Networking, networking, networking…

  We have all figured this out by now. The key to almost everything in our lives today - networking. Webster defines it as “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Regardless of our hard work and potential, there seems to be a point at which it kind of just boils down to who you know.   Having trouble getting an appointment with that highly sought after physician? Not if you know somebody who works in his office. Prepared to spend months on the waiting list for your child to get into the preschool of choice? You can just skip that step if you have an inside guy. Or, maybe you’ve had your eye on this dream job for months, only to discover that it was given to a candidate who was a friend of a friend of a friend at the [...]

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The ABC’s of Cover Letter Writing

Finding yourself looking for a job can sometimes be a pretty tricky place to be, right? So many details to consider, and each company is probably asking you to go about providing those details in different ways. Whether you are on the job search fresh out of school or looking for something new after years in your current job, pulling together documents and resources for a hiring manager can be a daunting task.   Over the years, we have discovered that many of our clients have gotten stuck along the job search path when it comes to writing a strong cover letter. Resumes tend to carry more of a format, whereas cover letters remain a bit more obscure and harder to wrap one’s head around. There are questions of confusion as to what is technically supposed to be included with this letter. There are those who feel they should not omit any details and provide [...]

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Creating the Best Version of Yourself: How to Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016

New year, new you. Right? Everyone is still holding tight to their New Year’s Resolutions and plans for change. Whether we are holding a true allegiance to our new diets or exercise habits, the good intentions are still in firmly in place at this point. This time of year seems to find each of us hungry for a fresh start, a new perspective, and improved goals for ourselves and our careers.   Creating the best version of ourselves is something that we all dream of and hope to achieve as quickly as possible. For some it takes longer than others to reach that finish line, but it will inevitably take you a reallllly long time if you keep putting it off! Taking steps toward improvement can greatly affect our personal lives as well as affecting us professionally.   If you are currently on the job search or anticipate that you will be soon, then this [...]

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Choose Platinum Resumes and Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired by 40% or MORE

You’ve been walking this road of unemployment alone for weeks and weeks to no avail. There are potential bites that never come to fruition and inklings of second interviews that have yet to unfold. As you sit around, mindlessly combing through social media and waiting on the next promising phone call or email to come through, why not use that time to explore your options for career advancement.   Having your resume done by a Certified Professional Resume Writer improves your chances of online response, interview requests, and job offers by 40% or more! When you hear of this huge percentage, why would you consider anything other than immediately moving forward with such a professional on your team? The career advancement experts at Platinum Resumes know what it takes to get results in the job market. We consistently find ourselves working with clients who were going it alone, struggling to find the confidence and hope necessary [...]

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Your Job Search: The Do’s and Do Not’s for 2016

The beginning of a brand new year can bring with it excitement and anticipation as well as a bit of fear and apprehension. You’ve got high hopes and big plans for your career, but there are days when you can’t keep your doubts at bay. You want to make all of the right moves and turn all of the appropriate heads, but you wonder if you’re always going about it the right way.   If you find yourself amidst these circumstances, know that you are not alone. Today, many others are stepping into a fresh year of unknowns. We, at Platinum Resumes, hope to see you embrace this season with confidence and positivity. Although you may not know where your next paycheck is coming from, or which company you will soon call home, you can still keep your head above water and get the right tools together.   Our clients come to us from all [...]

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