5 Reasons to Seek Resume Advice from a Professional

At first glance, a resume seems like a pretty simple and straightforward document. It grabs the details and hits a few of the high points regarding your background and aptitude as an employee. It is fairly concise, usually a page or so in length. So, all things considered, it should take only about 20-30 minutes to knock one out and get it circulating, right? Wrong. Way wrong.   There is a finesse to the art of resume writing that takes time and precision, and your stellar job offers will likely be more plentiful if the writer has some experience in the field. A professional resume writer will have a knack for writing paired with specialized skills in the area of career development. And, while many folks can do a great job at writing an average resume, there are few individuals who have the time or the know-how to put together a document that will turn [...]

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5 Tips for a Successful Career Change

  Are you feeling a little burned out? Have you been bored in your current job for months, dreaming of bigger and better things? Was there a career that you always wanted to pursue but were too afraid that you didn’t have what it takes?   If any of these scenarios describe the one you’re in, then you are probably thinking that it is time for some change. There are times when enough is enough. Times when you know deep down that you have more to offer than what your current job is utilizing.   Regardless of the reasons that have brought you to this destination, contemplating a career change brings to the table several topics to be discussed. If you want to make a change and do so successfully, then you will benefit from the following tips that serve to help make sure that you are covering all of the necessary bases. Sometimes you [...]

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Preparing a Medical Resume: Why You Need to be Specific

Whether you are fresh out of med school, looking for a new nursing job after twenty years of experience, or diving into the medical world from a completely different career field, you can all find yourself in the same boat. Approaching the job market in the world of medicine is similar in many ways to your approach with a degree in computer science or filmography. You need to handle yourself professionally, write a good resume, dress well for your interview, develop a solid LinkedIn profile, and so on.   However, alternatively, the approach to finding a great job in the medical field can be very different from the rest and must be very specifically carried out. The language and terminology of your resume should match that of the position for which you are applying. Although you should be authentically you and represent yourself honestly, keep in mind that the ways in which you describe your [...]

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Helpful Hints to Strengthening a Thin Resume

So your resume is looking a little thinner than you’re thinking it should. You are probably struggling with the work history section, wondering how to further expound on the fact that you’ve got only a few positions to work with here.   Maybe it’s because you’ve been at the same job for decades, and listing a previous job in the career section of your resume would be dated back to what you were doing twenty years ago, carrying little comparison to the caliber of work you are doing today. Or, alternatively, maybe you are newer to the job market and have only had your current job for several months. How much of your previous work is worth mentioning? Do your years as a nanny or mowing lawns as a teenager need to count toward your experience?   Before you throw in the towel and start sending out resumes with only a few lines on them, [...]

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