Tis the Season for Joy, Peace, and Rest

Today marks the most beloved of holidays for so many of us! We’ve got a lifetime of Christmas memories, some we may choose to remember more fondly than others. Many of us pack up our bags and travel miles and miles by car or by plane to visit dear family and friends. Others stay put in our own comfy beds as we open our homes to our loved ones.


Christmas is spent full of tradition. Maybe you’re the family that puts together a 3-day spread of gifts, games and food of all kinds. Or, your group might be the ones who like to change it up every year. You don’t like to be traditional, yet your rebellion toward tradition becomes a tradition itself. Either way, most everyone looks forward to their holiday and makes plans for months in advance.


Regardless of where or how you spend your Christmas, it is usually a time that you seek to fill with joy, peace, and rest. You do your best to tie down all of the pertinent details so that you are freed up at this time of year. You have been looking into the faces of those whom you love the most for many weeks and promising them that you will slow down long enough to just ‘be’ with them. You desire to stop and absorb the special and magical feelings that come with Christmastime, to relish the joy and peace that rests within that tradition.


Sadly, however, there is yet another group of individuals who may find themselves in none of the aforementioned scenarios. This group describes those who are swamped with work throughout the entirety of the holiday season. Whether you were assigned that last minute project without any choice, or you volunteered for such a task, there is something to be said to the way in which this holiday will be spent for you.


Joy and peace and true rest are things that you will have to fight hard for today. Your dedication must be paired with a self-discipline and time management that allows you to push hard enough to win yourself a pocket of down time. Not just on Christmas Day, but all throughout the year, we all need to relearn the art of rest. We, as hard-working designers, teachers, CEOs, writers, engineers, secretaries, doctors, lawyers and so many more, need to recognize our limitations and needs. We need to realize that our productivity depends very heavily on our state of rest.


So, if you find yourself buried with paperwork or emails or whatever else is keeping you away from finding joy in your Christmas this year, we urge you to stop where you are and reconsider your plans for the day. Remember that seeking a peaceful rest and joyful heart is necessary for each of us, this day and every day. Once we find our own unique way of making this happen, then we will suddenly find ourselves as better and more fulfilled employees, bosses, mothers, boyfriends, daughters, brothers and whatever other title fits the bill. We will be a better and more complete version of ourselves because we are pulling back the reigns and insisting on taking a break. Our days in this life are quickly fleeting, so let’s soak up the blessings before us and choose joy.


Merry Christmas from Platinum Resumes!

December 25th, 2015|Blog|

How to Say Thanks to Your Boss and Coworkers This Christmas

Tis the season….for office parties, formal company dinners, and all of the hoopla that goes along with it. If your boss is anything like Michael Scott, then your work will take the back burner for a few hours, and your office party will no doubt be a wild and memorable occasion. Or, maybe your small company celebrates the holiday season in a more intimate setting, in your manager’s home or at a local restaurant. Whatever type of celebration is planned, it is sure to be a festive time enjoyed by those with whom you share the majority of your waking hours.


Sometimes, though, we get caught up in the entertainment piece of the party and forget that we wanted to find a way to thank our coworkers and superiors for making our job so worthwhile. We have spent weeks shopping for family and friends, but we sometimes forget to add those faces around the office to our shopping list. Or, alternatively, maybe you’ve been remembering these friends from work but don’t have the resources to give as generously as you would like.


But, how do you know what to buy for your boss or friends from work? This thoughtful task can seem pretty daunting, especially if you’re still fairly new at your job. We’ve compiled a few ways in which you could pass along your gratitude to your coworkers, without feeling tied down to a generic gift card or box of candy canes. This year, why not consider giving a gift that brings with it real meaning. Something that says more than just, “Here you go. See ya next year.”


Not every gift has to be wrapped up with a pretty bow on top. Try thinking outside the box and consider these ways of showing your thanks around the office.


Cook for your team – Whether you are personally wearing the chef’s hat or leaving that part to your better half, surprise your team of coworkers by preparing a meal for them. All of the sweets and treats seem to be accounted for around the holidays, but you can really bring smiles around the office by providing a home cooked meal.


Plan something special – Gather several of your coworkers together and pool your money toward a more personal, unique gift for your boss. Whether it’s a weekend getaway from the usual load of stress, a full day at the fancy spa downtown, or a year of those tennis lessons he’s always wanted. Brainstorm about a gift that will show that you really put some thought into it.


Give to those in need and include your office – There are always needy families at this time of year, those who cannot provide a warm meal or a few presents for their children. Instead of spending your money on those at your company, take that money and spend it on doing something for others. Let your coworkers know what you are planning and include them in the process. Take someone with you to deliver the gifts and then go back to the office and share with them the look on the children’s faces when you arrived at their door. Make sure your manager knows that your wonderful job is what allows you to provide for others in such a way.


Book of thanks – Get connected with your creative side and make a little scrapbook of thanks for your boss. Not generic, stereoptypical words of thanks but specific examples of ways in which he or she has impacted you in your career. You will most likely find that this type of gift is a rarity and is much appreciated. Most employees never stop to truly express their gratitude to the one who leads so well.

