Creating Your Personal Brand

When you stop to think about the idea of putting yourself out there as a potential job candidate, what are you really doing? You are selling a product. That product, in this case, is you. With every piece of documentation and communication that you share with potential employers, you are telling your story. Your unique combination of skills, experience and personality traits are being combined to create an advertisement that you will use to make known your personal brand.   When you are building a career, this is a helpful way in which to examine yourself. You have the opportunity to develop a way in which people think about you. No one else can offer the unique package that you bring to the table. Your skills and strengths, experience and knowledge, and personality and attitude are combined as a valuable force in your field. There is no other equipped quite like you, and you need [...]

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Does Your Work Bring Meaning?

When is the last time that you’ve stopped to really evaluate the work that you do? Do you go throughout your day at your job mindlessly or with purpose? Many of us who spend long hours and days toiling away at our jobs rarely stop to consider the value and meaning that our work brings to our lives and to the lives of others.   The meaningfulness of our work, or lack thereof, can either bring a deep feeling of satisfaction to our lives or can present a void. Of course, we all have bad days. Sometimes coworkers are hard to deal with or current projects are just tremendously overwhelming. We have family stuff going on back at home that keeps us distracted at the office.   However, although there are factors that can sometimes cause problems in the workplace, there is something wrong with a job that is full of nothing but bad days. [...]

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The Powerful Impact of Written Word

This week, let’s take a minute to fully grasp the power behind the words we use. Words which we may have intended to bring great impact, or words that just slipped out in the midst of a mindless utterance. Maybe what was said was fully thought through before spoken, or maybe not. Maybe your words were carefully chosen in the middle of a loving conversation and meant to bring encouragement. Maybe your words were screamed in a fit of rage and every bit intended to be full of shame and disgust. Our words live on long after we’ve finished with them, and we often disregard the impact that they can have on others.   Our words, particularly in written form, serve as a very powerful tool when seeking a new job. Whether you are setting up a new profile on LinkedIn or describing your greatest career accomplishments on your resume, each word means something. If [...]

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Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off…Remaining Strong and Professional on Social Media

Let’s be honest. Being laid off is not a great feeling. There are not often positive emotions that follow such news, and it’s normal to need some space to vent. However, despite the strong temptation to unload your frustrations through your fingertips, social media is not the appropriate platform for showcasing your thoughts on the matter.   As we conclude our current blog series on Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off, we want to focus on your social media image. Remaining professional when it comes to social media is an important part of bouncing back and presenting yourself as a strong job candidate. Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are often the snapshot that your potential hiring manager will see long before they have decided whether or not they want to meet you face-to-face. That said, it is necessary to appear confident and ready for what’s next. Despite the jaded perspective that you may still be [...]

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