Current Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

Post #3 – Establishing the Right Timeline and Checklist for Your Current Job Search   When you are thrown into a hot pursuit of your next job, it is sometimes without much of a heads up. Although some job seekers out there had a strategic plan in mind when they left their current job to find something better, many hardworking men and women find themselves without a job and without a plan to find another. Days can turn into months, and confidence and resilience will be challenged.   The answer to the dilemma is to establish a timeline and checklist for yourself the moment that you find yourself without a job, if not before. Few of us are locked into jobs that we know we’ll have for a decade down the road. It’s never a bad idea to entertain the possibility of job change and to think ahead as to what such a change would [...]

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Current Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

Post #2 – Six Crucial Components that Define a Premiere Job Candidate   As we discussed last week, it is extremely important to take your job search efforts seriously and consult credible sources rather than going with the first tidbit of advice you happen to come across on social media. In our present day and time, we are fortunate to have great information at our very eager and impatient fingertips. But, when a job candidate is seeking wisdom, choosing quality over quantity is the key.   This week we want to point out six primary areas of focus in which any serious job candidate will want to excel. These “six ‘Qs’”, as defined by The Washington Post, are the targeted components that help to separate the men from the boys, if you will, when it comes to weeding out potential employees. An individual who appears to have great strength in each area can be seen [...]

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New Blog Series: Making the Most of Your Job Search!

  Blog #1 - Professional Advice that Every Job Seeker Needs to Hear   We could spend all day creating various sets of lists. The top five reasons you should do blah blah blah. The top ten results you’ll see if you do such and such. The three ways to reach the top by attempting to accomplish this or that.   There are many great opinions and guidelines out there, and the endless possibilities that Google places at our fingertips are more than enough to give us job seekers some motivation and food for thought. Many have walked before us on a similar path and offer their tips and tricks for how to climb the ladder of success in the way that they have.   However, there is a weeding process that must be consistently in place, as we’ve all learned that you can’t believe everything, or even half of the things, that you read [...]

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“Why Should I Hire You?”: Interview Prep 101

You feel ready. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve got half a dozen job interviews under your belt by now. You know what not to wear, what fragrances and flashy pieces of jewelry to avoid. You’ve got a firm grip on your strengths and weaknesses and feel ready to conquer just about any question that comes to pass.   However, sometimes it is the more subtle questions that carry the most weight. The sneaky opportunity that the hiring manager may take to determine what exactly you can offer the company. After all, this interview is less about you than you may realize. Your strengths, weaknesses, assets, and former glories are but a glimpse as to the promise you bring as a potential employee.   “Why Should I Hire You?” This is the question that seems as though it would be about you but it really centers more selfishly around the hiring manager. You [...]

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