Current Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

Post #3 – Establishing the Right Timeline and Checklist for Your Current Job Search


When you are thrown into a hot pursuit of your next job, it is sometimes without much of a heads up. Although some job seekers out there had a strategic plan in mind when they left their current job to find something better, many hardworking men and women find themselves without a job and without a plan to find another. Days can turn into months, and confidence and resilience will be challenged.


The answer to the dilemma is to establish a timeline and checklist for yourself the moment that you find yourself without a job, if not before. Few of us are locked into jobs that we know we’ll have for a decade down the road. It’s never a bad idea to entertain the possibility of job change and to think ahead as to what such a change would require of you. When we know exactly what we need to get accomplished and the details surrounding that task, it is easier to complete in a timely fashion. We can order our calendar and timetable according to how long each task should take to complete and whether or not the task can be completed alone or requires professional assistance.


You need to establish the right timeline and checklist for your individual job search by first understanding the nature of the specific job you are pursuing. What does this type of job require? Are their additional pieces of your portfolio that need to be collected? Is there a more in-depth interview process than you’re accustomed to? Is there a specific skill or tool that you currently lack but is necessary to be considered as a potential job candidate?


In order to know how to start, you need a clear vision of how to finish. Once you know the details surrounding what you need to see on your checklist, then you can begin allotting time accordingly. Each person’s timeline and checklist will look different, but what’s important is that it is created and carried out promptly. Keep in mind, as well, that companies such as us exist to help those in such a dilemma. Platinum Resumes consists of a team of talented professionals who work hard every day to guarantee that our clients are gaining more interviews and job opportunities than they would have ever received on their own. We know what it takes to capture the attention of a hiring manager and to knock the other competition out of the race so that you shine as the best man or woman for the job. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we will be glad to work with you and help you gain a realistic reach for that job of your dreams!

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Current Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

Post #2 – Six Crucial Components that Define a Premiere Job Candidate


As we discussed last week, it is extremely important to take your job search efforts seriously and consult credible sources rather than going with the first tidbit of advice you happen to come across on social media. In our present day and time, we are fortunate to have great information at our very eager and impatient fingertips. But, when a job candidate is seeking wisdom, choosing quality over quantity is the key.


This week we want to point out six primary areas of focus in which any serious job candidate will want to excel. These “six ‘Qs’”, as defined by The Washington Post, are the targeted components that help to separate the men from the boys, if you will, when it comes to weeding out potential employees. An individual who appears to have great strength in each area can be seen as a force to reckon with, a job candidate to keep your eye on.


As professionals in this type of business, we, at Platinum Resumes, can get behind such a set of guidelines that urge job candidates to stand out among the competition. Proper preparation for your dream interview or that next networking meeting must be covered with the knowledge that you must demonstrate a certain skill set and show off what you’ve got. We urge you to promptly consider growing and stretching yourself in these six areas of professional development…


  1. Smarts and critical thinking – Think outside of the box. Show that you can solve problems more quickly and aptly than the next guy. Give examples of how you can do so while working well with your coworkers.
  2. Emotional intelligence – Employers don’t want to serve as babysitters. Have a firm control on your emotions and know how to build solid working relationships with others. Learn to be a good listener and, therefore, ask the right kind of questions.
  3. Passion – Act like you’re excited about this opportunity. Reveal that you’re in pursuit of this job not just for personal gain but to make a difference in the bigger scheme of things.
  4. Culture – Make it known that you mesh well with people and practices outside of your own, that you can adapt to change and thrive in the process. Connecting harmoniously with others and leading them well is a prized asset for a hiring manager to come across.
  5. Courage – Speak up and show your willingness to press on toward the next level. This involves wisdom to step up among your peers when the right situation presents itself and to do so with character and conviction.
  6. Improvisation – Use examples to prove that you think well on your feet. Show that you are open to and savvy at learning new things with an open mind. Allow stress to challenge you rather than stifle you.


For more info on this article from the Washington Post:


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New Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!


Blog #1 – Professional Advice that Every Job Seeker Needs to Hear


We could spend all day creating various sets of lists. The top five reasons you should do blah blah blah. The top ten results you’ll see if you do such and such. The three ways to reach the top by attempting to accomplish this or that.


There are many great opinions and guidelines out there, and the endless possibilities that Google places at our fingertips are more than enough to give us job seekers some motivation and food for thought. Many have walked before us on a similar path and offer their tips and tricks for how to climb the ladder of success in the way that they have.


However, there is a weeding process that must be consistently in place, as we’ve all learned that you can’t believe everything, or even half of the things, that you read online. Not everyone’s advice is good advice, and not all career paths are ones that you’d like to emulate. The guy that recently got fired and writes his advice column with severely malicious undertones may not be the best words to glean from. The young lady who spent 5 days looking for a job and settled for something far less than her potential is probably not writing an article that would offer much sound judgment or hope.


When it comes to quality advice for the job seeker, it’s best to be attentive to the wisdom of professionals in the field. Use your networking connections and find sources that are legit. Seek the opinions of those whom you know to define success in the same way as yourself.


Whether you have already heard great things about Platinum Resumes or you have happened upon our website by chance, we are thankful for the opportunity to assure you that we are, in fact, a source to be trusted. Our career experts do not boast in vain but are very talented at what they do.


We write top notch resumes that assist our clients to see far greater interview and hiring results than they would have seen without our professional touch. We offer advice and many other services to aid you in defining your career goals and taking the necessary steps to attain each of those goals. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 to get started in the process and keep reading through our upcoming blog series on how to make the most of your job search experience!

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“Why Should I Hire You?”: Interview Prep 101

You feel ready. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve got half a dozen job interviews under your belt by now. You know what not to wear, what fragrances and flashy pieces of jewelry to avoid. You’ve got a firm grip on your strengths and weaknesses and feel ready to conquer just about any question that comes to pass.


However, sometimes it is the more subtle questions that carry the most weight. The sneaky opportunity that the hiring manager may take to determine what exactly you can offer the company. After all, this interview is less about you than you may realize. Your strengths, weaknesses, assets, and former glories are but a glimpse as to the promise you bring as a potential employee.


“Why Should I Hire You?” This is the question that seems as though it would be about you but it really centers more selfishly around the hiring manager. You are a means to filling a deficit within the infrastructure, and it will take only a few ill-prepared responses to convince he or she that you won’t fit the bill. Therefore, with this truth in mind, you must prepare yourself to answer this question from an atypical point of view. It’s necessary to step outside of what feels like a natural response and really think through what the company needs from this particular position.


Researching the company and really studying the characteristics of the job description give the applicant the best idea of how to adequately answer this question. You are seeking to be hired not only on your own merit but also because of your confidence that you can fulfill the role on the table. Your answer to this question must, therefore, target the heart of what the company is after and reflect the assurance that you are putting their needs above your own.


As you prepare for your big interview, just remember that the questions you face won’t be all about rehashing the company info you can find on their website but more about their bottom line, the work you can do to fill their current hole in operations. Take a hard look at where the company seems to be lacking and be alert as to cues at the first part of the interview that may lead you further in this direction. Considering these preparatory steps will help you to really nail your next interview and remain a major contender for the job of your dreams!

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