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    Has Your Company Been Downsized? Give Us a Week… We’ll Give You a Future

Has Your Company Been Downsized? Give Us a Week… We’ll Give You a Future

Maybe you saw it coming. There were progressively more and more closed doors and hushed voices over the past months. You knew that some sort of change was brewing within the company but were hoping against the worst.


Alternatively, maybe it hit you like a slap in the face. You were taken aback by this sudden announcement. You thought you were just getting started climbing the ladder of success at this company, only to find that your job was being cut.


Getting news that your company has been downsized, and that a large number of jobs are being eliminated, is a tough truth to swallow. There are a myriad of emotions that come with losing your job in such a way.  The anger will come, as will the sadness, worry, and denial. And, although it is necessary to allow yourself the freedom to navigate through those emotions, it is to your benefit to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by these emotions. Denial can be your undoing, keeping you frozen in shock rather than moving forward assertively.


Now that your job is gone, you need a plan. You need an income, sooner than later. Although the realistic process of searching for a new job can take weeks and months, even for the most focused of individuals, you need to act quickly in establishing yourself as a top-notch job candidate. This is where we come into the picture!


Platinum Resumes is comprised of career advancement experts who work to generate interviews and job offers for our clients at a 40-50% faster rate than they could have accomplished on their own. Did you catch that?! We can practically double the odds for you.


You give us approximately 7 days to process your information and customize your resume, and we will, in turn, give you a new future. We guarantee that we will turn the heads of hiring managers and make you a strong and viable candidate for that ultimate job you’ve been hoping for.


Don’t let being downsized literally keep you down. Bounce back and let us help you rise to new career heights! Call us at 816.986.0909 today!

February 26th, 2016|Blog|
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    Feeling Unproductive in Your Job? Sounds Like Somebody Needs a Break

Feeling Unproductive in Your Job? Sounds Like Somebody Needs a Break

Did this work week draggg on for you? I mean, the weekend can’t come soon enough, right?! What’s even tougher than a long week at the office is a long week in which nothing really got accomplished. You sat at your desk for hours on end, pouring over spreadsheets and documents and graphs and charts and whatever else fits the bill. But, were you able to even check anything off of your lengthy to-do list?


Why is it that we often spend so much time attempting to be productive only to find our minds wandering and our projects piling up? If you feel like you need to raise your hand and join this support group, then know that you are not alone. Many of those in our country’s work force find themselves less productive than they intend to be, staring aimlessly at the materials in front of them but void of the creative efforts to surge ahead.


Although we each have our individual reasons and excuses for having an “off” day here and there, there is a common contributing factor that we all share which prohibits our productivity. We do not allow ourselves enough breaks throughout the work day, enough moments to step away and clear our heads for a few minutes.


Maybe you’re in advertising…and vowed to yourself that you would not step away from your desk or answer any phone calls until you thought of that perfect catchphrase, that key word that has been dancing around on the tip of your tongue but just won’t come to mind. Or, maybe you’re a numbers guy…and you refuse to give up until you’ve gotten these pages and pages of figures to balance out.


Although it’s good to make goals for yourself and buckle down and get your work done, it is also important to remember that our energy and brain power is finite. The midnight oil will only burn for so long. You’ve got to cut yourself some slack, as do the rest of us, and recognize that taking breaks and walking away for a few minutes is not counterproductive but will actually fuel your creative juices and help stimulate your thinking.


Studies show that physical movement keeps us from being mentally stagnant. So, stopping what you’re doing once an hour to move around, maybe grabbing a drink or snack in the process, will enable you to gain the boost you need to jump back into your work and regain your lost productivity. Nothing solves the problem of being stuck quite like taking a step back and gathering a fresh pair of eyes on the matter.


So, whatever it is that has you stuck, take a step back and see what a small break and fresh perspective does for you. If your ongoing job search is an area where you are feeling unproductive, and taking a break from creating your various documents doesn’t help you regain momentum, then giving us a call at Platinum Resumes needs to be your next step! We will take the weight of your resume off of your weary hands and put our professional advice into play. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 to gain insight into making yourself a successful and productive job candidate.

February 19th, 2016|Blog|
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    Are Your References Helping You Stand Out Above the Rest? They Can Be!

Are Your References Helping You Stand Out Above the Rest? They Can Be!

Setting yourself apart from the other candidates is one of the main goals in your job search process, right? You do everything you can to show yourself to be the best choice for the job. Your resume has been re-written and tweaked a dozen times. Your cover letter has been drafted with great care to highlight your strengths and appeal to this particular position within the company.


Which third and final piece of the application package is missing? Could it be the interview process you’re leaving out? You’ve got some killer interview skills. You already know that you perform well under pressure and have the perfect wardrobe to deliver a solid, professional appearance for your potential manager. But, there’s a very important piece that comes before the interview is even a possibility.


Delivering an ideal list of pertinent and wide-ranging references will cause you to stand out from the other candidates that you’re competing with, and even from your own resume and cover letter. Presenting three documents to the hiring manager that all have the same look is an organized and uniform approach to getting yourself noticed, but, often, it may not be enough to really cause you to shine brighter than the next guy.


Platinum Resumes works with our clients to create a references dossier that will be sure to capture the attention of any and all decision makers whose hands or inbox it reaches! This list of references needs to include those who can speak to your various skills and abilities and the nature in which you are connected to each person. Having your references laid out in such a manner will allow the hiring manager to quickly see that you have professional contacts that know you well and can attest to the value that you will bring to this future company. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and let us help you to stand out above the rest!

February 12th, 2016|Blog|
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    Are Your Job Search Efforts a Jumbled Mess? Get Your Ducks in a Row

Are Your Job Search Efforts a Jumbled Mess? Get Your Ducks in a Row

There are times to be lax and times to be on your game. If you’re going to groom yourself to become a stellar job candidate, then you have to get yourself together and be organized in your steps. If you have your resume saved on a friend’s computer and the beginnings of your cover letter jotted on a random post-it note, then these are signs that you need to get your organizational act together!


Presenting yourself professionally to a hiring manager means getting your entire presentation package looking nice and neat. Your application should be turned in within a timely manner, complete answers and no blank spots. Your resume, cover letter, and references dossier should be well-polished and concise. These documents should be kept together in one unit and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Whether your organizational preference involves filing cabinets and manila folders, flash drives, Google Docs or any other flavor of choice, the important part is that your records are well kept and routinely updated. If you think you’re out of the running for the job of your choice only to get a call late one afternoon saying that you’re back in, you need to have your job search weapons ready to fire. Having all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your application package already puts you ahead of the pack.


So, where do you start in this process?


  • Step 1… is a reality check, the realization of how sloppy you’ve let yourself become.
  • Step 2… is to buckle down and do the work of updating your documentation and figuring out the best way to keep all of the necessary elements together in a professional fashion.
  • Step 3… is to confidently wait for your next opportunity to jump on a fresh job offer.
  • Step 4… is to continuously evaluate where you can make improvements and competitively put your best foot forward.
  • Step 5… is to reach out for help when you recognize that need for improvement and enable Platinum Resumes to come to your aid, providing an expert touch on your resume and other forms of documentation so that you can become a top contender for the job of your dreams!
February 5th, 2016|Blog|
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