New Year, New Image… Making Your Job Search Fruitful

Do you have all of your New Year’s resolutions ready to go? Are you anticipating great change in your life in 2017? For many of us, the coming of a new year brings hope for refining our goals with a new slate of opportunity. We look back over the past year and evaluate what went wrong and what was done well, and we are ready to hone in on specific areas that need to be further developed.


If you are without a job or are looking at making a career change, then it might be time to reevaluate your image. Is there room to amp up your marketing game? Are you representing yourself professionally on social media? Does your interview wardrobe reveal the high caliber candidate that you are?


In order to make your job search truly fruitful in 2017, it’s time to develop a new image and appeal to employers with a strength that you’ve never known before. Although some can do their research and find ways to sharpen themselves without the help of others, there are many professionals of all ages and walks of life who would benefit from experts in the business. This is where Platinum Resumes comes into play!


Our team of experts work with our clients to assess what is lacking when it comes to a successful job search. We will take your existing resume and transform it into a flawless representation of your strengths and accolades. We will take a look at your LinkedIn profile and current interview etiquette and advise you toward necessary changes. Such changes will make your image a stronger representation of who you are and what you offer.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will guarantee you better results in your job search. Let us help in redefining your image as a job candidate so that 2017 is your best year yet!

December 30th, 2016|Blog|

Give Yourself the Gift of a Perfect Resume

As you consider gifts for all of your loved ones this Christmas, keep yourself in mind, as well. What is something that you need but feel as though you can’t afford? Something that will truly benefit you and your future rather than simply keep you entertained for a short while.


Giving yourself the gift of a perfect resume this Christmas is one of the smartest decisions that you’ll ever make. Opting for a professional writer to handle your resume promises more results and second glances than you could have ever managed on your own. Enduring a lengthy job search can be a brutal experience, and one should take hold of any available sage advice.


At Platinum Resumes, we assure our clients that our team of professional resume writers have the talent and experience to morph your outdated and mediocre resume into a rare jewel. We will take your career experiences and accolades and order them in a way that will immediately capture the eye of a hiring manager. We even go as far as guaranteeing our clients that they will see at least a 40% increase in interviews and attention from their first pick of companies.


If you recognize how much you deserve the gift of a perfect resume this Christmas, then it’s time to take action and give us a call at 816.986.0909. We can assure you that your money will be well spent as an investment in a brighter future!

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Cut Yourself Some Slack. Job Recruiters are Human, Too!

Do you ever wonder what it’s like on the other side of the desk? As you’re stumbling over your words and thinking through what the interview should look like, would you believe that the other person might be feeling just as awkward? The job recruiters that we typically classify as being cool, calm and collected as they steer through the process of determining our futures may not always be as put together as it seems.


Despite its charms, being “the guy” or “the gal” in charge is not always easy. The individual navigating through the job search process on the other end of the spectrum is just as human as the job candidate. There are nerves involved, unanswered questions twirling around inside, and the need to please. A hiring manager may deliberate about what to wear on interview day for just as long as the interviewee. As we get all worked up and worried, these are details that we fail to see.


As you attempt to make small talk before your interview or debate about how to word your emails so that you are both professional and personal, just keep in mind that you aren’t alone. Maybe it will relieve some pressure to recognize that you are working with a living, breathing person who experiences bad hair days and memory lapses just like you. Someone who gets nervous just like you do and sometimes needs to pause for a moment to get the words out in just the right way. Cut yourself some slack on your job search and remember that imperfect days are had by all!




December 16th, 2016|Blog|
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    Your Office Christmas Party is Your Next Networking Opportunity!

Your Office Christmas Party is Your Next Networking Opportunity!

Ready or not, here it comes. ‘Tis the season for Christmas parties! You have exchanged names with friends and coworkers and are preparing the assigned tokens of merriment to bring with you to the festivities.


Maybe this comes as glorious news for some of you who have been piecing together the right outfit for weeks and dream of holiday snacks and finger foods. Others, however, might be less than thrilled to extend their holiday cheer to anyone other than their recliner after a long day’s work.


Regardless of your level of joy when walking into your next holiday party, keep in mind that you can mix a little business with pleasure. Parties are for fun and relaxing, but there is great potential for networking in the midst of it all.


Whether it is digging deeper within your current network of colleagues or reaching out to new circles, parties are the perfect place to chat it up and strengthen your ties and connections for possible career moves. Many times we look back to that random conversation with so-and-so years back that led us to the potential open door before us today.


Such conversations could be awaiting you at your next Christmas party, so put on your friendliest and most outgoing face and make things happen. One day you may find yourself searching for a new job, and networking is a huge part of preparing yourself for that journey!




December 9th, 2016|Blog|
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    Feeling Unhappy in Your Career? How to Suffer Through the Mundane

Feeling Unhappy in Your Career? How to Suffer Through the Mundane


Are you happy with your work? Passionate about what you do? We all have bad days, but maybe you’re having trouble differentiating between a bad day and a dead end.


Sadly, a large number of individuals are less than satisfied with their careers. They get into a rut of complacency and can’t seem to find their way out of it. Sometimes this season lasts for a few weeks or months before change is made, but with others it takes years to realize that something needs to be done. What was once exciting is now mundane.


So, what’s the solution to this predicament, you ask? Is it possible to find joy in what has become merely tolerable? There are some who need to take some time to reflect upon the fact that they are in the wrong career altogether. But, for others, it is not a matter of a poor career choice but of the need to power through the dry season to reach the heights of fruitfulness and productivity.


The call to suffer through the mundane reaches out to all of us. Even if we have an insatiable zeal for our work, it can sometimes bring boring days. This is why we have to stay focused on what we do and why we do it. If things are getting boring and your work and/or your attitude is suffering, then an evaluation needs to be made. Either you need to tweak your day-to-day tasks in order to gain a fresh perspective, or you need to revisit your long-term goals. For many, there is an ultimate purpose that we are reaching to achieve, and the mundane stage is just a part of the process.


If you find yourself reaching toward that ultimate goal in your career, then keep heart. The mundane stage is just that, a stage. It will pass, and you will, once again, find fun and freedom in your work. Keep setting time aside here and there to reevaluate yourself and your career in order to keep things on track and ensure a future you will enjoy!




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