References Dossier: Revealing the Right People in Your Corner

Your resume and cover letter, as professional and pristine as they may be, can only go so far in authenticating your credibility as a potential job candidate. You need people in your corner who will attest to the things you have shared about yourself. You need men and women who know what you’re made of and who can articulately speak to your strengths and abilities. The references that you choose will become a vital part of your application process, for better or for worse.   The references dossier that we assemble for our Platinum Resumes clients is set apart from most other pieces of referencing documentation. There is no need to keep the same, dry format that every other guy uses. You need something that pops, something that provides the hiring manager with more than just the basic contact information and job description of your former boss or colleague. You want to highlight why, specifically, [...]

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Never Underestimate the Power of Networking

For many of us, the first step of the job search process is thought to be marked by the entry line of a resume or the opening paragraph of a cover letter. We know that we need these important documents in place before we even begin to fill out an application. This thought process holds truth. We do need a solid and dynamic resume and cover letter to boost us high above the other job contenders.   However, many on the job hunt often drastically underestimate the power of networking. Whether you are turning the dial back six months or six years, there is often opportunity missed if you fail to evaluate your personal and professional connections. There are those that have success in pouring over LinkedIn connections to find potential and pertinent job openings while others comb through past emails and find forgotten treasures of contacts and job trails.   Nurturing your connections is [...]

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Is the Back-to-School Rush Interfering with Your Job Search? Give Us a Call!

Summer is drawing to a close, and the madness of all things back-to-school is in full swing. Parents are tearfully sending their kids off to kindergarten or college for the first time. Teachers are reluctantly returning to their classrooms after an all-too-short summer break. And, many of you are wincing as you fill in the blanks on your upcoming calendars regarding school-related events, games, practices, and so forth.   Busy seasons in life are always full of both excitement and weariness. We wake up in the mornings with the best of intentions and fall into bed at night with merely a shred of energy left to spare. For those who are cycling through the back-to-school rush while also trying to remain steady on the job hunt, the journey can be challenging. Whether you are a parent who is juggling a busy schedule with multiple children in multiple locations throughout the day or a school teacher/administrator [...]

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How to Remain Realistically Encouraged on the Job Hunt

Have you been busy on the job search for weeks? Even months? The grueling process of filling out applications and resubmitting your resume time after time without any real results can be disheartening, to say the least. There are some days where you need help reconvincing yourself that it’s all worth your time and efforts.   There are a few key mistakes that some of us make along this journey that can be avoided if brought to our attention early enough in the game. We make all the right choices when it comes to our resume, cover letter, interview prep, etc. We have spent the time, and maybe even the money, ensuring that our resume and personal brand is seamless and delivered with professionalism. But has our outlook been prepared just as methodically?   When one sets out on the job hunt, there must be a mental preparedness that accompanies all of the hard work. [...]

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