Building a Strong Resume Despite Unemployment Gaps

You may have been told that no job equals no chance, that having a time gap on your resume results in a hopeless future. While unemployment gaps can be tricky to work through, there is still huge potential for a strong resume to be born despite your circumstances.


Maybe your company downsized and rendered your job as nonessential to business. Perhaps you were let go for a careless mistake without room for explanation. Could it be that you found that your passion lies within an entirely different industry, and you quit your job to better equip yourself for the next steps?


Regardless of your reasoning, long periods of joblessness can be puzzling to hiring managers. You don’t want to over emphasize this time gap, yet you don’t want to lie about it. Honesty is always the best policy, and you want to step into your next job with integrity. So, what are you to do?


Remaining confident and hopeful in the face of this obstacle is of great importance. You don’t have to settle for less of a career because you’re fearful of judgment. Your resume can be crafted in such a way as to minimize your time off and maximize your potential and key accomplishments.


Platinum Resumes is the life raft you want to reach for in effort to sharpen your resume efforts. Our team of experts has years of experience when it comes to representing job candidates with resume gaps. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’ll get started in building your powerful resume!

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Suffering From Job Search Blues? We Can Help!

The groundhog saw his shadow and more winter is yet to come. Sometimes our long and uneventful job search is similar to our long and bleak winter days. Each seems to linger on and on without the brighter tomorrow we had imagined.


Although you may find yourself suffering from job search blues, we’re here to assure you that hope may be closer than you realize. The typical individual in search of a new job may spend weeks upon weeks waiting for the right door of opportunity to open or for that email you’ve been expecting to pop up in your inbox. This waiting game can be grueling, but it can be easier to endure if you know that you’ve taken proper care of all the necessary details.


A hiring manager will spend approximately 7 seconds perusing your resume before he decides whether or not to trash it. That said, it is obviously important to put your best possible effort into creating a stellar resume and other corresponding documents. Your cover letter, references dossier and LinkedIn profile are just a few examples of ways that you can capture the attention of future employers and set yourself ahead of the pack.


Platinum Resumes is comprised of a team of professional job experts who understand these tricks of the trade when it comes to landing the job of your dreams. We offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work, which reveals how strongly we believe in our ability to enhance our clients’ job search efforts. We will take your resume and polish it up to the point that you will receive more than a 40% increase in activity and interview potential! Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will help get you on the right track to success.

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Jobless in KC? You Want Platinum Resumes in Your Corner!

You’ve got Sleepless in Seattle, a tragic yet romantic tale. But how does Jobless in Kansas City play out? Doubtfully romantic and promising to be tragic if you don’t get the right help and quickly. If this is where you find yourself, then there’s no better hope for you than to start building a relationship with the Platinum Resumes team.


One of the premier companies in Kansas City, Platinum Resumes offers our clients a professional boost in their job search and a guarantee for greater results and more interview opportunities. Our talented team has a level of expertise unlike any other, and we work hard to combine our years of experience and gifting to prepare our clients for a better and brighter future than they would have accomplished on their own.


Kansas City is near and dear to our hearts, and we seek to find those who are feeling helpless and fruitless and offer hope. We can take your mediocre resume efforts and turn them into something of which to be proud, something that will turn heads and open doors. We will sit down with you and walk through interview scenarios that you have never considered before, providing you with a confidence and professionalism that will get you far.


We’re ready to turn your jobless and hopeless scenario into one that promises effective change and bigger opportunities. Call us today at 816.986.0909, and we will get started in morphing you into one of KC’s finest!

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    Get Connected and Stay Active on Your Industry’s Job Boards

Get Connected and Stay Active on Your Industry’s Job Boards

So…how are your job search efforts going? Is your hard work paying off with new interviews left and right? Or do you feel like you’re aimlessly looking in all of the wrong places? This season can be a tough one and feel like it’s dragging on forever, but if you stay organized and keep improving your game then your efforts are sure to pay off.


You’ve got your resume polished and ready to go, but are you sending it to the right people and posting it in the right places? Many job candidates are familiar with online job boards but do not utilize the resources on a continual basis. Websites like,, and were created to help people in job search crisis. You may think such methods are now outdated, but recruiters and hiring managers are combing through these sites more often than you might think. Therefore, you need to get connected with any and all of the job boards that are specific to your particular industry.


The first step is to create an account on these sites and submit all of the pertinent information, including your resume. This is where many people stop. They create an account and never look back, often wondering why they even wasted their time in the first place. But, these folks are missing the second step to the process. Employers typically start their search by looking at the new resumes that have been posted, which leaves your older info at the bottom of the list.


The second step in the job board process is to make a minor update to your resume every two to three weeks, keeping it current. You will put more of the time-consuming work into the front end, and then just work to keep your info fresh once you’ve become established on each site. By completing both of these steps, we believe that you will gain more attention and more interview potential from these job boards.




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