Preparing to Graduate? Let Us Help Kickstart Your Career

It’s that moment you have been anticipating for weeks, months, and maybe even decades! Earning your degree has been hard work, and you are ready to face what’s next, but are you properly equipped to take on an exciting and successful career?   Many graduate with the basic skills regarding a solid resume. You know that you need an informative and exhaustive job history, but where does begin exactly? Surely there’s no need to mention those lawns you mowed or the children you babysat back in eighth grade. But, how do you make yourself look good on paper if your career and job history is really just getting started? The key is to make your skill set and aptitude shine!   There are some that have the talent and know-how to represent themselves well in this regard, while others need to reach out for a little help. At Platinum Resumes, graduates are some of our [...]

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Choose Accountability to Strengthen Your Job Search

  Do you ever get trapped inside of your own head? You didn’t intend to get stuck in this place once again, yet here you are. You’re staring into the dark void which appears to be your future and spiraling out of control with all of the “what if’s” and the “how much longer’s”.   Your job search can oftentimes seem like it is taking far too long, and your efforts feel undervalued. Maybe the applications have been submitted, but it has been days or weeks since the interview has been addressed. By this point, you are tapped out on patience in the waiting game.   First off, don’t be so discouraged! You are one of countless people who are all experiencing the same frustrations right now. A successful job search is one that takes time. It is not something to be rushed. You want to avoid the fear of pouncing upon the wrong opportunity. [...]

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Developing a Successful Job Search Strategy

Whether your recent job search kick off was unexpected or seen coming a mile away, it is most likely leaving you somewhat frazzled. There are a lot of different pieces in play when conducting a professional job search effort, and it can be overwhelming to get keep everything together when your emotions are all over the place.   A successful job search is not necessarily one that produces top notch interviews after the first week, but one in which the job candidate is patient and wise. Many folks fall into their job search without a plan or knowledge of where to even begin. They know the basics of writing a cover letter and resume, but the networking and marketing angles of a job hunt might be foreign concepts.   At Platinum Resumes, we see clients on both ends of the spectrum. There are millennials who have the social media and LinkedIn pieces nailed down with [...]

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Underqualified vs. Unqualified? When to Fight and When to Pass

Since childhood, we’ve all battled with learning to tell the truth. It always seems easy at first, but how far can we stretch a lie before we get found out? We are taught how to finesse the truth in certain situations, and we learn the consequences of our lies.   All of these life lessons come into play in adulthood, specifically when searching for a new job. We don’t want to overdo it in portraying ourselves, but we also don’t want to undercut our potential. We must give ourselves credit for all of the work that we’ve done but not blow our accomplishments out of proportion. We must appear very eager for this new job opportunity but not ridiculously over the top. How can we find the middle ground and fight for what we want?   The answer lies in the simplest of places: the truth. The best and most reliable angle is honesty. No [...]

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