Finding a Great Job When You’re in a Different City

For those who are planning a big move, securing a job on the other end is often at the top of your list of concerns. Obviously you need to find employment, but, when you’re stuck out of town, there are certain limitations that you will face. Does that mean you give up even trying? Of course not. You just have to be diligent and have a solid plan of action.


You need to start by getting organized and making a list of the jobs and/or companies that are available to you in your new city. Once you have explored those possibilities within your industry, then narrow it down to the jobs that look the most exciting and align with your talents. You don’t need to go into a ton of depth, but you’ll want to research the bare bones of each company so that you have a better knowledge of the bar that is being set before you.


After you have created your list and done your preliminary research, then much of the rest of your work revolves around the power of LinkedIn. If you have never made use of it or never thought it be important, then you need to switch gears and get on the same train as everyone else! The contacts that you have within a company are a huge part of what gets you recognized and provides interview potential.


By reaching out to fellow alumni alone, there is a great chance that you are going to find a connection at multiple companies in this new city that you’ll be calling home. Rekindling former relationships will allow you to have eyes and ears in a career community that is currently foreign to you. Plus, pleading the case of being the new guy in town will help you bypass the issue of feeling like a nuisance. It’s a lot easier to reach out and ask about job leads and opportunities when your circumstances keep you from being there in person to look around.


So, the moral of the story is that research and networking are vital tools to finding a job from a remote location. Spend time on LinkedIn developing a network of colleagues, both old and new, and remain diligent in efforts!




July 28th, 2017|Blog|

How to Condense an Overstuffed Resume

For those of you who are seasoned veterans when it comes to the work force, it can be hard to determine just how to keep from submitting a 12-page resume. With so much experience under your belt, it is hard to reduce ten or twenty years of accomplishments and learned job skills down to just one page of career highlights. However, if you fail to put in the time and effort to condense your resume, then you are limiting yourself when it comes to the opportunities before you.


When your resume is overstuffed and too wordy, then the personal brand you are building for yourself loses its focus. Even though you may be a very well-qualified, well-rounded candidate, you have to hone in and concentrate on a streamlined approach. At this stage in the game, it helps to have someone in your corner who can offer assistance with crafting a resume that captures your strengths in an acceptable amount of space.


At Platinum Resumes, we have ample experience in helping our clients find their center. Writing a resume or online profile and preparing for an interview can be a very difficult task if you don’t know exactly where you are going with it all. That position you held twelve years ago in a powerful company taught you a great deal about the leadership skills you possess today. However, the job you have had for the past five years, which was in a completely different career field, is also worth mentioning because you sharpened your skill set from a completely different angle. So, obviously some confusion lies in determining which experiences to list and in what order.


The most important part of producing a solid resume and striking personal brand is not to allow that same confusion to reach the hiring manager. That said, you need to lay out all of your job experiences and key skills and accomplishments out for review. When you sit down with one of our career experts, then we walk you through this exact process. We ask you to share with us what your career has looked like for the last 10+ years, and then we take it from there. We know what potential employers are looking for, which red flags to avoid. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’d love to start such a partnership with you!

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Sharpening Your Skill Set to Fight for Your Dreams

Your career game is only as strong as its weakest link. If you polish up a few pieces to perfection yet leave holes in your overall presentation, you are lessening your chances of being noticed. If you feel solid in your ability to interview well yet put a half-hearted effort into creating your resume, then you are selling yourself short of your dreams.


In order to be a worthy opponent in today’s competitive job market, you have to work hard to remain well-rounded. To recognize your weaknesses is one thing. Anyone can do that when faced with the right question. To conquer your weaknesses, however, is a feat that few choose to pursue. It is among those few that you need to find yourself.


Visualizing your weaker attributes and taking action to strengthen them will take you far in your current job search journey. Many people do well to highlight their skill set and to build off of those attributes when creating their resume. They can back up their claims with a solid list of key career accomplishments and ways in which their work has brought success to their respective companies. But, when you are fighting for the job of your dreams and surrounded by other talented candidates, every little bit helps when it comes to keeping an upper hand.


You need to sharpen your skill set and take the time to sit back and consider which areas could use some dusting off. Maybe you need more professional training in one area or more practice in another. Maybe you can reword your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect truth but yield a more powerful punch than what you’ve had before.


Words mean a lot when it comes to representing yourself well as a potential job candidate, so strengthen your skill set accordingly and empower yourself to become the best you can be!




July 14th, 2017|Blog|

Dominate the Job Market with a Strong Personal Brand

How are you representing yourself when it comes to your job search? Does your resume paint an accurate picture of the same person that will arrive for an interview? Is your LinkedIn profile current enough to professionally portray the real you? Bumps and bruises included?


Who you are isn’t always who you appear to be. We’re all guilty of hiding behind the safety mask from time to time, squeezing ourselves into the stereotype of someone that we’re not. After all, that’s the only way to successfully go after the job of your dreams, right?


At Platinum Resumes, we believe there’s another way. We believe in intentional authenticity and in digging deeper to find this alternate route. A way in which to remain true to yourself while also dominating your application and interview processes.


There is an art, which we have mastered, where the right pieces are drawn together to best represent the unique version of yourself. As a job candidate, you bring a package to the table that is unlike any other. Your blend of skills and experience has the power to capture the attention of your potential employer and set you up as a strong candidate for the job at hand. But, how do you develop such a powerhouse effect?


The key to a strong personal brand is honesty with professional refinement. You need to be real but not go overboard with tales from a jaded past. You need to be authentic but aware of how to use the right words to strengthen your weaker attributes. Our staff at Platinum Resumes has developed the knack for finding these words and making some magic happen for our clients and their respective job searches.


We know that your personal brand is only as strong as the weakest link, and our aim is to pinpoint that weakness and spin it for your good. A strong resume and cover letter, coupled with a thorough LinkedIn profile and polished interview skills, has the power to bring even the weakest job candidate back into the game. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will help you build a personal brand that will take you to new heights!

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