Writing a Resume for the Self-Employed Entrepreneur

Getting yourself organized and put together for a job search is a job in and of itself. Trying to reword your outdated resume and write a proper cover letter can be daunting work for those who haven’t looked for a new job in a long time. Moreover, there’s the interview process to consider and think through!


This whole ordeal can be quite overwhelming to some, especially if you are stepping out of self-employment and back into the job market. There will be many adjustments to consider as you make this transition, such as answering to another person rather than being your own boss and adapting to a set schedule instead of setting your own hours. This change can be hard to swallow for those who have been self-employed for many years, but the new season can also be exciting.


One thing you don’t want to have to worry about, as you take this plunge from working in your living room to commuting to the office, is how to format your resume to include your entrepreneurial efforts. How do you go about listing your years spent self-employed in a way that promotes your productivity and dependability as an employee? How can you represent your self-made company in a way that wows the hiring manager and gets you on the interview roster?


These questions can be best answered and tackled by a professional resume writer, such as those you will find at Platinum Resumes. There are times when you can easily handle the task ahead of you, and other times when it’s a better choice to reach out for help from an expert in the field.


Platinum Resumes seeks to step in to the midst of each client’s circumstances and lead each person to a point of confidence. Our staff will help you draft a professional and impressive resume, highlighting all of your time spent working for yourself and catching the hiring manager’s attention in the process. Call us today at 816.986.0909, and we will prepare you for your next career adventure!

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Do Your Passions and Your Paycheck Collide?

It is reported that the average American will spend 90,000 hours of their lives at work. Kind of blows your mind to consider that number, huh? Let’s break that down a bit… You’ve got 24 hours in a day, so 168 hours in  a week, making 8,736 hours in your year. If you consider the statistic above, then that means that working 90,000 hours in your lifetime is the equivalent of working approximately 10.3 years straight, all day every day. Now that’s really mind-blowing!


What’s even more staggering is that only around 30% of those individuals, who are spending 90,000 hours of their lives at work, actually enjoy what they do and the company that they keep at work. The large majority of Americans are spending a full decade of their lives toiling away in an environment that brings no happiness and fulfills no passion! What a sad truth to be revealed.


So, now that we are aware of such a huge problem affecting our country’s workforce, what are we to do about it? How can we create a way to allow our passions and our paychecks to be aligned with one another and not in opposition? Something has to be done to change the statistics and create a job market that is filled with those who love what they do and are not only tolerant but excited to dig into their work every day.


Platinum Resumes is doing our part to contribute to this new trend of job-lovers. As we take on new clients and work with them to further develop and market themselves, it is our strong desire to ignite that unique passion within. We want to help you, as a client, to recognize your talents, skill sets, and passionate interests, so that we can include those in customizing your resume and leading you toward a job that suits you well.


Our work on your resume, cover letter, references dossier, LinkedIn profile, interview preparation, and so forth will be carried out in such a way that we are redefining who you really are and what tasks and projects make you fully come alive. We have seen so many people who are stagnant in their careers and very unhappy with their day-to-day existence as it pertains to anything work-related.


Life is too short to remain in this rut! If you find yourself in the 70% of those who are unhappy with their work, it’s time to make a change. Rediscover what makes you tick, the creative inspiration that once drove you, that which brings out your best work. If you’re lost as to how to get to that point, then let us help you find your way. Call Platinum Resumes at 816.986.0909 today, and we would love to help you find a way to get paid for doing what you love to do!

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    Tossing the Templates and Providing Customized, Client-Specific Work

Tossing the Templates and Providing Customized, Client-Specific Work

With everything so quickly and easily accessible online, we, as a society, are finding ourselves more and more self-sufficient. Why buy laundry detergent when Pinterest can tell you how to make your own? Why take your car to the mechanic when a YouTube video will walk you through the necessary steps yourself? And, to hone in on our specific interest, why ask a professional to write a resume for you when you can spend a few seconds grabbing a free template yourself?


The principle of the matter seems quite simple. You need a job, so, therefore, you need a resume. The one you once used is ancient, and you have no idea where the zip drive is located that might or might not even still house the aforementioned resume. So, you need a fresh start, and you need it now. The easiest thing to do next is to search online for a nice-looking resume template, preferably in your career field, and to download that sucker and get started.


While this method of resume creation may work for some, it is a pretty cut and dry process and lacks creativity in highlighting yourself as an employee. The purpose of creating a fresh resume is to propel yourself forward in your job search and to get that resume into the hands of the hiring manager at your company of choice. If he or she is looking at a document that looks like every other document in the stack, then there’s a minimal chance that there will be an interview in your future.


So, how do you change these odds and make your resume stand out? Toss that template and consider a customized document that was created uniquely for you. Platinum Resumes is comprised of a team of certified, professional resume writers who can do just that. Each client brings a different background, skill level, and aptitude to the table, and each resume is created with that particular person and their specific career path in mind.


Wait, though…that sounds really involved, huh? Time is definitely not something you’re able to spare. Well, you’re in luck, because in addition to generating creative and custom work for each client, it only takes about 7 business days for Platinum Resumes to get the job done. Once we get the initial paperwork back from you, we will get busy with your resume and have a copy ready for you to edit in a flash. We know how valuable your time is and how important this piece of documentation is in your job search.


So, quit searching endlessly for that perfect template that you keep trying to tweak and spin to make it your own. Give Platinum Resumes a call today at 816.986.0909 and let us have a hand in re-creating your future!

