Creating Your Personal Brand

When you stop to think about the idea of putting yourself out there as a potential job candidate, what are you really doing? You are selling a product. That product, in this case, is you. With every piece of documentation and communication that you share with potential employers, you are telling your story. Your unique combination of skills, experience and personality traits are being combined to create an advertisement that you will use to make known your personal brand.


When you are building a career, this is a helpful way in which to examine yourself. You have the opportunity to develop a way in which people think about you. No one else can offer the unique package that you bring to the table. Your skills and strengths, experience and knowledge, and personality and attitude are combined as a valuable force in your field. There is no other equipped quite like you, and you need to proudly stand by that truth.


So, that said, where to start? How do you create your personal brand and share your story while presenting your extraordinary combination of skills and talents?


Get to know yourself… What do you have to offer? What sets you apart from other job applicants? Your brand requires a depth of knowledge in this department. If you are going to relay your story to someone else, you must first know it yourself, and you should be able to state it in professional yet concise terms. Although you are, in one word, a banker or a teacher or a photographer or an accountant, what sets you apart from any other in your field?


Identify your strengths… While self-insight is an important part of this process, there are also times to consult outside sources. Start by talking to those who know you better than most and who have worked closely with you in various scenarios. Team members, professors, and close friends, for example. These individuals will see you and your strengths in a different light than you see yourself. Glean from their honest and supportive input as you work to further develop your personal brand. If you find yourself falling short of reputable sources in this area, then another option is the multitude of surveys and tests that can be taken to determine your strengths.


Determine your target audience… If you really want to make your brand do its part to work in your best interest, then you have to know exactly who it is with which you are communicating. What type of person or company do you want to work for? Make adjustments to your personal brand to have the strongest appeal to this particular crowd. Maybe there’s a unique niche that they are looking to fill, a certain type of employee that they are looking to hire. You don’t want to alter or fabricate your story to cater to their desires, but you do want to use the right words to relay your brand in a way that speaks to them.


If you’ve never thought along these lines, developing your personal brand can seem daunting at first. There are a lot of angles to think about. However, once you’ve put in the hard work, you will come out with a double win. You will have gotten to know yourself better while also finding a way in which to better sell yourself as the best candidate for the job!




June 24th, 2016|Blog|

Does Your Work Bring Meaning?

When is the last time that you’ve stopped to really evaluate the work that you do? Do you go throughout your day at your job mindlessly or with purpose? Many of us who spend long hours and days toiling away at our jobs rarely stop to consider the value and meaning that our work brings to our lives and to the lives of others.


The meaningfulness of our work, or lack thereof, can either bring a deep feeling of satisfaction to our lives or can present a void. Of course, we all have bad days. Sometimes coworkers are hard to deal with or current projects are just tremendously overwhelming. We have family stuff going on back at home that keeps us distracted at the office.


However, although there are factors that can sometimes cause problems in the workplace, there is something wrong with a job that is full of nothing but bad days. When you can find no purpose in your work, no greater sense of meaning and fulfillment, then it might be time to start asking yourself some important questions. Is this the right job for you? Was there once fulfillment that is now lost? Do you ache to search for meaning in another line of work but feel unsure as to how to get to that place?


There are a lot of remedies for bringing meaning back into your work or, perhaps, establishing meaning for the very first time. Some solutions involve staying in your current job and making necessary change within yourself or with coworkers, management, job description, etc. Other solutions, however, require you to take a step in a different direction and begin looking for a new and more meaningful job.


Journeying through that process of searching for a new job can be a difficult place to be, and it’s important to have good and knowledgeable resources on your side. Platinum Resumes is the company that you need to have in your corner throughout this journey.  We work with clients who need help creating a top-notch resume and cover letter to help them successfully compete for the job of their dreams. We also work to establish a professional references dossier and LinkedIn profile for our clients and can help ready them for the interview process.


Everyone deserves the chance to find a job that not only brings a paycheck but also a feeling of value and meaning. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’ll help you work toward that meaningful career!

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The Powerful Impact of Written Word

This week, let’s take a minute to fully grasp the power behind the words we use. Words which we may have intended to bring great impact, or words that just slipped out in the midst of a mindless utterance. Maybe what was said was fully thought through before spoken, or maybe not. Maybe your words were carefully chosen in the middle of a loving conversation and meant to bring encouragement. Maybe your words were screamed in a fit of rage and every bit intended to be full of shame and disgust. Our words live on long after we’ve finished with them, and we often disregard the impact that they can have on others.


Our words, particularly in written form, serve as a very powerful tool when seeking a new job. Whether you are setting up a new profile on LinkedIn or describing your greatest career accomplishments on your resume, each word means something. If you really stop and think about it, there is a level of decision making that is affected with every word you write. Some hiring managers will be further intrigued by your words and continue to read on, wanting to know more about you and what you have to offer as a potential candidate. Others, however, may read a few lines of your resume or cover letter and make the decision to stop there and go on to the rest of the stack. Each word has an impact, and each word takes you one step further down the road.


The question is…do you want to continue walking down a road that leads to more dead ends and no job opportunities? Or do you want to reroute yourself and reevaluate your process so that your steps are taking you down the road toward a brighter career and a job that you will love? I think we’d all agree that the second option sounds a lot better!


This is where Platinum Resumes comes to your rescue, taking you down that preferable route that ends with a bright future. The right words can drastically improve your chances of being hired. Our years of professional experience have taught us, as Professional Resume Writers, which words to use and the appropriate manner in which to use them. Our unique resume design pairs well with an expert knack for choosing words that both represent you well and appeal to the eye of the hiring manager.


We guarantee our clients to see a 40+% increase in their job search results after working with our team. Whether you just need some help piecing together your resume or would prefer to take advantage of our entire array of services, we would be happy to meet with you and help you along in this journey. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909!


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    Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off…Remaining Strong and Professional on Social Media

Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off…Remaining Strong and Professional on Social Media

Let’s be honest. Being laid off is not a great feeling. There are not often positive emotions that follow such news, and it’s normal to need some space to vent. However, despite the strong temptation to unload your frustrations through your fingertips, social media is not the appropriate platform for showcasing your thoughts on the matter.


As we conclude our current blog series on Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off, we want to focus on your social media image. Remaining professional when it comes to social media is an important part of bouncing back and presenting yourself as a strong job candidate. Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are often the snapshot that your potential hiring manager will see long before they have decided whether or not they want to meet you face-to-face. That said, it is necessary to appear confident and ready for what’s next. Despite the jaded perspective that you may still be carrying after having been laid off, you can’t throw your angst and bitterness all over your Facebook wall.


When it comes to strengthening your professional image through your LinkedIn profile, look no further than Platinum Resumes as the giver of that strength. Our company is proud to represent each of our clients in a very professional and eloquent manner, taking care to use strong words to provide powerful details that will capture attention. In addition to working on resumes and cover letters for our clients, another specialty is that of LinkedIn profiles.


The object of the hiring game is to entice the potential employer to take your profile very seriously and seek to know more about this stellar job candidate. We guarantee results for our clients because our work has proven to be helpful and effective. Allowing us to help recreate your social image through your LinkedIn platform will put you at a different level than most other candidates, soaring to the top of the stack of resumes rather than being filed directly into the category of disinterest.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 or visit us online to learn more about how Platinum Resumes can make your LinkedIn profile shine!

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