True or False? Cover Letters Are a Waste of Time

That’s a big FALSE. Cover letters, though a different animal than your resume, are far from a waste of your time. These few short paragraphs speak volumes to potential hiring managers about who you are and what you could bring to the table. The layout and series of word choices of a cover letter will either make or break you when it comes to interview potential.   So, if cover letters are still a big deal, how do you write the perfect one? Great question. And, just as there is an art to that of a seamless resume, there is also an art to creating a cover letter that is both colorful and professional. You must say enough without saying too much. You must highlight key points without reiterating your resume word for word. Your cover letter should pave the way for the resume, drawing in the reader’s interest in the job candidate.   If [...]

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Starting at Square One? Get Off on the Right Foot

Maybe today’s inauguration has you thinking about change and new beginnings. Many of our clients find themselves in such a place. Square one. Ground zero. Ready to break out of the starting gate and get busy finding an amazing job!   If you are fresh out of school and without much work experience, you may feel behind the pack and ill prepared. Getting off on the right foot is of great importance when it comes to your job search and starting at square one is sometimes beneficial. Since you are inexperienced in searching for a job, then you must start by doing it the right way instead of wasting time and resources by doing it all wrong.   Platinum Resumes is a very powerful tool to have in your corner at this time. We take our clients who are still wet behind the ears and offer professional advice that steers them in the right direction. [...]

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Emergency Kit Ready? How to Get Prepared For a Sudden Career Change

Most of you are probably familiar with the well known Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”. Though many of you will never be stranded in the middle of the forest lacking supplies for survival, you can still glean from this motto. Preparedness is an important tool in all aspects of life, and it’s especially important when it comes to unexpected career changes.   Even if you currently see yourself firmly planted in a secure job, you must be realistic. Sometimes circumstances spin out of control, and we can find ourselves in a situation that we never anticipated.  In the event of such a surprise, wouldn’t it be nice to forge ahead with a steady peace rather than chaotic worry?   It’s important to have your emergency kit ready when it comes to your career. Maybe opportunity will knock softly upon your door or, instead, slap you boldly across the face. You need to have a plan [...]

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The Excitement and Challenge of the Perfect Job

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Ever dreaded heading into the office each day? Many of us have started out our careers in jobs that fell short of our expectations. We had a desire to get excited about our work but found ourselves, instead, to be bored and unfulfilled.   Thankfully, there were lessons learned and changes made to ensure a greater job satisfaction. Others, though, remain in such a job even today. Instead of enjoying their work, they sit and dream about another career, a role which would keep them excited and challenged in their everyday. Many… our coworkers, our family members, our friends, our neighbors… have settled into a job that they intend to keep yet intend to dislike. Do you find yourself paddling aimlessly in that same boat?   At the start of a new year, it’s a great time to reorient yourself to a healthier way of thinking. 2017 [...]

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