Jumpstart Your Job Search

It’s been more than a while since you’ve gotten a bite. You can’t even remember which folder it was where you saved your latest resume update. Your interview suit might be in the back of your closet, or it might be at the dry cleaner still….who really knows.   Does this sound like you? Are you finding yourself in the dry and weary wasteland of waiting for a lead or a call back or any semblance of interest? If this is where you find yourself in regard to your job search, then it’s time for a jumpstart! It’s time to dust off your skillset, shake off your missed opportunities, and hit the ground running.   Very, very few opportunities in life ever fall into our laps without doing some work on our end. If you want to be noticed, to be set apart from other interested employees, then you have to get back in the [...]

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Why You Should Always Keep an Eye Out for Other Jobs

Do you love your job? Great. Do you plan to leave anytime soon? Probably not? Well, good for you! But, just because you have a job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere. As you reside happily in your current position, you can still be working toward a happier and more secure career path by keeping your eyes and ears open for other opportunities.   As we exist in our own little worlds day after day, we have to stay connected to all that is going on around us and stay current with the changes in trends and in job markets. Such changes will affect our future whether we realize it or not. Things may be smooth sailing now, but we can never fully know what awaits us around the corner. As we wait, why not prepare ourselves? Why not take a look at what else is out there as we’re daily evaluating all that [...]

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Top 5 Questions to Prepare For to Nail Your Next Interview

Part 5: “What kind of salary do you expect?”   As we wrap up this blog series today, we are contemplating one of the toughest issues that job candidates will face in an interview, the discussion of salary. What kind of salary do you expect? What’s your bottom dollar when it comes to being compensated for your job? What salary range are you interested in?   The question can be asked in several different ways, but the answers must have little room for variance. This topic must be well thought out as you prepare for your big interview, and you must be very confident and direct as you ready yourself to approach the mention of salary.   An important point to remember is that it will be in your best interest to avoid answering any question pertaining to a desired salary range on the front end. This would be tantamount to someone asking what you're [...]

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Top 5 Questions to Prepare For to Nail Your Next Interview

Part 4: “Why did you leave your last job?”   As we continue through this blog series, our focus is to reveal even more helpful tips in getting you well prepared for your next job interview. This week that focus rests upon our fourth question: “Why did you leave your last job?”   This question can definitely be one that catches you off guard, potentially tripping you up if you haven’t rehearsed properly. If you have left your former job on any bad terms or with a bad taste in your mouth, it is human nature to be tempted to vent about such frustrations. Take heed…your job interview is not the place for that!   If the hiring manager asks you this difficult question, it is important that you answer honestly. However, you must do so with tact, finding a way to explain yourself without ripping your former employer. If you choose to answer this [...]

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Top 5 Questions to Prepare For to Nail Your Next Interview

Part 3: “Will you tell me a little about yourself?”   Today, as we continue in our series on how to go about nailing your next job interview, we will share from our wealth of knowledge taken from a variety of hiring managers. There is a short list of questions that can be guaranteed to make it into the discussion at your next job interview, and we’re here to help you sail through the experience with confidence.   “Tell me a little about yourself.” Sounds pretty basic, right? No research needed. You’ve got an abundance of experience to chat about, years of life to unfold before the employer sitting in front of you. But….hold that thought. Although your employer wants to know about you, there is a limit to what he or she really wants to know. Their interest is in the pertinent and not the superfluous. There’s no need to discuss how that bad [...]

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