How to Look For a Job While Currently Employed

Is there a trick to this? Is it possible to find a job that you love while you’re currently still tied down to a job that you don’t? In short, yes. It is possible to successfully job hunt while you’re still employed by another company, but there is an art to going about it the right way.   For starters, you want to maintain your integrity with your current company. You don’t want to come across as being shady and secretive all of the time, always watching your back to make sure that no one else walks past your cubicle and sees what telling info might be up on your screen. If you schedule four dental appointments over the course of just one or two weeks, some questions might arise. You want to attempt to be as honest and smooth as possible in how you go about looking for your next job.   If you’re [...]

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How to Write a Resume Without a Job Description

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to know exactly what our next job possibility will look like. We can be specific and tailor ourselves accordingly. We know what is expected of this particular role, down to the letter, and can be sure to market our personal brand so that we stick out as the best candidate for the job.   Other times, however, we are left without many details. We can use the company’s website, social media, and inside sources to gather more general info about the ins and outs of the company, but we are still somewhat clueless as to the specific details. This possible job opportunity remains a bit of a mystery in regards to the day-to-day requirements.   In this instance, you must still be prepared to submit an extraordinary resume, even if you do not have all of the pertinent details. Without a job description to go by, you are moderately limited [...]

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The Personal Touch of Intentional Communication

In a world where everything is done electronically, do you ever miss the personal touch? The impact made in building relationships face-to-face rather than screen-to-screen.   Recent statistics, released by MarketWatch, show that much of the job-seeking population is frustrated and disappointed with online job search technology. Some even went as far as claiming that the process online was depressing. It’s the act of going in blind. The aspiring job candidate must attempt to investigate and connect with potential employers and coworkers from a blind spot where you know no one. Although some of us do not have the luxury of doing business any other way, others might benefit from unplugging every now and then and taking the old-fashioned approach.   At Platinum Resumes, we are proud to embrace both sides. We do communicate largely with our clients via technology and electronic forms of contact. After all, it is 2016, and we must adapt to [...]

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Underqualified for Your Dream Job? 3 Ways to Outshine Your Shortcomings

What an exciting feeling to have finally caught a glimpse of what looks to be the perfect job! As you scroll through the job description, you are growing more and more excited about the potential you are seeing. But, then….you get to the ugly part, the qualifications. The job sounds ideal, and you can definitely see yourself doing great work for this company. However, how can you get past this tricky issue regarding your lack of qualification?   Some scratch a potential job from their list upon realizing that they are underqualified, but we, at Platinum Resumes, are here to assure you that you shouldn’t be so hasty. Sure, being underqualified for a potential job is a hurdle to consider, but it doesn’t have to be a stop sign. There are many men and women who are building successful careers off of jobs that weren’t a perfect fit for their technical qualifications, and there are [...]

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What Not to Wear to the Office: Summer Edition

As the temperatures continue to rise outdoors, we are all tempted to wear less to compensate for the heat. That fact combined with getting relaxed within our current work environment can create a dangerous combination.   A recent survey completed by the office of Robert Half found some alarming statistics when it comes to this area of concern. Results concluded that 47% of Senior Managers identified the overuse of casual clothing as the most common dress code violation. Over a third of the same managers surveyed shared that their employees showed too much skin and wore less formal clothing than they did five years prior. In a similar survey by Robert Half, 80% of executives reported that clothing choices could definitely impact an employee’s chances of being promoted.   Slacking off when it comes to dress code can potentially put your job at risk and shouldn’t be ignored. Contrary to popular belief, there is rarely [...]

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