legitimate caution. Just like the game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, going in blind is a factor to be considered. You know that the target is out there, but you kind of have to feel your way toward it at first. And it helps to have people in your corner that are there to guide you if you feel overwhelmed.


By utilizing your contacts within your new industry, you are gaining an inside scoop into the new world in which you are about to fully immerse yourself. You’ve already put in countless hours researching this new career field and preparing yourself accordingly, but there are still mysterious pieces of the industry that you don’t fully connect with. By calling upon someone who has worked in this job arena for years, you are making yourself more marketable by developing a deeper understanding of what is expected of you in an interview and as a new employee.


If you are switching from the world of business to the classroom, then it will greatly benefit you to talk to other teachers, young and old, who can help point you toward refining the skills that are the most necessary to be a solid educator. If your industry is changing from sales to the arts, then speaking to your friends and colleagues who are successful actors or artists can help pave the way for the many transitions that you can expect to encounter along the way. By reaching out to others, you are not showing weakness but wisdom, and wisdom will take you far!





September 22nd, 2017|Blog|

Bypass the Cookie Cutter Format and Secure a Custom Resume

Do you ever find yourself wanting something more? Wanting to step outside of the comfortable box where so many others reside? Desiring to stand out in a unique way?


If you find yourself flailing in your efforts to reach for more when it comes to your current job search, then perhaps you haven’t reached out toward the right resources. At Platinum Resumes, we know what it’s like to feel like you’re at a dead end. You feel tapped out because you’ve been pouring yourself into applying for job after job yet seeing no promise of an interview. You are throwing your best cards out there, but you are not gaining the attention that you hoped to get by now.


We are the solution that you have been missing all this time. The customized resumes that we create for our clients far outshine the standard cookie cutter formatting that so many job candidates use. They think that changing the words here and there make a big difference when under review, but they fail to remember that a hiring manager spends only about 7 seconds glancing at each resume on his or her desk. Those 7 seconds have to count, and you need to create a document that stands out among the others.


Our team of talented resume writers have great talent and a wealth of experience at making that magic happen. We put together custom and fresh formatting for our clients, a short yet thorough synopsis of how valuable of an employee you will be to the company at hand. We know what sparks the interest of a hiring manager versus that which provokes drowsiness and boredom, and we are proud to stay in touch with a long list of satisfied clients who have seen our custom resume work bring the interviews they lacked before working with us.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will get a custom resume ready for you in a flash!

September 15th, 2017|Blog|

Our Resume Skills Paired with Your Ingenuity Equals Magic!

You know those two things that just go together? One just wouldn’t be as amazing without the other accompanying it…. Batman and Robin. Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Coffee and a 5am alarm clock. There is one more perfect combination that you can add to that list: Platinum Resumes and YOU!


If you feel like your resume is holding you back when it comes to your struggling job search efforts, then we need to get that piece taken care of for you. However, your resume can’t carry you every step of the way. If you want to land the job of your dreams and rise above the serious competition that stands between you and that dream, then you have to bring your drive and ingenuity to the table, as well.


At Platinum Resumes, we are here to service the career needs of our client. We will take your existing resume and reinvent it by adding our custom design and expert eye for detail. We will help with drafting an original and powerful cover letter, as well as assist with compiling your references in a unique way. But, beyond our typical services, we also work with each client by coaching them in their preparation efforts for interviews.


Whether you are seeking an entry-level position or vying for the title of the next CEO of a major company, our experience mixed with your ingenuity will create a force to be reckoned with! We will do our part to get you in the door and pique the interest of the hiring manager. Then, it will be up to you to prove yourself to be the driven and innovative employee that will be the perfect addition to the team at hand.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we would love the opportunity to get to know you and hear about your job search needs. We can guarantee that working with our company will have a lasting impact on your career!

September 8th, 2017|Blog|

Give Your Outdated Resume a Fresh Start

Has it been eons since you last opened up your resume to take a peek at it? Some of us have forgotten about our resumes because we have been satisfied in the same job for years now. Others have chosen to forget about it because it is so outdated and too painful to even look at.


In our ever changing job market, it is important to have your resume ready to go at all times. Your company might experience some unexpected downsizing, or there may be a potential job opportunity that falls into your lap. Whenever that time arrives, you need to be caught prepared rather than scrambling to throw something together for a quick application.


By putting your old resume to rest and starting fresh, you are taking the bare bones that helped to jumpstart your career and adding in the most recent accomplishments that have sharpened your skill set. Platinum Resumes specializes in working with job seekers who have little to show for an existing resume and need a fresh start with their career direction and potential. A powerful and polished resume adds a lot to your personal brand and greatly enhances the possibility of call backs and interviews.


