Powering Your Potential Through LinkedIn

Now, more than ever, our online presence matters. Using technology to communicate with one another, both professionally and personally, has become the natural way in which we operate. Greeting cards and postage stamps are gathering dust on the retail shelves, and no one actually remembers a phone number anymore. Everything is programmed into our devices, and we use those devices to connect with one another at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds.   With this current atmosphere in mind, your job search should be changing accordingly. Gone are the days when attending job fairs and rubbing elbows with CEOs were the most influential forms of networking. Although such opportunities still exist, they are greatly overshadowed by the power and ease of online outreach strategies. You can now get your foot in the door of your companies of choice with just one email. Better still, LinkedIn provides you with the chance to [...]

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Need a Flawless Resume in a Flash? Give Us a Call!

There are times in life when we have ample notice to prepare for upcoming situations, and there are other times when we are thrown into the mix without any chance to properly ready ourselves. For this reason, it is important for any professional to always have a current and quality resume on hand. It’s one thing to have a running list of recent accolades and outstanding skills in your mind or on your phone, but gathering all of those scattered ideas and formulating them into a solid resume takes more time than most realize.   If your job takes an unexpected turn for the worst or that dream job you’ve been eyeing for years suddenly becomes available, you have no time to hesitate. You need to be ready to pounce on an opportunity right away, and you need to have a flawless resume ready to send out to the appropriate persons of interest.   Platinum [...]

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Establishing Career Connections that Last

Do you have the right friends in the right places? Are you the person who always seems to have a former friend or colleague in your back pocket at a crucial time? Or, rather, are you the person who is always watching the “other guy” gain ground with the appropriate connections while you watch and wait?   Having the right connections within your career field is a huge player in determining which jobs are within your grasp. Having a knockout resume and a fiery passion for your work will get you far but sometimes not far enough. There are times when knowing the appropriate person who can open the right door will secure an opportunity that would have otherwise been beyond your means.   A recent article by The Muse states that the odds of being hired for a particular position are 15% higher if you were referred by someone, rather than coming in as [...]

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Interview Coaching That Will Elevate You to the Next Level

Is it time to amp up your job search game? Are you ready to see better results when it comes to interviews and call backs? Over the years, we have seen countless individuals walking in your same shoes, job seekers who have pushed themselves and made a lot of right decisions. Yet, despite those right decisions, doors still remain closed and opportunities seem beyond your reach.   It is at this point of your stressed-out, wiped-out job search that you need to seek help. You need a wing man who can hear you out and steer you in a more fruitful direction. If you were a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it would be the crucial moment in which you decide to “phone a friend.”   Platinum Resumes is that friend, and we provide a series of services that work together to assist our clients in reaching the next level of success [...]

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Your List of References… Do They Help or Hinder?

Most of us were schooled on job references long ago, and we know to pick those that will make the best professional impression on our behalf. Remember that first miserable job you had? The one where you realized you were obviously in the wrong line of work? That job probably didn’t bring about your best efforts or proudest moments. We choose former employers, coworkers and protégés that have, in contrast, witnessed our strongest work ethic and would do well to articulate our skill set.   What you may not have been told, however, is that choosing those references is only half the battle. Once the right individuals are in place, then you have to create a document that strongly links the two of you together. Most job applicants come to the table with the same, dry formatting for all of their representation, and it could be that their intentions regarding references are actually more of [...]

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