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We have all figured this out by now. The key to almost everything in our lives today – networking. Webster defines it as the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Regardless of our hard work and potential, there seems to be a point at which it kind of just boils down to who you know.


Having trouble getting an appointment with that highly sought after physician? Not if you know somebody who works in his office. Prepared to spend months on the waiting list for your child to get into the preschool of choice? You can just skip that step if you have an inside guy. Or, maybe you’ve had your eye on this dream job for months, only to discover that it was given to a candidate who was a friend of a friend of a friend at the company. The concept of networking can be exasperating if you’re on the outside, right?!


This fact could get you down if you let it. Knowing that there is another job candidate out there who has an “in” that you don’t is not a comforting fact. However, there are often times where you have more control than you realize in a situation such as this. It is possible that you have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to networking. There are sources that could be utilized if only you took the time to understand how these systems really work.


The technology that we have at our fingertips today makes this process even easier than before. In a matter of minutes, you can trade emails or messages through Facebook or LinkedIn and reconnect with a long-lost friend or former colleague whom you haven’t heard from in years. This can greatly work in your favor when it comes to networking.


Another method for curing your networking woes is to join forces with Platinum Resumes and allow our connections to become your connections! Choosing to come on board as a new client will benefit you in a number of ways in regards to strengthening yourself as a strong job candidate. We have built a very powerful network of professionals in the Greater Kansas City area. Many employers love to meet and interview our clients, which often leads to excellent employment matches.


So, if you’re stuck without any leads and keep thinking that networking is that one piece that you could improve upon, then it’s time to give us a call and get connected. We can teach you more about the power of networking and how to make connections that will serve you well.

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The ABC’s of Cover Letter Writing

Finding yourself looking for a job can sometimes be a pretty tricky place to be, right? So many details to consider, and each company is probably asking you to go about providing those details in different ways. Whether you are on the job search fresh out of school or looking for something new after years in your current job, pulling together documents and resources for a hiring manager can be a daunting task.


Over the years, we have discovered that many of our clients have gotten stuck along the job search path when it comes to writing a strong cover letter. Resumes tend to carry more of a format, whereas cover letters remain a bit more obscure and harder to wrap one’s head around. There are questions of confusion as to what is technically supposed to be included with this letter. There are those who feel they should not omit any details and provide far too much information about the ins and outs of their previous jobs, while others see their cover letter as simply a means of saying, “Hey, sir. I’m Steve, and just a heads up that I want this job. Peace.”


We decided it might be helpful for you to have a few tips for writing your next cover letter! While this task may be perceived as more of an afterthought with a more informal tone than your resume, it is most definitely still a piece of your job application process that can move your name to the top of the list or send you sailing to the bottom. That said, it is important to see the impact of this letter and do your best to deliver a top-notch product into the hands of your potential employer.


Without further ado, the ABC’s of Cover Letter Writing…


AAccomplishments should be pertinent and detailed. Although there is the urge to really pat yourself on the back here and let them know how awesome you have been in your career, it is important to pick out the highlights that are most pertinent to the job you are pursuing and that best define who you are as a force in your field. Do not sell yourself short in this concise presentation of what you have to offer, but make sure that you are sharing the accomplishments that best describe the asset you would be to the particular job at hand.


B – Be confident in your mission to convince this company that you are the right individual for the job. Do not paint an exaggerated picture that is untrue, but don’t be afraid to make bold statements about what you have done before and the potential that you have to do again. Employers don’t want to see someone who is shaky on how qualified or ready they are for this job. In contrast, they are looking for someone who exceeds their expectations, an employee who already knows that they will soar in this future position.


C – Call Platinum Resumes when you find yourself still stuck in this writing process. It is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom to seek advice from a professional in the field. We have had the pleasure of seeing a sigh of relief on so many client’s faces when they realize that they can lift this burden from their hands and place it into ours. We will take your efforts and accomplishments and organize them in a layout that will catch the eye of your potential employer and move your name right up to the top of the stack.


Affordable Professional Resume Writing Services | Platinum Resumes |



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    Creating the Best Version of Yourself: How to Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016

Creating the Best Version of Yourself: How to Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016

New year, new you. Right? Everyone is still holding tight to their New Year’s Resolutions and plans for change. Whether we are holding a true allegiance to our new diets or exercise habits, the good intentions are still in firmly in place at this point. This time of year seems to find each of us hungry for a fresh start, a new perspective, and improved goals for ourselves and our careers.


Creating the best version of ourselves is something that we all dream of and hope to achieve as quickly as possible. For some it takes longer than others to reach that finish line, but it will inevitably take you a reallllly long time if you keep putting it off! Taking steps toward improvement can greatly affect our personal lives as well as affecting us professionally.