We work with our clients by taking their existing resume and using it to learn more about where you have been, as a student, an executive, and so forth. Then, by asking our clients a long list of pertinent questions, we are able to build a brand new resume based on the old information while incorporating the new. Our talented team of writers has developed quite the knack of using key words to define job skills and convey just how valuable of an employee you would be to the company at hand.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 to find out more about what our speedy resume writing process can do for you!

September 1st, 2017|Blog|
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    A Guide to Better Interviews: Provide Specifics to Prove How Indispensable You Are

A Guide to Better Interviews: Provide Specifics to Prove How Indispensable You Are

So, you’re counting down the days until your big interview! You look the part for the job and have pieced together the most professional choice of attire. You have practiced and reviewed the most frequently asked interview questions and have rehearsed them while maintaining eye contact. By the standards of many, you are perfectly ready to go. However, if you desire to stand out in a big way and become the hiring manager’s top choice, you have to push yourself to the next level. 


As we have discussed previously in this series, you have to maintain a solid confidence and keep your edge when it comes to steering your interview in the right direction. Your answers to questions asked of you must not be rushed but, alternatively, must not be drug out for too long. You need to speak concisely, however, you don’t need to cut any corners in the process. 


By providing specific examples of your prior work as an indispensable employee, you are showing your potential employer the loyalty that you bring to your job as well as the results yielded by your actions. The hiring manager needs to clearly see what a valuable asset you were to your previous company, and this can’t be achieved without specific details surrounding your actions. True, some such statistics will find their way onto your cover letter and resume, but you need to expound on those examples and provide other ones, too. 


Maybe it was that work that you did on the big marketing project last fall that yielded a record profit while cutting back on the necessary hours of overtime. Or, maybe it was your idea to partner with that global powerhouse two years ago that caused your previous company to triple their clientele and become a leader in its field. By spelling out the specific actions that you took on behalf of your team and your company, you can help the hiring manager see how driven you are toward effective results. 


A company who is looking to fill a new position wants to hire someone who they can’t live without. They want someone who is wise and dependable, but, beyond that, they want someone who is simply indispensable. Going into your interview, you know that you are that person, but you’ve got to find the words and confidence to prove that truth to the hiring team. By abiding by this plan, your next interview will yield greater results than you thought possible!

August 25th, 2017|Blog|

A Guide to Better Interviews: Rediscovering Your Confidence

So, hindsight is 20/20, right? We rarely have the perfect words at the opportune time, and we freeze in the middle of tough conversations and feel a total loss for words. Yet, later that day as we’re replaying the scenario a hundred times over in our mind, we can think of a dozen different comebacks that would have been ideal. Losing confidence and courage in an important moment is very frustrating.

What happens when one of those frustrating moments occurs right in the middle of an important job interview? You’re already sweating bullets and second guessing your outfit. The commute took longer than you anticipated, and you’ve got less time to collect yourself than you thought you would have before they call your name to go back into “the room”. With so much left to chance when it comes to your interview day, you need to step out and take full control of that which is within your grasp. Rediscovering your confidence will make a world of difference when it comes to preparing for your interview and having the right words at the right time.

As we discussed last week, there are so many pieces to a job interview that are believed to be off limits to the candidate. Many people mistakenly believe that, since they’re not calling the shots, they have little power in the interview. However, truth be told, the job candidate being interviewed has the opportunity to either sink or sail the ship. There is no way to know exactly which questions are going to be asked, but statistics show which questions are most popular and allow the interviewee to anticipate a great deal of what is going to be discussed so that they can practice at home for weeks prior.

Preparing ahead of time is a great way to set yourself above the bar when it comes to other candidates being considered. Instead of winging it, you can find a friend or colleague and practice responding well to each potential question. We all know that some questions are easy to answer and some are tricky. However, when your nerves are on edge and anxiety is in the mix, you can sometimes get tripped up on the most simplistic of questions. This is where your confidence level really comes into play.

In order to stay focused when you are in the hot seat, you need to be assured of the high caliber of talent and experience that you bring to the table. If you have the right words but lack the courage and character to stand behind those words, then you will most likely fall short of conquering the interview. A hiring manager is not looking for a timid and half-hearted person to do the job.


Sure, they want someone smart who will perform well and be profitable for the company. But, more than that, an employer wants to find a job candidate who does not buckle under pressure and who believes in themselves even when few others do. That kind of confidence is what will set you apart from your peers. Confidence equals underlying courage, and it separates the men from the boys when it comes to nailing the crucial parts of the interview.




August 18th, 2017|Blog|
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