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    Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off… Interview Coaching with a Group

Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off… Interview Coaching with a Group

If you’re just joining us in our current blog series, we are covering the different angles of strategy to consider once you receive news of an impending layoff. There is a transition that must occur between one job and the next, and, if you choose to gain successful momentum in your career rather than come to a stagnant halt, then you should heed this advice for such a transition.


Whether your layoff came by surprise or has been on the horizon for some time, there are steps to be taken and a plan to be hatched for moving forward. Your resume should be dusted off and eloquently tweaked so that your strongest skills and assets are being clearly presented to those who read it. You do not want to just throw a little piece of this job and a little piece of that job together and hope it sounds somewhat professional. You should take the time, or hire someone else to take the time, to carefully choose words and a professional resume design that will impress hiring managers and propel you ahead of the pack.


That said, what step comes next? You’ve got the resume covered but are leery of what to do when the phone rings or the email notification chimes and an interview is scheduled. Maybe the resume was the easy part for you. The haunting memories of your last attempt at a job interview leave you with a quickened pulse and sweaty palms. You recognize that this part of the process is not your strong suit!


You’re good, though…because we’ve got you covered. Among our different services utilized at Platinum Resumes in helping our clients successfully find their dream jobs is our interview coaching. We work with our clients to prepare them for the tough questions and how to better understand and articulate their personal brand. Many of our former clients have found this particular service to be very beneficial to their job search.


Specifically related to this current series is our option for interview coaching in a group setting. Platinum Resumes is proud to stand out among other companies within our field by the way in which we are able to cater to the larger group when it comes to layoffs. We do not restrict this service to just a one-on-one but can maintain an interview coaching session with a group. This can really benefit those companies that are trying to take adequate care of their employees throughout this transitional process. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and find out how you can get assistance with interview coaching for yourself or your group!

May 27th, 2016|Blog|
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    Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off… Professional Resumes for a Group

Current Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off… Professional Resumes for a Group


Layoffs are currently sweeping the country, and many different types of industries are being affected by these cuts. Maybe you’ve just heard about it in the news, and it hasn’t really hit home with you yet. Or, alternatively, maybe a layoff has struck you in a very personal way – best friend, relative, or your very own company!


When this kind of news comes knocking at your door, it can be very easy to allow panic to slip in alongside it. Fear of the unknown is a very real thing, and it’s hard to keep at bay. However, if you or your loved ones intend to push through this difficult circumstance and continue toward a successful career, then you have to put intentional focus onto your next steps and shake off the fears and doubts.


This week on the blog, we want to focus specifically on the process of creating professional resumes for a group. Although we certainly always welcome individual clients and their resume needs, Platinum Resumes also offers a unique service to companies who are laying off their employees. We will take on your staff as a whole group and walk them individually through our resume writing process.


Each person will complete our career assessment process, and we will, of course, help with that as needed. We will explain to the group how our system works at Platinum Resumes and how we take the bare bones of your existing resume, pair that with your career assessment info, and create a unique and eloquent resume highlighting each individual’s specific talents and assets.


Furthermore, on top of our already reasonable prices, there are discounts available depending on the number of those in your group. To walk away with a professional quality resume that you can be proud of at a cost that doesn’t cause your heart to skip a beat is a deal that needs no further consideration! Call Platinum Resumes today at 816.986.0909 and allow us to come alongside those being laid off and bring promise to their seemingly dismal career outlook.

May 20th, 2016|Blog|

Current Blog Series: Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off

With a wave of layoffs sweeping the country, many very talented individuals are being cut short of the careers they thought would last. Across a number of different industries, budgets are diminishing and jobs are disappearing. Where does this leave you?


Platinum Resumes recognizes the need for help in the midst of these tough and often unforeseen circumstances. Once laid off, you need a solid strategy for transition back into your specific career field. You need a plan for how to best market yourself to the right company in a way in which will set you apart from other candidates.


At Platinum Resumes, we offer a unique and highly sought after package of services to both the individual being laid off as well as an entire group of employees. We have the capacity to offer our expertise in the field of resume writing, cover letters, references dossiers, LinkedIn profiles, and even interview coaching. This is a very rare set of tools to find offered within a group setting, which is what makes our company such an excellent source of assistance for those being laid off!


If you are facing the reality of impending layoffs in your company, now is the time to develop a strategy of transition for your employees. Pick up the phone and visit with us at Platinum Resumes, and you’ll see that we are the real deal, the ideal solution for taking care of your valued employees and seeing them through this difficult change in the course of their careers. Stay tuned for the remainder of our blog series which will feature practical ways in which this strategy for transition can be accomplished!

May 13th, 2016|Blog|

Why Hire a CPRW?

Certified Professional Resume Writer. What does that mean exactly? Many people have never heard of a CPRW, and, therefore, don’t understand what an asset such a person can be to their job search experience.


In 1991, the Professional Association of Resume Writers created a new certification process as a means to bring greater credibility to the resume writing industry. The certification process consists of a detailed test with mock documentation that is reviewed by a panel of judges, and an applicant only passes by acquiring an adequate score on all modules within the structure of the test. This CPRW certification has become the most widely recognized certificate in resume writing, and seeing these credentials behind someone’s name means that your resume is being written and designed by an expert in the field.


There are only a handful of individuals serving the Kansas City area with a CPRW certification, and we, at Platinum Resumes, have held this certification for more than five years now. Our expertise is beyond compare, and we recommend trusting no one else so fully with your future career than our excellent team. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and let’s get started on working some resume magic!

May 6th, 2016|Blog|
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