Revisions, Freshening Up, Pruning: Your Resume Needs a Little TLC

How long has it been since your resume has been updated? Chances are, like many things in life, it needs a little attention and some freshening up. We are a people of checklists and priorities, and once something has been filed under the “completed” tab we often let it go from our minds. Time to move on to that which is more pressing, whatever else we think is more important and worthy of our time and effort.   Your resume, however, should never be left to collect dust on the proverbial shelf. There needs to be a process of polishing and grooming. Some say to revisit your resume as often as every few months to determine any necessary revisions, more or less often depending on what stage of the job search you are in.   One important area to consider when updating your resume is the list of any changes that may have occurred within [...]

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Interview Attire: Your ONLY Chance at a First Impression

Regardless if you have been the one who’s waited until the night before to throw something together or have already been thinking through your outfit for a week prior, the decision still awaits you. What to wear? It’s a question that we all ask ourselves every day, for every occasion. But, a question that carries a lot of weight when preparing for a job interview.   Knowing what to wear is half the battle of the interview itself. Whether or not you look professional or sloppy could play a huge role in determining if the hiring manager sees you as suitable for the position at hand. Why take a chance at ruining your only first impression? Why look anything but your professional best?   Platinum Resumes is here to offer our services in preparing you for your dream job in many ways.  We can make you look phenomenal on paper, do wonders for your LinkedIn [...]

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A Job-Seeker’s Homework: “Find the Business Pain”

Research. Homework. Hours spent pouring over statistical facts and opinions. Each of us engages in this kind of activity when we take interest in something. We want to know more and develop a greater understanding of that which is foreign to us.   Just as we would engage in this behavior when taking on a new hobby or sport, the same goes for those who are seeking a new job or change in career path.  The hunt is on! And if you want to become proficient in your efforts, then you have to spend time gaining a better understanding of not only yourself but also the company from which you are seeking employment. You make a mental note of all the things that you ‘need’ from your potential employer (adequate pay, fair treatment, respect, etc.). But, have you stopped to consider what your hiring manager needs from you? Like, legitimately needs… beyond mere punctuality and [...]

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What is Your Social Media Presence Saying About You?

In the world we live in today, image is everything.  Well, let’s hope it’s not everything.  But, first impressions are definitely very crucial! The term image can be defined as, “the general impression that a person, organization or product presents to the public.” 2015 defines ‘image’ in two simple words: social media.   The way in which we present ourselves to the public eye is now much more of a public event than ever before in history.  Thus, just as you methodically and carefully choose what words and photos to post to Facebook in your personal life, your professional image through the lens of social media is just as telling.  Time spent developing your professional image is time spent vying for the future job that you are seeking.  What better venue to highlight yourself professionally than LinkedIn? A business-oriented social networking site that many use to stay connected with clients, former colleagues, and so forth. [...]

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Pack Some POWER in Your Words for the Job Search

Imagine a hiring manager… Long day ahead. Desperately needing to fill the open position in his company, but wanting to find the right person for the job. Piles of resumes on the desk. Not enough time to give each individual document his or her attention. Therefore, the manager must resort to sifting more rapidly through the resumes, stopping only when there is a particular word, phrase or style that catches their attention. So, the question at hand is how to guarantee that your resume will be an attention-grabber?  One that causes the hiring manager to pause and consider you, your talents, your reputation, your potential as a company employee.   We’re seasoned at helping our clients do just that! We have studied and researched the ways in which to format and style your resume to stand out. We have seen results after having joined with clients to help amp up their resumes and find the [...]

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