Consider Your References and Expect to be Considered!

Resume has been saved. Cover letter is complete. Now all that stands between you and your finished application is your list of references.  Easy. This part should just take a few minutes, right?  After all, you’ve known good ole Stan (or Dan or Jan) for decades now.  Stan and the gang are your go-to references for any and all things on your job search. He uses nice letterhead and is sure to reply to an email or phone call in record time.


But, stop for a minute.  What has Stan actually said or done in the past to help you land your ideal job?  What has the use of a reference of a former supervisor or coworker done to set you apart from the other hopeful candidates? Chances are that you have never really put that much effort into such questions.  Many have never paused to question what value solid and professional references really have when it comes to applying for a job and being considered a top candidate.


It’s time to recognize the importance of the strategic and intentional process of developing a list of references.  These select few professional individuals must not only attest to the fact that you were a former employee and a decent person, but should be able to speak to your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to your past experience as a stellar employee. Such past experience will, in turn, largely determine what kind of a future you have working for your company of interest.  Many times a person may be willing to serve as a reference for you but will not necessarily serve you well.  Make sure that your reference choices are widespread enough to speak to the different facets of your career and can recall plenty of experiences that will highlight your strengths and clearly display your aptitude.


If this is an area of your job search process that has been overlooked or rushed through, we urge you to take the time to reconsider your references.  This list should be more than just names and numbers.  If it is done well, this documentation can allow you to soar above the other candidates with purposeful and pertinent facts that will describe your unique reasoning for being hired.  We are ready to help with our References Dossier Creation. Give your references consideration and expect some for yourself in return!

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    Don’t Settle in Your Job Search, You Are More Qualified Than You Think!

Don’t Settle in Your Job Search, You Are More Qualified Than You Think!

Do you find yourself ready to give up on the job search? Are you ready to settle for the job that is your last choice? Don’t lose heart! You have worked too hard to get this far, and you owe it to yourself to keep fighting for the job you really want, the job you deserve. In her article, “You Are More Qualified Than You Think!”, LinkedIn writer, Liz Ryan, shares her personal experience with job descriptions, proper qualifications, and why, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.


Ryan writes that, “In the business we drink a lot of toxic lemonade. We hear a lot of things that are not true and we start to believe them. We think that we can’t apply for a job unless we have all the qualifications and Essential Requirements listed in the job ad.” She goes on to say that, “Job ads are nonsense. I’m an HR person and have been one since forever. The person who gets the job in the end may have thirty or forty percent of the requirements listed on the job ad. Hiring managers get delusional when they sit down to write a job spec.”


Although her statements are very direct regarding the nonsense of job advertisements, her words are an encouragement to the job seeker who is settling for second best. With Ryan’s article in consideration, there is no reason to assume yourself as unworthy for a job that you want! “You can apply for the jobs you don’t feel qualified for, and you can get those jobs, too. When we work with clients on their job searches and career shifts, the first thing we have to do is to remind them how qualified they are. Most people minimize their experience.”


Platinum Resumes can and will come up beside you in a similar way.  We are eager to join job seekers on their frustrating and seemingly dead-end job search and offer hope and solutions.  From updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles to developing original and job specific cover letters and interview techniques, we can assist in rebuilding the confidence that has been lost along the way. We will help in highlighting your many attributes and proving that you are, in fact, more qualified than you think!



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Interview Tips to Enhance Your Confidence

“Interview invitations should really come with a warning: Strong feelings of excitement changing suddenly into dread are imminent upon receiving this invitation.” This statement, made by Lily Zhang, is the summation of the feelings that so many have journeyed through in the job search process.  You spend weeks searching and hoping to get a call or some semblance of interest from the jobs for which you have applied, but, when that phone call finally comes, you suddenly find yourself with knots in your stomach.  Wait…now they really are interested.  What’s next?  Now it is time to prepare yourself for the interview and prove that you are the best choice for this job.  There are several questions that are commonly asked in interviews that often leave the interviewee stumped if he or she has not done the proper homework.


Zhang discusses such questions in her article, 4 Common Interview Questions (and 4 Perfect Answers).  When the interviewer asks you to tell a little about yourself, it is not, in fact, an invitation to share your life story.  This is an area where you can easily begin to ramble if you have not previously rehearsed.  Another topic that can cause job seekers to stumble is the issue of weaknesses.  If and when you are asked to discuss your greatest weakness or a time that you have failed, it is important to speak about such examples with honesty, confidence and optimism.  What have you learned from that failure? What steps have been taken to overcome that weakness?


You are not alone in this interview agony.  Regardless of any fear that may be evoked within you at the thought of your upcoming interview, you can work to replace your fears with an eager excitement by knowing how to prepare and by practicing until you’ve got those tricky questions nailed.  We, at Platinum Resumes, are here to help encourage you along the way and add to your confidence by offering our many tools and tips that have proven helpful to many before you!

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Judging a Book By Its Cover…Don’t Neglect Yours!

Have you ever zipped quickly through a stack of books, ditching the ones that didn’t seem appealing?  Or perused the bookshelf looking specifically for words or titles that jumped out to you?  Judging a book by its cover.  It’s the token “no-no” that we are all taught while growing up, yet how many times daily do we do just that?  Whether it’s a literal book or just the surface glance toward whatever we are thinking about, we are all guilty of falling for first impressions.  An employer seeking out a new employee is no different.  Stacks of paper cluttering his or her desk, little time to get the necessary work done, and a ton of applicants waiting to be considered.  Whether you want to admit it or not, you, as the job seeker, will be quickly judged and must stand out in the appeal and verbage of your cover letter.  This is your first, and possibly only, shot at drawing your future employer’s attention and proving yourself to be the best choice for the job.


Many who are taking steps to pursue their desired job understand the importance of the resume but treat the cover letter as an afterthought, that which is outdated and a waste of time.  This is far from true.  Although the resume is vital to landing an interview, the cover letter often makes its debut even before the resume is seen.  If you paint a picture of yourself that is nothing special, then you will be considered as such.  However, if you go the extra mile to paint a detailed portrait of yourself and the assets and strengths you bring to the table, then you have just set yourself apart and peaked the interest and curiosity of the employer.  That doesn’t seem like such a waste of time after all, does it?


In today’s society of busy schedules, overbooked calendars, and the “don’t call us we’ll call you” mentality, you have to work hard and be intentional in representing yourself well from the beginning and setting yourself up for success.  The introductory documentation, the cover letter, can help your resume leap to the top of the pile.  It allows you to target the job and the employer in a very specific way, to sell “your fit” with their specific company.  Done right, it will greatly advance your opportunity to sit down for an interview at your dream job.  Done wrong or omitted all together, it will greatly affect your book being judged by what’s on the inside…your resume, the core of your representation as a job applicant.  Know you will be judged and rise above the rest!  Don’t forget your cover letter!

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