If you are currently on the job search or anticipate that you will be soon, then this call for improvement is very necessary in how you are putting yourself out there to potential employers. You know the basic drill – stellar resume, impressive cover letter, flawless interview technique. The triple threat needed to tackle any and all job opportunities. However, in addition to these essential items, there are other platforms on which you need to be marketing yourself and highlighting your strongest skills.


One such platform is LinkedIn. Maintaining a seamless and professionally appealing LinkedIn profile is key to gaining a larger volume of interest from hiring managers and companies on the lookout for anyone in your particular field. LinkedIn is constantly looking for ways to improve their services and techniques, and the most recent updates for 2016 are extremely helpful in efforts to further development your professional appearance and reel in the company of your choice.


These new improvements include…


Updated Job Postings – more insight into the job/company you are interested in, with ability to see who you are connected to at the particular company


Greater Emphasis on Skills – your LinkedIn Skills are now more useful and instrumental in gaining attention from recruiters than ever before


New Groups Experience – with a few different tweaks to the groups function, this avenue of connecting with others via LinkedIn is easier and more detailed than before


Different Messaging System – moving to more of a chat style than formal and lengthy messages


Want more info on how to freshen up your LinkedIn profile? Give us a call us at Platinum Resumes. We will take your ambition and skill set and add our expert touch! We understand the significance of using all possible tools to create the best marketable version of yourself as a job candidate. Call us at 816.986.0909 today!

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    Choose Platinum Resumes and Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired by 40% or MORE

Choose Platinum Resumes and Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired by 40% or MORE

You’ve been walking this road of unemployment alone for weeks and weeks to no avail. There are potential bites that never come to fruition and inklings of second interviews that have yet to unfold. As you sit around, mindlessly combing through social media and waiting on the next promising phone call or email to come through, why not use that time to explore your options for career advancement.


Having your resume done by a Certified Professional Resume Writer improves your chances of online response, interview requests, and job offers by 40% or more! When you hear of this huge percentage, why would you consider anything other than immediately moving forward with such a professional on your team? The career advancement experts at Platinum Resumes know what it takes to get results in the job market. We consistently find ourselves working with clients who were going it alone, struggling to find the confidence and hope necessary to keep pushing forward toward achieving that dream job. There are so many promising and talented individuals who settle for a job they are unhappy with because it was all that they could nail down at the time.


Let us help you not to become one of those such individuals. Let us intervene and put our professional touch on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and more. We can guarantee that, with our services, you will land interviews and receive job offers that would not have previously been possible. Your charm and outstanding skill set will benefit you down the road, but so much of the first impression you make on hiring managers is through words and documentation.


If you want your resume to rise to the top of the stack, rather than sailing straight to the bottom, then give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and let us get you there!


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Your Job Search: The Do’s and Do Not’s for 2016

The beginning of a brand new year can bring with it excitement and anticipation as well as a bit of fear and apprehension. You’ve got high hopes and big plans for your career, but there are days when you can’t keep your doubts at bay. You want to make all of the right moves and turn all of the appropriate heads, but you wonder if you’re always going about it the right way.


If you find yourself amidst these circumstances, know that you are not alone. Today, many others are stepping into a fresh year of unknowns. We, at Platinum Resumes, hope to see you embrace this season with confidence and positivity. Although you may not know where your next paycheck is coming from, or which company you will soon call home, you can still keep your head above water and get the right tools together.


Our clients come to us from all walks of life, but they all share a common thread. Each individual has the aptitude and potential to do great things but needs some professional attention to the details of their resume, cover letter, interview technique, and so forth. This list of things to do and not to do will help lead you to success in 2016…


Do: Seek a professional opinion when polishing off your resume for that next big job opportunity.

Do Not: Flip through your junk drawer, find your old thumb drive, and just decide to submit the resume you wrote back in college.


Do: Take your interview seriously.

Do Not: Wake up five minutes before it’s time to leave.


Do: Choose an interview outfit that makes a statement about your level of professionalism.

Do Not: Throw your favorite sweater in the dryer to knock out the wrinkles and just hope for the best.


Do: Choose words that leave the employer wanting for more of your ingenuity and talent.

Do Not: Share the crude joke you heard the night before or the sob story of the drama from a job you quit five years back.


Do: Call Platinum Resumes and get assistance in developing a stronger, more competitive, and more eloquent representation of yourself.

Do Not: Keep putting off your job search, assuming that eventually a decent opportunity will just fall into your lap.


To all of our former clients and to those who we will have the privilege of reaching this year, we wish you a Happy and Successful 2016!

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