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Who is Fighting in Your Corner? Developing a Solid References Dossier

Do you ever wonder who really has your back? Which individuals would really stand up to fight for you if the situation presented itself? Many professionals have plenty of friends and colleagues who claim to support them and venture to offer encouragement in life’s many adventures, but there are typically only a few of those with wholehearted intent. We build many different types of relationships with many different types of people throughout the years, but there are usually only a handful that stand out when thinking of someone who has genuinely invested in our career development. When it comes to preparing for a successful job search and developing a solid list of references, you want to go with the cream of the crop. A sharp and polished references dossier is made complete when comprised of the key individuals who can speak to work ethic and specific accomplishments throughout your tenure, those who have witnessed remarkable [...]

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Creating a Home Away from Home at Work

When you wake up and ready yourself for the day ahead, are you anxious to get started or full of dread? Do you enjoy the company that you keep when at the office or do you join your coworkers in shooting daggers at one another with icy gazes? The workplace in which we inhabit for the greater part of the week can become a warm and inviting space to invoke creativity and growth, or it can become a pit of frustration. If you choose to take action and pursue a working environment that is like a home away from home for you, then there are a few key factors that must be considered. We oftentimes have to take the initial steps toward progress and change if we want to see that same growth in others. Therefore, if you desire a team that respects one another and seeks to get to know each other outside of [...]

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Making the Most of Your Impending Layoffs

Being forced to lay off hardworking employees isn’t something that anyone enjoys having to do. When circumstances arise and choices are limited, there are sometimes very few options left to explore. And, whether you see it coming a mile away or are completely blindsided, the idea of losing your job without a plan B can be very detrimental to your confidence and motivation in moving forward. It is for this reason that many employers have begun to reach out to secure career services for the employees that are being laid off, allowing these individuals the opportunity to advance their careers without the major backsliding and series of emotional stumbling blocks that often accompany the loss of a job. With companies such as Platinum Resumes, you, as an employer, are able to make the most of the upcoming series of layoffs by utilizing a tool that will strengthen the future of these outbound professionals that are [...]

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Embracing the Change in the Seasons of Your Career

Sometimes a change in seasons is just what you need to remain interested and invested in your career of choice. Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit or step away for a long overdue vacation to refresh and renew your perspective and stay focused on your craft. Just as in the world around us, seasons come and go within our professional realm, and we are left with the decision of embracing the change well or allowing it to get us rattled and bent out of shape. Accepting change is not the ‘easy button’ option for most people. Even for those few that claim to welcome change and thrive in the midst of it, there are still a few moments of shock and adjustment. We get comfortable with routine and grow to anticipate what is next so that we can prepare accordingly. Therefore, when change comes, we are thrown off of our game, left [...]

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Our Career Services Will Target Your Aimless Job Pursuit

Do you ever feel like you’re just treading water? Despite your best efforts, you aren’t gaining any ground or propelling yourself forward into the direction of your choice. When you are seeking a different job or perhaps just getting started in the career world, there are certain moves that need to made with precise caution. If you remain aimless in your pursuit without any clear target, then you are likely to remain in limbo far longer than you anticipate. At Platinum Resumes, we understand all of the effort and thought that must be poured into chasing hard after the job that you most desire. You have to become the foremost candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager and find the niche that places you ahead of the pack. Our team of résumé writers and career specialists have the knack for sensing that niche and steering you toward the top tier of contenders. Our services [...]

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Keeping You in Your Resume

Are you struggling to write the perfect resume and represent yourself professionally in your pursuit of a new job? Sometimes we struggle to describe our strengths and our achievements without sounding overconfident. So, instead, we shirk back a bit and try and write profound statements using deep and intellectual wording to make ourselves look wise and ready for big challenges ahead. However, those fancy words don’t always fit either, do they? How, then, do you write a resume that makes you out to be the qualified professional that you are without taking the very core of who you are out of the picture? How do you be “you” and say what you need to say in a package that piques the curiosity of a potential hiring manager? The answer is complex but easy. You must be genuinely who you are, yes, but there are ways of exemplifying the overall package that you bring to the [...]

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Waiting Well in Your Current Career Transition

Do you sometimes struggle to find the patience needed to muddle through certain circumstances in life? Maybe you are so excited that you just can’t wait to see what is about to happen. Maybe you are sick to your stomach in anticipation because you just can’t wait any longer to know how upcoming results are going to turn out. Maybe you aren’t able to advance to the next step of your current project until certain details fall into place, and the in-between is sticking around much longer than you had planned. All day long, in and out of the office, we are faced with the task of having to wait. From the incessant red lights that keep plaguing us on the morning commute to the upcoming promotion that has been promised yet not fulfilled, we are forced to be patient. If you are currently between jobs or considering switching gears from part-time to full-time employment, [...]

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Why Doing Your Homework Always Pays Off

Were you the kid that always had to be reminded and forced to do your homework? Putting it off as long as possible or trying to get out of it altogether? Or, perhaps you were the type that actually enjoyed the work you brought home? Maybe you looked forward to learning more about the subject matter at hand and expanding your knowledge in new territory. That same behavior that once defined you as a child is likely to follow you into adulthood. If you were the type that always dreaded doing your homework, then you are probably still prone to procrastinate. If you welcomed extra work in your teens, then you are likely to have a keener attitude toward research as an adult. When changes occur within your career and you are suddenly thrown into the crux of looking for a new job, the time has arrived for homework to become serious business. Will you [...]

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The Perfect Length of a Standout Resume

How long should a resume technically be? Is one page enough? Are two pages overkill? These are questions that we hear on a consistent basis, and the answers are not as cut and dry as you might think. Regardless of what is said in the many articles that you might read in your sporadic Google searches, the art of writing a strong professional resume is a unique process rather than a rigid template. It takes knowing the job candidate and the potential job description in order to produce the perfect document. The key word is customization. The resume that you had two years ago, or even two months ago, is not the same piece that you might write up today. Your career experiences and relevant trainings and certifications have led you to your current position and have set the stage for what potential opportunities stand before you. There is a certain finesse to using structured [...]

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When It’s Okay to Let Others Speak Your Words

Do you often feel as though asking for help is a sign of weakness? That admitting you are in over your head is admitting that you are not good enough or are lacking on some level? Many of us fail to recognize that asking for help is actually a direct outpouring of a commitment to improvement. If we don’t care to do better, then there’s no need to seek advancement. If we have no intention of developing into a stronger version of ourselves, then why bother? When you reach the point where you admit that you need help in securing a better job, then you have already taken a bold first step. When it comes to resume writing, trusting someone else with your years of hard work is not an easy concept to consider. However, if you shift your thinking again - just as you did with overcoming your fear of weakness, then you will [...]

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