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    Shopping for a Resume? It’s Like Black Friday Every Day at Platinum Resumes

Shopping for a Resume? It’s Like Black Friday Every Day at Platinum Resumes

We are still in search of a good bargain, an opportunity to save our hard-earned money whenever we can. We continue to read reviews and seek the lesser expensive route, but we more often give up on finding it.


For those who are currently in the midst of a job search, or preparing the way for transitioning out of an existing job, then counting the costs is probably front and center on your mind. You want to score that dream job, to take a step up toward a more challenging position with better pay instead of backsliding and settling for whatever you can find first. So, what’s stopping you from reaching for the stars? Most likely it is both fear and money.


I want to get help with writing my resume, but how much does that cost? I am super rusty on my interview skills, but how in the world could I find any legitimate help with that? My friends tell me I need a professional-looking LinkedIn profile, but what in the world are they talking about?


If this describes you and your current circumstances, then we, at Platinum Resumes, come bearing good news. We offer services to help you in the exact ways that you need help, but we do so at a cost that is worth your time. We are not going to take your hard-earned money and squander it, but, instead, take what you give us and maximize it’s worth so that you are landing interviews and getting your foot in the door of companies that you never dreamed possible.


Our satisfied clients will stand by us, one after the other, in sharing that their money was well spent and much worth the quality product received. We share our client responses on our website specifically for folks such as yourself, who is shopping for the possibility of enlisting professional help in the job search but unsure if the product is worth the price tag. We can assure you that it is!


Our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers has come together as a force to be reckoned with. We believe that the talent and expertise that we pour into your new resume, references dossier, and whatever other services you request of us, will yield amazing results and draw notice of your potential more quickly than you could’ve arranged on your own. Platinum Resumes is the Black Friday deal you’ve been looking for, and we’re here to present you with a high quality product with which you will be pleased. Call us today at 816.986.0909 and let us prove that to you!

November 27th, 2015|Blog|

The Golden Handcuffs… Well Paid but Miserable

We have written here before about being unhappy with your job. Maybe you’ve lost the fire for your work that you once had? Or, even more disturbing, maybe you never had that passionate fire to begin with?


We are all surrounded in our careers by those who are going through the daily and weekly tasks that their job requires. Project after project is being completed, on-time and on-point. You may never hear a spoken complaint. However, how often do you see a smile on the face of such individuals? A sense of belonging and connectedness to their work?

These folks that we have described are often struggling with the concept of the Golden Handcuffs. Knowingly or blinded, they are being held down to their jobs, as unhappy as they are, because their pay and benefits are too great to be lost. They fear that the loss of their job will result in the loss of a compensation that will never again be matched!


These employees are often haunted by these handcuffs because they keep them trapped in a sad and hopeless situation, keeping up with the day-to-day needs that their job requires but doing so without heart for their work. Oftentimes, the employer is well aware that this individual may be drifting toward the exit door and will do anything in their power to entice the unsatisfied employee to stick around.


These enticements that the employer offers will usually offer a strong temptation to the employee, adding greater value on top of their already decent salary. Thus, the decision on whether or not to leave the job, and seek something which sparks a greater interest, becomes harder and harder. The weary employee must sit back and weigh the odds, consider their career possibilities with the probable permanent loss of such a comfortable compensation.


This can be a hard road to navigate! Thankfully, if this scenario describes you, you are not alone nor without hope for determining a happier future for yourself. As a company, Platinum Resumes would love to step into your circumstances and help you decipher what your next move should be. If you want to explore other career opportunities but are unsure of what your chances look like at scoring that top notch job, then you need to give us a call and we’ll get you that chance!


November 20th, 2015|Blog|

Platinum Resumes: Once a Client…Always a Client

You know that feeling when you run into someone that you haven’t seen in a long time, and he or she seems to have forgotten your name? Maybe it was that guy who shared a cubicle with you for years several jobs back. He ran into you recently in a restaurant and acted as though he had no clue who you were. Being cared about today and forgotten about tomorrow is never a good feeling!


We understand that and always seek to do all we can to avoid that forgotten feeling with our clients. Once you have signed on with Platinum Resumes, we are with you. Even if you thought you just needed a bit of quick help with a resume, you may find that further down the road you are stuck once again.


We are constantly being approached by clients who we have helped in the past but still desire our professional opinion on a new matter. This is where we separate ourselves from the other companies in our line of work. We don’t forget, and you and your career development remain very important to us.


There is nobody with more reviews or positive feedback in Kansas City! If you haven’t already, go and check out our Google feedback, and you will see for yourself why we are so confident in our work. We will take on your resume challenge and work our hardest to get you the interviews that you thought were otherwise impossible.


In addition, if you have used our services and are still finding yourself with no results after an active job search of 12 weeks, then we will visit with you and revamp your resume at no additional charge. That is a promise that we will stand by! Our results are 100% guaranteed, and we would love for you to give us a call today so that you can become our next beloved client.

November 13th, 2015|Blog|
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    For Those Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance… You’re Not Alone

For Those Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance… You’re Not Alone

We are a generation of competitive overachievers. We are taught in our families and in our classrooms, from an early age, to drive ourselves to the top and work hard to gain that which we dream and hope will come our way. We seek to outrank and out-earn our neighbors, with no regard as to what those endeavors are actually costing us in the long run.


Is it wrong to have a competitive spirit? No way. Is it bad to push yourself to achieve bigger and better things? Not necessarily. Is there any real harm in pouring your time and sweat into your work? It depends.


The takeaway from all of this…is that it’s all about balance. Climb the ladder of success but stop and look down from time to time. Work hard to earn that paycheck but take a day off here and there to enjoy its benefits. Bring your passion to work with you in the morning, but don’t forget to take it with you when you leave and spread its wealth to other areas of your life, as well.


If this finds you as that individual who is all out of whack, then be encouraged that there is a solution for you! If you are feeling every ounce of the unbalanced weight and seeing the life sucked out of you before your very eyes, know that you are the one in charge of your own scale.


You are supposed to have control over which side gets the heavier distribution and for how long. If you feel bogged down with projects, no free time to spend with your family and friends and can’t even manage to squeeze in that ballgame on tv, then ask yourself these questions.  What can I cut out? How can I manage my time more efficiently? Am I avoiding saying ‘no’ to tasks that I have no reason to be accepting?


Maybe there’s a major deadline looming, and your job simply requires that you do nothing but work and sleep for this particular week. Some things are beyond your control. However, you can choose not to make such behavior a habit. You get the ultimate say-so in your list of priorities!


If, however, you’re finding yourself with little say-so in your life and a desire to steer yourself in a new direction yet unsure which path to take, then we’re here to help you find your way. Platinum Resumes exists to instill confidence in individuals who are lacking such and to put them on a path to a job that will allow them to flourish. Call us today and let us help to restore the proper balance to your life!

November 6th, 2015|Blog|
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