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    How is the Job Search Going??…. How to Answer Their Many Questions

How is the Job Search Going??…. How to Answer Their Many Questions

Have you ever been dating someone for a long time and had to answer the frequently asked, “So, are you two ever going to get married?” That question gets seriously old after a while, huh?! Or, maybe you took the marriage plunge and then were faced with the ever popular and incessant, “So, when are you going to have a baby?” (insert…nudge, nudge, poke in the ribs, big grin)

We’re an inquisitive culture, aren’t we? Always wanting to be ‘in the know’ and asking questions that may be seemingly harmless at their root but start to feel intrusive and quite annoying as they’re asked repeatedly, especially by the same person. These inquisitive folks in your life will most likely be just as interested in your unemployment as they were in your dating relationships and plans to reproduce.

If you have not already become familiar with hearing the “So, how is the job search going?” question, then you need to get accustomed to hearing it. Many people, in all different parts of your life, will want to know if you’ve found a job yet and, if not, how the prospects are looking. This may be a question you’re fine with answering a dozen times over, or, more commonly, it may strike a nerve and leave you not knowing exactly how to respond.

What we’re offering to you today are some possible answers to these questions that will politely let your friends and family know what’s going on without forcing you to go into great detail. While you may grow tired of hearing the questions, you appreciate the sentiment behind the questions, right? I mean, it’s nice to have people in your life who care enough to ask. Let’s just figure out how to politely answer them before they rattle off every question in the “how to encourage the unemployed” book..

We’ve selected a few of the most popular questions asked with some possible polite, yet concise replies. Remember that the journey of looking for a job is one without borders, and it can take time to sharpen your skill set and develop yourself to the point that you feel ready to apply for those big jobs that you always thought were maybe unattainable. Keep reaching and preparing yourself, and allow us at Platinum Resumes the pleasure of coming alongside you to figure out a few areas that might have you feeling stuck. The journey of looking for a job should be hopeful and encouraging, despite the setbacks that will inevitably occur along the way. Don’t let these questions deter you or depress you, but stay on track and keep your head up.

  • “How long have you been looking for a job?”

….reply with: “I’ve been searching now for a fair amount of time, but I am content to wait for the right job to come along rather than jumping into the first opportunity I get.”


  • “What do you do all day since you’re not working?”

….first, bite your tongue. Then, reply with: “You know what they say. Looking for a job can be a job in and of itself.” Or, if you happen to be busy with a new project, then you might say something like this. “Well, in between my job research and application procedures, I am managing to find a bit of spare time to work on [insert project].”

  • “Do you think you’re being too picky?”

….while tempted to reply with, “Don’t you think you’re being too nosey?”, you could consider replying with, “Well, my goal is to plant myself in a job which will bring out my best work, and I am willing to take on a great number of interviews if one of them will bring me that job.”

  • “If someone offers you a job, don’t you think it’s foolish not to take it?”

…reply with: “Sometimes those circumstances aren’t as simple as they seem. Did you watch the Royals game?” (or any such changing of the subject)

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    Non-Techy Person Seeks Technological Work… You’ve Got Options!

Non-Techy Person Seeks Technological Work… You’ve Got Options!

In the culture in which we live, you’ve got to understand technology to survive, right?! Whether it’s punching buttons on your tv remote, relying on your phone to direct you to your road trip destination, or intricate programming of the latest software, we’ve all got our hands in technology on some level.


Some may have more of a knack for it than others, but just because you don’t have the tech gift doesn’t mean that you can’t work for a technology-based company. Those non-tech people who dream of a job at Apple, Google, or other such monsters in the job market can cling to hope that there just might be a job in the field that fits you, in all of your non-technological shortcomings.


We stumbled upon this Top 10 list from Natasha Rhodes, CareerBliss, that lays out some job options for the individual that wants to get their foot in the door of a company that, at first glance, seems far out of their reach. Natasha points out in her article that, “many high-up leaders in the IT and Tech industry don’t even have degrees in technology. This list includes John Chambers, former head of Cisco Systems (who was originally trained in Law), LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Logan Green, CEO of Lyft, who were both initially trained in Economics. “


So, don’t you now see that there’s hope for you? Consider this list of the Top 10 jobs that you can apply for at tech firms that do not require a Computer Science degree.


  1. Web Content Writer/Content Editor – Write material for the internet to be published on various different platforms, usually asked to adhere to a specific style guide
  2. Marketing Manager – Develop a marketing plan for the brand which includes sales, promotions and various advertising
  3. Brand Manager – Will take ownership of the development and consistency of the company’s image in the public eye, working closely with PR department
  4. Technical Writer/Editor – Take a complicated and more scientifically written piece and re-word it into something that can be easily understood by the common reader
  5. Public Relations Manager – Working to develop a positive community within your company and representing your whole company as you communicate with outside media outlets
  6. SEO Manager/SEO Analyst – Work to help your company reach the top spot of Google search results, utilizing clever techniques and staying current with all of the constant changes
  7. Project Manager – Leader who coordinates the details of the various company projects and maintains a synchronized and well-organized team
  8. Business/Research Analyst – An expert in the particular market, following trends, attending seminars and events, and reporting back to the company in a way that can be understood by any and all employees
  9. User Interface (UI) Designer – Looking at company product and tweaking it in a way that is best understood by the average consumer, either by hand or computer
  10. Web Analytics Manager – Numbers people who use number-tracking software to look at website viewers and report back on multiple levels

Give us a call today at Platinum Resumes, and we will work with you to transform your resume and overall package as a job applicant to market yourself well in this competitive field of technology!




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