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Founded in 2010, Platinum Resumes has been serving the Greater Kansas City Area including Leawood, Mission, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Merriam, Downtown Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, in addition to clients nationwide. From our name you likely assume we provide exceptional resumes, but that is just the beginning. Allow us to break down for you exactly what we provide and are so proud of.


Resumes Which Result in Interviews

While we do many things well in this ever-evolving job search landscape, the resume continues to be the foundation. Sure we are Certified Professional Resume Writers, but perhaps more importantly we have created thousands of documents which optimally capture the true BRAND of our clients. It is much deeper than a flowery-worded list of all the places you don’t work anymore. It is a marketing piece for which you are the product, highlighting your skills, achievements, values, and character. We first seek to know you, what you are proud of, and what your dream is for your career before assembling your resume. It takes us a lot more time than one of the $99 template sites out there, but it’s well worth it. Trust us. To complement the resume we provide a custom-written cover letter in addition to a references dossier, all branded together to create the basis of your results-driven portfolio.


Oh, and we’ll take a look at your current resume for free anytime. In or near Kansas City? We’re happy to meet you in person.


Powerfully Optimized LinkedIn Profiles

These days, a strong resume is not enough. 90% of decision-makers for professional positions are looking for you on LinkedIn. Further, your network is your single greatest asset to find the employment you truly desire. Therefore it is of paramount importance your LinkedIn is as strong as possible, and comes across as powerfully and effectively as your resume. Proper head shot, customized URL, concise and well-branded summary, capturing your work experience ideally, we are experts in the execution. As LinkedIn becomes an increasingly expansive and useful job-searching and networking tool, let us ensure you are being found and looking great.


Interview Coaching Resulting in Job Offers

So, you have in your hands an outstanding resume and are implementing your LinkedIn profile to seek opportunities. We have gotten you interview requests for a few of the top companies on your list. Great. But it is all for naught if you don’t nail that interview! We can provide you with tips and tricks to accelerate your confidence, giving you every opportunity to be the one left standing among hundreds of thousands of other applicants. We will teach you how to articulate your brand concisely, and how to answer the tough questions including, “Tell me about yourself” and “What is your greatest weakness?” Perhaps there are many opinions on “right” answers, but we will provide ones which stand out as honest and exceptional.


Placement Help In Kansas City

We are NOT headhunters or recruiters. We are your career allies. As a natural result of doing what we’ve done for so many years in Kansas City, we’ve built great relationships with several excellent companies to work for. Often they need qualified candidates and we are able to make matches. For you this means we can help connect you with companies and opportunities at no cost to you. Our clients will tell you it’s great to have us in your corner keeping an ear out for that perfect job.


Ongoing Career Assistance

Once most career services companies have completed services and you pay them, they return to being a stranger. Not us. Once you engage us we are your career experts and advocates forever. We will talk with you about your career, help with your resume, and hone your strategy at any point in the future. We enjoy what we do because it transforms people’s lives, so wish to partner with you as opposed to just being a one-time provider of a service.

Would you like to chat about your resume or career pursuits? Give us a call at 816 986 0909 or shoot an email to info@platinumresumes.com Truly, we look forward to speaking with you.

March 28th, 2015|Blog|

How to Create a Powerful Sales Resume

No single approach to resume writing is fitting for all industries. A decision maker for a financial position is looking for vastly different content than what is being sought for a marketing, legal, or sales opportunity. Platinum Resumes specializes in that latter category, as sales professionals often seek better compensation and are highly competitive–making a professionally written resume a vital tool for success. Here a few tips we employ and suggest when creating a sales resume:


1) Numbers are key! An employer wants to know in quantitative form what you have done for other companies. Dollar amounts sold, percentage of quotas, percentage change year to year, the performance of teams you have led, the specific success of a campaign, etc. Remember also to include ways you have SAVED the company money or resources as these can also be powerful figures. When you have worked with a smaller company within an industry of large players, sometimes it is stronger to use percentages vs. dollar amounts (e.g. Exceeded quota by 150% within first year instead of exceeded $1M quota by $500k). Which ever metrics you choose, be sure to be consistent in stating your figures throughout the resume (do not use $1M in one instance and $1 million in another).


2) Qualitiative data is important too. Numbers should lead your achievements, but don’t be afraid to state the great things you have done which don’t necessarily have a figure to go along with them. Maybe you were selected by mangement to participate in an elite program or you aided in the creation of training materials. Perhaps you were highly effective in overcoming objections, dealing with vendors or launching new products These are absolutely relevant and worth sharing as they communicate your value from a qualitative standpoint. Don’t hide exclusively behind those numbers!


3) Be sure to use proper keywords. There is extensive keyword strategy professional resume writers use to improve the chances of clients’ resumes being caught by automatic selection systems. Look through job listings you may be interested in applying for, identify some consistent terms being used and include them in your text.


Remember that a strong resume aids not only in finding a job or a better job, it can also support your stance when you are seeking stronger compensation with a current employer. If you are in sales and would like some further insight give us a call or email us at info@platinumresumes.com!

