Tis the Season for Joy, Peace, and Rest

Today marks the most beloved of holidays for so many of us! We’ve got a lifetime of Christmas memories, some we may choose to remember more fondly than others. Many of us pack up our bags and travel miles and miles by car or by plane to visit dear family and friends. Others stay put in our own comfy beds as we open our homes to our loved ones.   Christmas is spent full of tradition. Maybe you’re the family that puts together a 3-day spread of gifts, games and food of all kinds. Or, your group might be the ones who like to change it up every year. You don’t like to be traditional, yet your rebellion toward tradition becomes a tradition itself. Either way, most everyone looks forward to their holiday and makes plans for months in advance.   Regardless of where or how you spend your Christmas, it is usually a time [...]

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How to Say Thanks to Your Boss and Coworkers This Christmas

Tis the season….for office parties, formal company dinners, and all of the hoopla that goes along with it. If your boss is anything like Michael Scott, then your work will take the back burner for a few hours, and your office party will no doubt be a wild and memorable occasion. Or, maybe your small company celebrates the holiday season in a more intimate setting, in your manager’s home or at a local restaurant. Whatever type of celebration is planned, it is sure to be a festive time enjoyed by those with whom you share the majority of your waking hours.   Sometimes, though, we get caught up in the entertainment piece of the party and forget that we wanted to find a way to thank our coworkers and superiors for making our job so worthwhile. We have spent weeks shopping for family and friends, but we sometimes forget to add those faces around the [...]

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Your Job Search… The End of One Year but Beginning of Another

Everywhere you look, you’re seeing people forking over their money. Buying gifts, booking airline tickets, reserving a lodge in the mountains…everyone is preparing for the holidays. This can be a difficult time of year for those who are keeping a close eye on their dwindling cash flow. After all, you planned to have a job by now. Who would’ve ever thought that it would take this long to find new employment?   As the year draws to a close, at a time when so many are bursting with cheer and merriment, others are suffering from a heavy weight on their shoulders. Maybe you’ve done well at saving your money over the years and aren’t feeling too burdensome of a strain on your finances. Or, on the other hand, you might be having to say ‘no’ a lot more than you’re accustomed to over the holidays. Not as many gifts under the tree, not too extravagant [...]

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A Few Considerations for Your Wintertime Interview Attire

As the seasons are changing and colder weather is approaching, you are likely realizing it is that time again. Time to delve into the depths of your closet and bring forward all of your warmer clothes. Although you might be tempted to locate and settle into your favorite sweatshirt for the entirety of winter, that’s probably not your best choice for your next job interview!   There might be some clothing staples like a nice tailored coat or pair of black boots that last you from year to year and need no updating. Or, maybe you’ve gone down a few sizes since last winter and need to refresh your entire professional wardrobe. Either way, there are a few considerations to be made as you prepare your options for job interviews over the coming months.   Know Your Specific Environment   Each office has its own expectations regarding dress code for its employees. You need to [...]

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