The Right Body Language in Your Job Interview


Your resume is seamless. Your skill set is impressive. You’ve been practicing a realm of possible interview questions for months. All things considered, you feel confident when the phone call or email arrives letting you know that you have been chosen for a job interview.


However, many hopeful job seekers fail to take into account their body language when it comes to landing their next job. Just as you take note of body language in casual conversation between friends and family, the hiring manager will be studying your body in the interview. The idea is to come across as warm and likeable versus over-confident or frazzled.


You may have little to no control over the circumstances before you on the day of your interview. A flat tire on your drive in or a heavy rain on your perfectly styled hair can really throw a damper on your plans of arriving cool, calm and collected. Although such events are obviously unforeseen and ill-timed, they can’t allow you to lose your composure for the interview. You have to find a way to pull yourself together and appear confident and unscathed for the interview.


On the other end of the spectrum is the temptation to appear arrogant and over-confident. Maybe your commute into the city on the big day went perfectly. You are dressed impeccably and well-versed in exactly how you want to answer any difficult interview questions that may arise, and you know that your hard work on your crisp resume was well-received. Despite your confidence, however, you want to come across as warm and approachable. Do not sit down and carry yourself in a way that puts on airs or conveys that you already think you run the place. Despite your hard work and preparedness, you still want to come across as humble and eager to learn, capable yet shapeable.


When your next big interview arrives, just remember that the way that you sit and use your body says much more about you than you realize. Preparing yourself in this way for your interview can either greatly help or hinder you, so make sure it’s the former and not the latter. And, as always, give us a call at Platinum Resumes for professional advice and assistance with any and all of your job search needs!

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Choose Us to Create a Resume that Speaks Volumes

In a society that relies so heavily on self-sufficiency, most job-seekers head straight to Google to take care of business. They simply search for a decent looking resume template and plug in a few pertinent details. This method may do the trick for some, but for many who are seeking a more professional position…the basic resume format is severely lacking.


When you go to apply for a job and submit your resume, you want it to be something that you’re proud of, that which does a solid job of representing your aptitude as a potential employee. The hiring manager that sits down to take a momentary glance at your document will quickly dismiss anything that is not well-written or lacks a professional touch.


If you want to rest assured that your resume will stay at the top of the stack rather than be filed away in the trash can, then you need a resume that speaks volumes. Platinum Resumes works hard every day for our clients to create fresh and unique work that has an eloquent and polished finish. We know that you only have one chance to stand out among the other applicants and convince the powers that be that your skill set and prior experience makes you the best man or woman for the job.


Although you can easily put your hands on a variety of apps that will essentially write a resume for you, this basic process just hits the highlights of your accomplishments in a dry and boring format. Our resume expertise brings our clients over 40% more success at landing the job of their dreams than they would have gotten on their own. We know how to make your resume speak volumes in just a matter of a few paragraphs and bullet points. Call us today at 816.986.0909 and let us create that stellar resume you so desperately need!


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Workplace Motivators

We all go to work each morning for different reasons. While we could categorize those different reasons across the board, we are all very individual in what motivates us. No two combinations are the same when it comes to understanding what it is exactly that we want from our work, what it is that drives us toward our personal definition of success. Of course, we all do it for the paycheck. But, shouldn’t there be more than just the money that keeps us going from day to day?


Some of us like to have a set of goals to accomplish. We want to feel as though we are contributing to something bigger and more important than ourselves. Others may have a personal mission that they want to see accomplished through their work. This type of workplace motivation is very inwardly focused. It takes a great deal of insight and discipline to set specific goals and see them surpassed day after day, year after year.


Others are motivated by the love that we have for the clients that we serve and the camaraderie that we find in our coworkers. Relationships and social interaction are a huge part of what our day looks like, a strong driving force in our daily motivation. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of activity and the challenge and diversity of a myriad of problems to solve.


Motivation is diverse, yet it is crucial for all of us. If we are not properly motivated in our work, then we are most likely lacking greatly when it comes to joy and satisfaction in our daily grind. Our work is nothing but a mindless set of tasks, a long to-do list with no heart for our craft. How miserable of a picture does that paint?!


If you are struggling today to find yourself satisfied and motivated in your work, then it’s time to make a change. Take a deep look at yourself and what you love and hate about your job. Carve out the time to do more of what you love and find a new approach to those parts of your job that you dread. Get intentional and creative about discovering what motivates you to do better work and get started with that new process right away. The future version of yourself will be abundantly thankful that you did!




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    Looking for Career Tips? Lead Well and Prepare for Promotion

Looking for Career Tips? Lead Well and Prepare for Promotion

Every actor must prepare for his audition before he lands the role he is after. Every athlete must spend time perfecting his or her game before the gold medal is in hand. Looking ahead to the prize you seek is what keeps you focused and helps you to know what work needs to be done to get there.


Assessing your career’s future is no different. The decisions you make today, for the worse or for the better, will impact your chances at advancement. One cannot sit back and assume that today’s work ethic won’t apply to tomorrow’s opportunities. Someone who has plans to climb the ladder of success and eventually wind up in a job other than their present one can never start too soon in getting there.


A great leader makes wise decisions in difficult situations. Leaders must set themselves apart from the rest of the team. This is not done to draw favor or suggest that you are better than everyone else, but you must be set apart to reflect your strength in character and aptitude. A great leader is one who works well with others, one who is able to be empathetic yet firm.


Another piece of preparing for promotion is to instill confidence and motivation both in your team and in yourself. This must be a consistent behavior and one that affects you to your core. If you want to reach for something bigger and better, you first have to see yourself there. If you dream of becoming a CEO or president one day, you have to believe that you are fully capable of such a position. Such confidence will propel you toward a brighter future than you may even imagine for yourself.


Today matters. It matters much more than you realize. Quit assuming that this job and this “transitional” season of life is just a waiting game, just a temporary blip in the greater spectrum of things. These are the stepping stones to your future.




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Indeed: The App to Make Your Job Search Easier

It is a full-time job to keep up with all of the new apps that are circulating in our world these days. Virtually every need that you have throughout the day can be met with the use of one app or another. For some, this is music to their ears, and they have to purchase an extra device just to hold all of their apps and data. For others, the number of new apps is so overwhelming that it’s just easier to stick to the few that you already know and love, or at least those that you somewhat understand and tolerate.


Although stepping out into unknown territory can be scary, it’s hard to know whether or not you have the best tricks up your sleeve at any given time if you don’t take a look at your options. When it comes to apps that relate to your current job search, you are not lacking in choices. There are a lot of apps out there that aid in tracking down the most recent job opportunities and pointing you down the right path regarding your particular area of interest and expertise.


However, although the choices are plentiful, not all apps serve as truly helpful resources while also featuring an easy-to-use design. The Indeed app offers both. It is a reliable resource for those on the job hunt and utilizes a large number of online portals to bring up a wealth of different opportunities after just a few clicks. Plus, on top of it being a great resource, it’s a free one!


The New York Times highlighted this app just earlier this week and claims that it is “designed to be simple” and is “brimming with useful job information”. The Indeed app generates a scrollable list of job listings that best match the search criteria that you plug in, such as the type of job you are looking for and the general location that you have in mind. The listings displayed appear in an easily readable format with pertinent details advertised for each suggested position. You can click through each job to find more info, and you also have the option within the app to Bookmark a job to a list of favorites and even post your resume.


For more info on this Indeed app or to view other suggested free apps to assist you in your job search, you can check out this article:




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