December 18th, 2015|Blog|
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    Your Job Search… The End of One Year but Beginning of Another

Your Job Search… The End of One Year but Beginning of Another

Everywhere you look, you’re seeing people forking over their money. Buying gifts, booking airline tickets, reserving a lodge in the mountains…everyone is preparing for the holidays. This can be a difficult time of year for those who are keeping a close eye on their dwindling cash flow. After all, you planned to have a job by now. Who would’ve ever thought that it would take this long to find new employment?


As the year draws to a close, at a time when so many are bursting with cheer and merriment, others are suffering from a heavy weight on their shoulders. Maybe you’ve done well at saving your money over the years and aren’t feeling too burdensome of a strain on your finances. Or, on the other hand, you might be having to say ‘no’ a lot more than you’re accustomed to over the holidays. Not as many gifts under the tree, not too extravagant of a menu at your annual parties and dinners, or the loss of a traditional holiday family vacation to visit loved ones.


Your sense of hope and confidence in your job search may have become a distant memory, a glimmer of that silver lining at the end of this seemingly endless wait. Ending the year down in the dumps is not an ideal situation, but, thankfully, it is not your only option! There is, in fact, still hope.


With a new year comes a fresh start. You can bitterly hang on to what was lost or unaccomplished in 2015, or you can buckle down and do your very best to make sure that 2016 finishes differently for you. You can stop focusing on the closed doors and, rather, follow hard after the open ones. At Platinum Resumes, we love to see clients with confidence and hope. Job seekers who are ready to claim the prize for which they have been working so hard, a job. And, if we have things our way, it will not be just any job that you will claim, but a job that is beyond what you were planning to settle on.


Preparing your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, and determining your target companies are a few ways in which you can best organize yourself to get off on your best foot for your 2016 job search. If you find yourself needing some expert advice in your planning, then don’t hesitate to give Platinum Resumes a call. We can assist you in spiffing up your resume and cover letter while also getting you ready to nail a job interview. Call 816.986.0909 to get your new year started right!

December 11th, 2015|Blog|

A Few Considerations for Your Wintertime Interview Attire

As the seasons are changing and colder weather is approaching, you are likely realizing it is that time again. Time to delve into the depths of your closet and bring forward all of your warmer clothes. Although you might be tempted to locate and settle into your favorite sweatshirt for the entirety of winter, that’s probably not your best choice for your next job interview!


There might be some clothing staples like a nice tailored coat or pair of black boots that last you from year to year and need no updating. Or, maybe you’ve gone down a few sizes since last winter and need to refresh your entire professional wardrobe. Either way, there are a few considerations to be made as you prepare your options for job interviews over the coming months.


Know Your Specific Environment


Each office has its own expectations regarding dress code for its employees. You need to do your homework before arriving for your interview by learning the dress code of this particular company. There are so many nerves that go into the whole process of interviewing for a potential job, and you want to tackle all obstacles within your grasp. Knowing what to expect and how to dress your best for appealing to the hiring manager will help set at least some of those nerves at ease.




Choosing which top coat to wear over your interview attire does not to be a last-minute, flippant choice. It is likely the first impression that you are sending to this new company, and you want to appear professional and well put-together. Your coat should fit you well and be in good condition. Even if you have already removed your coat by the time that you meet the management, you are most likely still carrying it with you and any sign of dirt, holes, etc. will be visible.




Particularly at this time of year, consider your mode of transportation when selecting your shoes. If you will be walking through snowy, wet conditions, then consider how that will affect your attire and your shoes. Just as you shouldn’t grab whatever coat is most handy as you’re walking out the door, you should also consider your shoes with care. They should, obviously, pair well with your outfit and appear in good condition, but you must also consider how well you can move around in your shoes. Stay away from that cute pair of shoes that look great but give you blisters or cause you to walk funny.




If you’re concerned that your interview attire is minimal to non-existent for the colder weather, then you should consider a layering approach before feeling the need to buy all new clothing. When on the job search, you are likely operating on a strict budget and having clothing options already at your disposal can be very helpful. You can take that short-sleeved top that you already have and add a sweater or blazer on top of it. Consider what you’ve got to couple together!


Check the weather


The last tip when dressing for a wintertime interview is to check the weather the night before. You may not regularly wear a hat, scarf, or any other outerwear, but you don’t want to show up as a sloppy, wet mess for your big interview. Sometimes grabbing an umbrella will do the trick in protecting you from the elements, but there are some conditions that require more precaution. Waterproof mascara can sometimes be a helpful touch in keeping your appearance together after a long, dreary commute.


For any other questions pertaining to how to best prepare yourself for your important job interview, please contact us at Platinum Resumes. We are experienced in working with individuals, such as yourself, who are navigating the potentially rough waters that a job search can bring, and we will stick with you as you rise above those tough circumstances and find your way. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and let’s get your foot in the door of that company that you thought was out of your reach!

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