Shopping for the Best Team of Resume Writers? You Found Us!

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Two of the biggest shopping days of the year. The best deals are rolled out, and the most aggressive of shoppers are waiting at the doors or at their keyboards. The chase is on for the best brands and cheapest prices, and the whole experience is a sight to behold.   In the world of resume writing, what if such a killer deal was available all year round? For those who are out pounding the pavement in search of a new job, you are, no doubt, looking for someone who can help advance you to the next level. You dream of landing an interview with that company you’ve had your eye on for months, but you can’t get anyone to give your resume a second glance. This deal is for you.   Platinum Resumes offers our clients a team of resume writers that will create a document guaranteed to show results, [...]

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Young and Inexperienced? Stress Less About Your Career Potential

For those with a fresh degree, it is often intimidating to find your way out of the starting gate. You have the heart and the head knowledge, along with a splash of experience as an undergrad and intern. But, you find yourself wondering if your limited amount of experience is enough to land the job of your dreams. Is experience overrated or essential when it comes to your job search?   This is an important question to consider, and, as with anything, the answer will vary from company to company. There are some hiring managers that will not consider a candidate who does not have “X” amount of years of experience. However, there are many other companies that may hire someone who is lacking in experience yet possesses strong potential. These companies have found that pure will and determination will often outweigh experience when it comes to job performance.   So, if this finds you [...]

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How Aggressive is Your Job Search?

"Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive." The words that bring us back. Back to the voices of cheering on the high school team on a Friday night. The call to fight harder and stronger against the opponent.   Let's allow that chant to ring in our ears again today. Except this time, the opponent is not another team but the job market, and we are being called to fight harder and stronger in the face of the present opposition.   Due to election season and all of the corresponding events and stories that have slammed our country and job market this year, many companies have been holding off on hiring and spending in this final quarter. The opportunities for being hired in your field are not as plentiful as they once were, and you have to be much more aggressive in your pursuit.   So how should you go about getting your aggressive act together? A [...]

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Current Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

Post #4 - Complete the CIRCLE and Expect Serious Career Results   As we conclude our blog series today, we want to take a moment to offer one more bit of advice on how to make the most of your time spent on the hunt for a job. Whether you've been at it for months and months or have only just begun, there is no reason to further prolong your job search. Make today the day that you're going to get your ducks in a row and get serious about chasing your career dream!   Regardless of what type of job you are seeking or where you plan to fall on the salary scale, the job search basics still apply. There are a few key items that should be highest on your checklist, the main ingredients for stirring up the greatest chance at success for your career advancement.   While some of the items that [...]

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