March 26th, 2015|Blog|

Overcoming Common Resume Struggles

Writing a great resume under ideal career history conditions (several consecutive, gap-free, lengthy spans of employment which match well with what you are applying for) is challenging enough. It becomes even more difficult when you are up against one or more additional challenges, so I thought I’d address a few of those and offer some insights.


1) I’m just out of school and have no real experience, how can I create a professional resume?

We write for lots of college students seeking employment and internships. Begin with a couple short paragraphs detailing your value, skill sets and achievements. Include a list of 9-12 core skills you feel you possess which are applicable to what you may be applying for. Be sure to capture your degree, majors and minors–something like this:

Bachelor of Science – Business Administration, TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY – Fall 2012
Minor in Economics

If you have already completed the degree you do not need to put the year of graduation, and you never are required to state your GPA. I suggest to use these on a discretionary basis with consideration of whether it will help or hurt the cause.
Capture your involvements on campus and in the community. Be sure to spell out acronyms and it is great to provide a brief description of the organization as well. Highlight any chairs or significant roles taken in those groups.
At this point in the resume, add any jobs you HAVE had. Even if it is seemingly unimportant, if you worked a year or two waiting tables or in a campus position, share it. This suggests to an employer you have proven an ability to hold down a job of some kind, and that you may have references available.
2) I am returning to the job market after many years staying at home with the kids, and haven’t thought about a resume in a very long time. Where do I start?
Take some peace in knowing you are not alone, not at all. The economy of recent years has forced many back into traditional employment after long periods of time away from it.

The important thing is to do justice to what you accomplished, even if it was some time ago. Detail your duties and achievements to the best of your ability, and use your cover letter to explain your return to work. I do not suggest, “I am applying for this job because I need the money, and have no other desire to do work of any kind.” I might go with, “I am eager to pursue this opportunity as I return to my career path after an extended maternity leave.”

If you have several gaps in your employment with a good reason, you can state this on the resume. Stints of maternity leave or otherwise are acceptable to share. Also, do not be terribly shaken if you have been unemployed for a year or more. Employers understand the nature of the job market and will not discredit you immediately just because you were laid off and have been searching for awhile.

3) I have a good amount of experience in one industry, but now would like to pursue an entirely different career path. What do I do?
This is another common question and a challenge which can be overcome with a strong resume. Your experience is what it is, and you still need to capture it in a strong manner. Be mindful of what an employer in the newly sought field would want to see, and use this to guide how you explain your roles and accomplishments. In your opening paragraphs describe yourself and your values with respect to what makes sense for them. If you have a history in accounting but are pursuing HR, share your soft skills which you feel would serve you well in that capacity. Again, the core skill list is key here. Review job descriptions you might be interested in and match your skills with what they are seeking–just be able to defend them if asked! The cover letter is another opportunity to overcome this obstacle. Share your career highlights and explain succinctly why you would be a good fit for this opportunity. You may spend a line or two describing how you have taken on this new direction, and that you have developed the skills in your career to adapt well in a new arena.

March 19th, 2015|Blog|

Tips to Help Nail the Interview

When it comes to advancing the careers of our clients, we like to go beyond providing a top notch resume and cover letter.  We have spent a great deal of time talking with people in a wide variety of industries, and naturally pay attention to trends and tips in the professional world.  Today I’d like to touch on a few thoughts regarding the step which comes after our resume got you in the door at your ideal employer—the interview.

  • Be on time and dress professionally.  This seems like a no brainer, but at all levels I hear stories of these being neglected.  Give yourself adequate time to find where you need to be, and be sure to have the phone number of someone there in case you get lost.   When it comes to clothes, a shirt and tie is a minimum.  And, please, do not wear tennis shoes…
  • Have your resume and other documents prepared and in a folder or portfolio.   Bring several copies of your resume and cover letter on quality paper, and any additional pieces you may want to share (a completed project, publication, advertisement, etc.).  Just be sure never to share anything proprietary to a previous employer.
  • Know the company you are talking to.  Spend some time on their website to understand what exactly they do, their offering, their background, their values and mission.  Companies would like to see you interested in working with them (and why), not that you are just looking for any place which will hire you.
  • Present yourself confidently and be honest in your responses.  Experienced interviewers have a good ear for candidates saying what they think sounds good instead of being genuine, so frame your answers professionally and truthfully!  The interviewer is looking to see if you are a good fit, and you are doing yourself no favors by convincing them of anything contrary to reality.
  • Ask questions!  The term “interview” means the conversation should go both directions.  Use the knowledge deduced from your research about them to ask educated and relevant questions.  Inquire about their approach to a challenge in the industry, how they train new hires, what makes a candidate succeed in the role you are interviewing for, etc.
  • Ask for what you want.  It may or may not present itself in the interview, but know what you want when it comes time to discuss a compensation package.  As with any negotiation, have a range in mind you are comfortable with before you have that conversation.  Do not accept something which you are unhappy with, as it is unlikely you can do much to change it once you are employed.
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